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Interview With Kreator
Interview By Keith McDonald

After nearly 20 years and over 1000 concert performances, German thrash metal pioneers KREATOR are readying to release their first ever-live album and DVD through SPV Records. Recorded during their highly successful Violent Revolution tour, the live disc is not just one, but several shows amassing a collection of killer metal tracks that fans worldwide have waited patiently to hear on CD. The album, Live Kreation, collects 24 tracks of KREATOR’s live shows recorded around the world. I recently had the opportunity to speak with KREATOR founder, vocalist/guitarist Mille Petrozza on the live album, band and future plans. You can check out the website at www.spvusa.com.



Why so long to release a live album?

We did not like the idea of hiring a mobile studio, record one show and that’s it. In the past, if you fuck up, or something goes wrong, you have to live with a just o.k. live recording, which kinda sucks We felt more comfortable with the situation nowadays, where you can just take digital recording equipment on the road and record many shows...



How important is touring for a band like Kreator, considering you don't get much commercial radioplay?

Very important! Even if we would get more radio I think it’s essential for a band to play live for their audience!



How would you compare the German metal scene to other parts of the world including North and South America?

South America has always been great; North America seems to have picked up again in the last couple of years. In the mid-nineties, everyone was infected by trendiness, even though there has always been a die-hard group of people. It’s hard to compare one country to the other...I like playing everywhere!



How well does a label like SPV handle metal acts like Kreator?

They’re experienced...Most of the people that work there are metal fans themselves, so that helps!



I see the live record is not just one show, but 22 show. Why was that and how did you decide on which tracks made it?

Wrong! It’s only 6 shows that we’ve picked the songs from; we’ve recorded 22 shows, though. We’ve picked the songs by checking the vibe and the atmosphere of each individual song, which was very much work, but it paid off...



How do you explain your longevity when most bands don't last more than 5 years?

We love music!



What are your plans and where will it take you?

Another US visit is scheduled for October, then maybe South America. I think we should start working on new stuff after that....



DVDs are becoming more and more popular. Why do you think that is?

I don’t know.... I’ve seen some pretty crappy music DVD`s before I started working on mine.... But I know there’s also a lot of good ones out there....I guess it depends on the quality, whether or not a DVD becomes popular. I still have my VCR...



What extras will we find on the DVD?

Tons of stuff! You’ll get two professionally shot concerts in 5.1 Sound; a 50-minute History including ALL video clips so far, some cool backstage shit, etc. The most important bit was to make the whole thing entertaining and fun to watch. The DVD is a tribute to the Kreator fans worldwide. You’ll see Kreator maniacs from all parts of the planet!



Do you think the metal scene around the world has gotten stronger or weaker?

Definitely stronger! Metal fans don’t need trends or fashion! They created their own universe!



It seems your genre of music has the most loyal fans while other genres have very fickle fans?

Exactly! There’s no fancy bullshit in this; it’s about the music, the integrity, and the lifestyle!



How long will Kreator go on?

Until the day we die!



What lies ahead for Kreator?

Touring some more... Work on a new album! We’ll take our time to make it strong!


Label Website: www.spvusa.com

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