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Interview With Paul Di'Anno
Paul Di'Anno - The Beast Returns

Interview By Keith McDonald

Paul Di'Anno first came into the metal world as the lead singer of the legendary metal band Iron Maiden. His stay in the band was not long though. Despite this, Paul has continued on endlessly touring as a solo artist releasing albums on a regular basis. He has also released an autobiography and DVD recently. I had the opportunity to speak with Paul who filled me in on what’s been going on.




Tell me about your new band 'Screaming Monkey'.

The band is an all-Italian band and they are best band I have ever played with since my days with Maiden. They are called Screaming Monkey and here is the line-up:

Carlo Micheletti - lead and rhythm guitar

Luca Fortini - lead and rhythm guitar

Matteo Panzavolta - bass

Gianluca Calanca - drums



I see you have a new DVD, 'Beast In The East'. Does it cover most of your solo career or everything including Maiden?

It is various bits and pieces including Maiden songs and it's really good, believe me.



How did you first join Maiden?

Through an audition on East London.



What about your autobiography 'The Beast'. How can one find it?

You can buy it online through Amazon.com or from most well known shops. However in some shops it is stocked under the crime section, but I do not know why.



How does being the former singer for Maiden help you? How does it hurt, if at all?

A bit of both sometimes, but most of the time it helps me.



What are your tour plans?

Well all of my live shows are always listed (and updated every 3 weeks) on the tour page of my website: This year will include: Mexico, Spain, Italy, UK, Scandinavia, France, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Far East, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Eastern Europe, etc.

Here are some current dates:


Thursday 11-03 Black Jack, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Friday 12-03 Case à Choc, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Saturday 13-03 Rocking Chair, Vevey, Switzerland

Sunday 14-03 Safari Beat Club, Chur, Switzerland

Wednesday 17-03 Rauma, Raumanlinna, Finland

Thursday 18-03 Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Friday 19-03 Waild-Hulla Pullo, Vaasa, Finland

Saturday 20-03 Klubi, Tampere, Finland


Thursday 01-04 Radio Rock Festival,Occhiobello (RO) Italy

Friday 02-04 Babilonya, Ponderano, Biella, Italy )

Saturday 03-04 Corallo,Scandiano, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Sunday 04-04 New Age Club, Treviso, Italy

Friday 23-04 Espace Julien, 39 Cours Julien, 13006 Marseille, France


Saturday 01-05 TNT Live Club, Liosion 49, Athens, Greece

Sunday 02-05 TNT Live Club, Liosion 49, Athens, Greece

Friday 7th May Barcelona Record Fair, Spain July

Sunday 04-07 Rock The Nations Open Air Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

Friday 16-07 The Bikers Festival, Faro, The Algarve, Portugal



Did you have any input into the Iron Maiden Box Set that came out?

No it was totally out of my control.



How do you explain your longevity?

Hard work and being totally determined.



I see you have a pretty extensive catalog of music. How does this help you in your career?

It helps me every much as it shows that there was and still is plenty of diversity and life after Maiden.



How much different is the metal scene in Europe compared to that of the US?

In central Europe there tends to be a swing more to the older rock and US is more Nu Metal and rock.



How much has the metal scene changed since you came on years back?

It has not really changed at all as far as I can see.



How much has metal radio and radio in general changed

Radio in general is still the same…shit. Metal radio is the best thing that as ever happened.



Anything you'd like to plug or promote?

My DVD and my new band Screaming Monkey, and my website: www.pauldianno.com



What lies ahead for you?

Eventually Death…but hopefully not for quite a few years yet, I hope. Seriously though, hopefully each year will get better, and that is all that anyone can ask for.

Band Website: www.pauldianno.com