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Interview With Lyzanxia
Interview By Anders Sandvall

Here is an interview with David Potvin (guitar & lead vocals) from Lyzanxia about their new album Mindcrimes and a bit about the band. You can also read our review of the MINDCRIMES album.


Would you please tell us about the band, and who you are for all of those who don´t know who Lyzanxia is?

The band started in 1996, with my brother Franck (rhythm guitar, vocals), myself (lead guitar, vocals), and a first rhythm section. We recorded our first album/demo "Lullaby" in 1998. In 2000, Eguil, our current bassist, joined the band with Gweltaz, our drummer on “Eden”. Last year, we recorded “Mindcrimes,” our second "real" album.


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Are you big in other countries to besides your home country France?

In fact, I don't know if we are big in our own country! I think we are in the ten biggest bands in France. Besides France, we have indeed been distributed in other countries for “Eden,” but unfortunately it wasn't such a big distribution. People also know us through the Internet, they can download stuff from our website, and order it. “Eden” was distributed in Japan, and now “Mindcrimes,” and I think that we are more famous in Japan than in France!



"Mindcrimes" is your third album. In your opinion, has the band developed through the years, and if so, then how?

Of course, the band has been on a path of evolution since the very beginning. On “Mindcrimes” we are better than on "Lullaby!" I think the most important evolution is on the vocals. We have worked hard to sing as we sing, even if we think that we are very bad singers! Our way of composition has also changed. It’s easier now to know how to construct a good song. Awhile ago, we wanted to compose very sophisticated songs, with very strange structures. Now we want to compose very effective songs.



It´s quite unusual that there are two lead singers in a band. Why did you choose to have it that way?

At the beginning of Lyzanxia, we were looking for a singer but it was too hard to find a good one. So Franck and I decided to sing. The fact is that we can mix a lot of vocals because we don't have the same approach. For example, I prefer to sing clear vocals and my brother prefers to sing death vocals. I think it marks the originality of the band. It's also very useful on stage because we can sing with a lot of power without breaking our voices!



How did the Swedish super-producer Fredrik Nordström end up producing your album?

We wanted to have a very good production for previous album “Eden” and we knew about Fredrik’s work with At The Gates and In Flames. So at the time,we sent a demo to Fredrik asking him if he wanted to work with us on our album. He was ok, so he came to France to prepare the sound in the studio. Then we went to Sweden for the mix.


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Fredrik also produced your second album, "Eden" and now this one. How was it to work with Fredrik a second time?

It was very boring to work with Fredrik because he drinks a lot (hahaha!)! More seriously, we were very satisfied with his work. We like the way he works, the way he hears the music, the way he makes us sound. This time we had more equipment in the studio. Fredrik came back to France to prepare the sound, and then we returned to Sweden for the mix. I think that the fact that we had already worked together on “Eden” was very beneficial. He knew what we wanted and we knew how to work.



How was it to come and mix the album in Gothenburg, Sweden? What did you think of Sweden?

Sweden is a great country! It was very cool to come to Sweden to one of the best studio in the world! I like Swedish people, especially the girls! And there's a lot of fucking bands. It's very strange because Sweden seems to be such a rocking country compared to France.



Do you have any favorite metal bands from Sweden, or any favorites amongst all the bands Fredrik has worked with before?

Of course, I'm a fan of a band called Europe, do you know them?! I like Swedish Metal in general. Every band that Fredrik has produced is very good! I like At the Gates, Soilwork, In Flames, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity…



Where is "Mindcrimes" recorded?

“Mindcrimes” has been recorded in France near Lyon,at the Backstage Studio. The engineer is Don Romano 666. He's a very good musician, he gave us a lot of advice for vocals and solos.


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Are the lyrics about something special? If so, what?

I can say that the lyrics are about every thing we see, hear, feel, touch… But “Mindcrimes” is not a concept album with only one story.



Who has written the music/lyrics on "Mindcrimes"?

I have written all the lyrics and 90% of the music.



Who has written the music/lyrics on you previous albums?

Same thing for “Eden”- mainly myself. As for "Lullaby," my brother composed 50% of the main riffs.



How should you best describe what kind of music Lyzanxia plays?

We play "ass kicking" Rock Metal!



Have you did a lot of touring so far? Is it going to be a tour on "Mindcrimes?"

We have played live many times in France for “Eden,” but so far we haven't had the chance to play on a real tour. For “Mindcrimes” we should be on tour in September, I think.



How has the fans/press responded to "Mindcrimes," compared to your other record?

All the reviews are good so far. The fans enjoy this new album too. Some of them had some difficulties entering the atmosphere of “Mindcrimes,” but once they are inside, they can never escape!



In what countries are the album released now? And when is it due to be released worldwide?

For the moment the album has been released in Japan and in France. We are waiting for a European and an American release date.



How does the metal scene look in France?

The metal scene in France is fucking good but very unknown and not famous! It's very strange because there are a lot of very good bands, a lot of gigs, and a lot of metal fans. I think that it's difficult for a French band to conquer other countries. Maybe it’s due to foreign countries having an old image of the metal scene in France. They should listen to new French bands!



What are your influences? Do you have any role models?

Our influence is all the old school Thrash of the USA: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, and also bands like Edge of Sanity, and At the Gates. We like every kind of metal, it's very hard to find a role model! Europe?!



How does the future looks for Lyzanxia? What is going to happen when the record is out worldwide?

I don't know yet! I hope we will sell millions of albums! We will see what happens, because it will be the first worldwide release for us. I hope people will like “Mindcrimes.”



Would you like to say anything to the fans out there?

I hope you'll find “Mindcrimes” in your country very shortly, and I hope to come play live in Sweden to kick your ass!



Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thanks to you!