Heart of Steel: Interviews

House of Lords' James Christian
Speaks his mind with Metal-Rules!!

Interview by Anders Sandvall
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Here is an interview with James Christian, lead vocalist in the newly awakened melodic hard rock band House of Lords. The have recently released the CD The power and the myth which continues where the band left off as one of the better bands in their genre. I've also posed some general questions about the band.

Why did you lay the band to rest at the beginning of the -90’s?’

Actually the music business changed dramatically and the type of music that we were doing was not popular any longer. We took time off to do other things.


What do you think about two record labels that have put together a band under the name of House of Lords today and released a third album under that name that isn’t you?

That is pretty strange, I never heard of that. I don't know what label it's on or where it was released??!



What have you been up to since you stepped away from the scene in the 90’s?

I have been doing a lot of production work and also I have started a business here in Florida which takes a lot of time to run.



What made you re-start the band again?

We felt the time was right to do another CD.



Why did you choose to sign for the Italian label Frontiers Records?

Serafino (Frontiers President) offered us a great opportunity to release another CD and he had promised that the promotion would be very good. He has kept his word.



Which of your old albums are you proudest of today?

Demons Down.



Your debut from '89 is counted as one of the best arena rock album from the 80’s, how does that feel?

It feels great to have that kind of acceptance. We know we were onto something the moment we all played together for the first time.



According to the info note it has taken you two years to finish “The power and the myth” why so long?

We really did not take that long to write and produce the CD. Most of the time was business dealings that had to be taken care of before we could even start recording.



How long has it taken to write and record the album? When was it recorded?

It took three to four months to write and 1 month to record.



Which studio have you used?

We recorded in many different studios. I did my vocal at my home studio.



Who has written the music and lyrics?

We all had a hand in the lyrics and music as well as a few outside writers.



Are the lyrics about anything particular?

Not really, whatever one felt about writing.



Why have you chosen to produce the album yourself?

We have done so many records in our career that we know what we like and don't like and we also know our way around a studio very well.



Why didn’t Gregg Giuaffria (keyboard) want to take part of the reunion?

That is a question that only Gregg can answer. I have never spoken to him about it. I was a bit disappointed.



Did you know the four guests on keyboard (Mr. Sherinian, Mr. Okuye, Mr. Martin and Mr. Philips) from before?

I knew their names and also that they were all very good players.




Are you pleased with their work on the album?

Yes, it was a bit different vocal style for me as all the songs were written in lower keys. I am used to belting songs out rather than letting the music and mood carry a song.



Have you read any reviews on the album? What do the fans/press think of your return?

Reviews have been very positive although we have had a few that were pissed at me for not sounding like the old James Christian on the older stuff. I don't mind that kind of stuff as everyone has an opinion. We always try to do our best.


Are there any plans of doing a tour today? If so, who are going to play keyboard?

Right now there is talk of going in and doing another CD, then we will discuss a tour.


Are you satisfied with the album or is there anything you should have done different?

I am satisfied with some of it. There are things I really like and others that I do not care for.



Do you have any favorite song on the album?

"Child Of Rage", "The Rapture" and "The Man Who I Am".



Is the album released worldwide?

I think so?!



Are there any plans of re-release any of the older albums?

Not that I know of.



I think the cover looks really nice, it captures the music. Who has done it and why did you chose that cover?

I believe that Chuck Wright did the cover; he is getting quite good at graphics

Why did you choose to call the band House of Lords? Does it mean anything special to you?

The name was chosen by Gene Simmons.



Are there any plans on continuing on with House of Lords and make more albums?

Yes we plan on more CD's and I also just finished a solo CD called ”Meet The Man".

How does the co-operation with you new label go?

This label is excellent to work with.



I think you play melodic hard rock with the focus on lead vocals and guitar and not on keyboard as many of the bands in your genre focus on. How would you describe you music?

I would call it Grandiose Melodic Hard Rock.



What are the plans for House of Lords during the rest of 2004?

Right now we are just promoting this CD. We will discuss another CD for 2005.



Is there anything you would like to say the fans that read metal-rules.com?

I would like to say, thank you for having an interest in House Of Lords. We were always a band that played for our fans. If we could we would be touring now, that would make us the most satisfied.


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank You.

Label: www.frontiers.it