Heart of Steel: Interviews

"In brutality we show no mercy..."

The Finnish Death Metal special - Part 1.
Featuring interviews with Carcase Inc., Death du Jour,
Deepred, Exit Wounds, Luciferase, Scent of Flesh,
Slugathor, Sotajumala, Source of Demise, Torn and
Torture Killer.

All Interviews & Intro by Luxi Lahtinen

Tell us something about the releases your band has done so far and what is coming up from your band in the (near) future?

Immu (Slugathor): Our first demo (2000) is called DELICACIES OF THE CADAVER and we did it first on CD-R and soon got 7" EP offer for this release from German label Perverted Taste. This label also released our second demo FABRIC OF THE MULTIVERSE on 7" EP. Besides that we've done split 7" with Deepred that was released by Snuff Records from Czech Rep. A promo-CD was done in 2002 and also a live tape titled CRUSH SKULLS & BONES (2003) by a Polish label Time Before Time. Another Polish label Agonia released our debut album UNLEASHING THE SLUGATHRON last year. It was just released on MC- version by Finnish Northern Sound Records and will also be released on 12" vinyl by Agonia this year! We don't have much plans to record in near future. Perhaps a new track for compilation or something. We'll see…


Janne (Source of Demise): So far we´ve done one self-titled demo in 2002 and one song of that demo will be release in DEMONSTRATION OF PENETRATION collection. We´ll start recording a new promo-CD probably within a few weeks, so it should be ready before summer.

Aki (Torn): Thus far we've recorded one full-length album called VIOLENT ECSTASY (on Severe Music in 2002) which was also reviewed here at Metal-Rules.com. Thanks Luxi! We're rehearsing new material all the time. Our next recording will be 3-4 tracks for a promo-CD.

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): We have got 2 demos out and a song for a compilation CD titled VOICES OF DEATH that it will be released in September by a Swedish label. We are going in studio in summer to record our 1st full-lenght album that will be released by Embrace My Funeral Records from Mexico."

LuciferaseHell (Luciferase): We're planning to record our new material at our current rehearsal place as soon as we get the opportunity to steal proper equipment to build a reasonable recording environment

Laine (Torture Killer): The only release we have so far is an album called FOR MAGGOTS TO DEVOUR which is out through Karmageddon Media. It was released in October 2003, so I don´t think there will be another one coming in the near future. We have the basic material ready for the next one, but we are taking our time with it and it´ll be worth it at the end. I feel very relaxed about it, but of course we have to see what are the label´s release schedules for their other releases.

PB (Death du Jour): So far we haven't released anything but our debut mini-CD GAMASHINOCH. For I do not think I can act like a harlot of a proper attitude I'll simply recommend you to download this bastard from our webpage. It's Death Metal with some variations.

Probably we'll record some kind of release before this summer though we still don't have a clue in which form or by whom it will be released.

Antti (Deepred): The two first demos were quite ok for their time. Can't really stand them today though. After those we recorded the PROPHETIC LUSTER full-length CD for Blunt Force Records/Forensick Music. 9 tracks of Suffocation worship!! Still a cool release to these ears and for a lot of maniacs around the world, too as it seems... Then there is two different split 7" EP's, one with Dying Fetus (on Relapse) and the other with Slugathor (on Snuff Recs). Both quite ok releases though the Dying Fetus one was a bit too rushed, I think. Latest release out is a split CD with Loathing from France. A kind of "semi-official" release with our '03 studio promo session and some live bonus tracks. Also a vinyl version of this one should be out any day now on French Undecent Records. The next one should be finally the new full-lenght album.

K.P. (Exit Wounds): Our first release was a demo-CD called PLEASURES OF BLOOD AND CARNAL SIN. It has a drum machine since we couldn't find a drummer who was skilled enough to play the songs. But fortunately it ain't that bad. Some has even asked us who played the drums for that, ha-ha!! The style is quite old-school Death Metal. It has fast parts, but also some mid-tempo stuff quite much.

Our second release called DEATHPOINT was originally meant to be released as a demo-CD, but we never released it by ourselves. A Finnish label Onyxia got interested in us, and they wanted to release it as a split-CD with Luciferase. It has more technical stuff and it's a bit faster in general than the previous release. Both of the bands have five songs on the split.

We have written new songs now and are planning to release a new self-financed MCD or something. It'd be cool to release 7" someday. I've always adored 7", ha-ha!!

Otsala (Sotajumala): A self-financed MCD titled SOTAJUMALA was the first one that we made and it resulted in a deal with Woodcut Records. Through this label we have released a mini-CD named PANSSARIKOLONNA and full-length album which is being shipped into stores right now as we speak.


Scent of Flesh: Our first release was a demo-CD titled DROWNED INTO THE DARKNESS which was released in beginning of the year 2001. It was recorded at Digibone Studio because it was the cheapest possible studio that we could found, and the sounds were absolutely terrible. We sent it all around the world in hope for a recording deal. There was some interest from few labels, but none of them offered us deal, so we decided to record another demo in the end of the same year. That demo was titled TOWARDS ETERNAL LOST and it sounded much better because it was made at a much more professional Music-Bros Studios. This demo in question got more attention around the world and actually two labels offered us a recording deal. We made contract with Black Lotus Records for a three full-length albums, and our debut album ROARING DEPTHS OF INSANITY was released in the end of 2002. All our releases so far have got mostly great reviews which feels great, of course!



How do you see your band on the map of the current Finnish Death Metal scene? Alongside with Speed/Thrash Metal, it´s seems that Death Metal is making a relatively strong comeback in the Finnish metal scene as its own separate metal genre which feels great in my opinion. Your thoughts about this?

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): Yeah, I think we are getting some respect from people and bands in Finland. Death Metal is really getting stronger in Finland and that's a really good thing. Soon I hope we could be more gigs with these bands 'cause there still lots of bands/people that don't know us and there still lots of people that don't know Deepred that were one of the 1st really brutal Death Metal bands from Finland. Seems like people like to stay more in the mainstream side in this country as far as some certain bands are concerned.

Carcase Inc.

Laine (Torture Killer): I see it standing firmly on its own feet. The guys in the band are 100% hardcore Death Metallers and I know there will be a lot of murdering Death Metal coming from Torture Killer in the future. I´m glad to see a few more bands than a couple of years back, but if that´s enough to call it a comeback... I don´t know. The thing is that I´m starting to think a bit different than I did some years ago. Back then I could get pissed if somebody said they didn´t like Death Metal... ha-ha!! I felt like everybody should have listened to it. Now it´s totally different, tho. I´m proud of playing and listening to music that is too much for most of the metalheads to handle. Kinda like having your own personal favorite band. I think we have a few really good Death Metal bands in Finland and of course it´s cool.

TF (Death du Jour): I'm very pleased with this Death Metal scene and how I have been accepted into it, if you put it in such a way. I don't that much wonder why people get bored for example to the Black Metal scene since in some point, some concepts appear as completely ridiculous. Participating with these people you can be yourself playing Death Metal, not some creepy goblin from Satan´s dark depths. This didn't actually have anything to do with the question, great.

PB (Death du Jour): So far I feel quite comfortable with this new Finnish Death Metal scene even it feels like this 'spirit' of underground has changed quite a lot from the beginning of 90's to this day. Can't complain the situation even though this post modern attitude in Death Metal scene ain't a good thing if comparing to the "old and good days". Still this is definitely much better than slumbering or non-existential scene, tho.

OM (Death du Jour): When you grow up to a certain age, you begin to get more "inside" to the scene. Then subjectively you of course think now it's the upraisal and climax of Death Metal. It's really difficult to evaluate national state of Death Metal. A decade backward since we're still rather young. Therefore I'd modestly say there has been a strong Death Metal scene all the time from Oulu to Helsinki, but not a band like this in it, though.

Exit Wounds

S.M. (Exit Wounds): That is true that nowadays there are more Death Metal bands emerging to the field of the Finnish metal that is a positive thing. I see Exit Wounds as a young band among others and it's relatively amazing to see how we have already gained some reputation around here.

K.P. (Exit Wounds): Yes, it's nice to gain some feedback from your work at some point. I wish we would gain a bit more name in the future, so we might get some gigs more easily. Now the gig situation is crappy. But I agree we have got some name already in Finland which is nice. And I agree on that too, that Death Metal seems to raise its ugly head more over here in Finland once again.


Hell (Luciferase): As we are not a Death Metal band… ;) To answer the first part with a strong dose of self-irony, I think we are the vilest leeches in the Finnish metal scene since we managed to play our first gig as support to Mayhem only because I knew the club owner, hah-hah!! But since that was more than two years ago, I think most of the ´scene polices´ have already forgiven or forgotten us. But what can you do if people want you so much… dead.

Janne (Source of Demise): Well, we are pretty much an underground name in the Finnish Death Metal underground scene, for the time being at least Hopefully there will be some chances on that after we get our next release out. We really didn't make such a big noise with the last demo and it was basically done for ourselves only.

Aki (Torn): Torn is one of the most brutal & one of the first "Neo-Death Metal" bands on the map of Finland. We´re devoid of melodic influences… Keep in mind that many of these Finnish Death Metal bands are quite different musically; some are more into the old-school Death Metal sound, some a bit more melodic and some more US Death Metal influenced. But everyone's got its place for sure.

Antti (Deepred): On the Finnish metal map we are probably the band whose records are maybe hard to track down but who is known for putting up an extreme brutal show whenever you see us. Our "status", if we can call it that way, is earned by being an active live band so it's good to see it hasn´t been for nothing. When we started we thought nobody would give a shit, but that was never the reason anyway. But there´s definitely more and more people all the time at gigs and more Death Metal bands around, too since few years. Honestly I don't like most of what I hear, but it's a good there is some kind of "scene" anyway, I guess.

Immu (Slugathor): Do you really thing so? The Finnish Death Metal scene is fucking weak these days in my opinion. We don't have so many good bands that I could mention. I only like Deepred, Devilry and few others. I think Death Metal is still the strongest thing in the States (with Sadistic Intent, Funebrarum, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation, etc. etc.) and in the South America too… Mortem! Also some old Swedish bands still rule like Grave, Dismember… and some new comers like Kaamos and Repugnant. Just FUCK the Finnish metal scene these days!!

Otsala (Sotajumala): Yes, we agree. In Finland we have lots of great bands within the Death Metal scene, like Torture Killer, etc.

Scent of Flesh: Of course it´s a good thing to see Death Metal raising its ugly head in Finland. Within a few years we´ve seen many bands releasing new albums and it´s good that they sound different. We think that we fit into this particular scene quite well.



How much has the Internet been helping to get your band name to people's lips? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet in your opinion if we only focus on your band activities?

TF (Death du Jour): Internet has made it possible for us to get the music widely spread all across the world, basically acceptable to anyone. Disadvantages, well I guess someone could try to steal the rights or so but after all, it's still our music that would get for more people to hear.

Laine (Torture Killer): Times tend to change and there´s no going back to b/w fanzines, tape trading or flyers. Internet has given a small band a chance to get more attention basically for free and possibility to get their music available to more people than let´s say 10 years ago. Disadvantage is that the spirit of the underground is gone totally. I just don´t feel anything when I download a 30 sec mp3 sample. When I was a small kid I waited weeks to get a demo that I bought from abroad and when it finally arrived I really felt I was a part of the underground... like a cool club for men... ha-ha-hah!!

Torture Killer

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): Internet has helped us a lot! People from everywhere in the world can check us out through our website. One of the advantages is that our guitarist Markus is our webmaster, so we don't have to pay anyone to do our site, you know? As far as disadvantages go, we haven't experienced any yet while using the Internet to spread the name of our band.

Antti (Deepred): I don't know how much exactly it has helped us, but obviously it has anyway since it's the name of the game nowadays. We took a pretty long time before having a band website since none of us was that interested in those things back then and we started promoting the band first the old-school way, mailing out demos, printing flyers, etc. and it worked out just fine. Honestly I don't care much about the "internet underground" though things like email are great for fast communication, of course. At the same time it has its shitty side, too... all this worthless fucking spam, people from certain countries bombarding every email address they find with those "send your free brutal stuffs and I will support you in my country" - messages that just need few clicks when some years back you actually needed to take the time to write a letter, put a stamp on it and take it over to the office, so the correspondence was more with some meaning in it, if you know what I'm trying to say here? Not to even start speaking of all those shitty bedroom internet project "bands" with no effort at all everywhere around nowadays, argggh...!!!

Aki (Torn): I don´t know, but some advantages are that people get to hear your music more easily. But it also makes you somehow lazy...

Immu (Slugathor): Internet is quite shit in the end. I only use it to keep a fast contact through e-mail. Of course you can search some information about some interesting bands and especially history. I never listen to mp3s and I don't understand why I should in the first place? If some band wants to give some mp3 -samples to me, I tell them to send their promo tape or CD instead. For us the Internet is sometimes useful to spread message about our new releases or coming gigs… but what the fuck, I really don't need the Internet that much besides e-mail that is a very good and fast way for contact people.

S.M. (Exit Wounds): I think the Internet has been a huge advantage for us this far. There are lots of web magazines that share interviews and reviews and etc. This has been the main way that has helped us in the promotion of our band. I can't find out any negative things about the Internet…

K.P. (Exit Wounds): The Internet is a huge help for bands nowadays. You can promote songs on your website and people can get some information concerning your band from there, easily. There are so many places where one can get into net, so it's a possibility for everyone.

Also I agree that webzines and forums can be a very good way to promote yourself! Only negative thing I find is that most of the albums that aren't even released end up in there, and people download them there. I think it's not good thing for the band if their album end up to the Internet, let's say a month before its release date. Then some people won't even buy the album. I personally need always something physical like sleeves, etc.

Miika (Source of Demise): The Internet is helping us very much because we were too lazy to promote our latest demo, but in the future this thing will change. When we get the new promo out, we will start promoting it immediately.

Janne (Source of Demise): I think no one can deny the benefits of the Internet when it comes to promoting new bands. It´s so much easier to put a few clips to be downloaded to your web page than if anyone who is interested in your stuff, have to contact you via letter and then order a copy. It´s a different thing with bigger bands who try to earn their living with music and some jerks leak their promos to internet…but yeah, as you said lets not get into that so this won´t go into writing novel…

Hell (Luciferase): Internet is cancer. It makes you lazy before you notice anything. It's so easy to spread your band's name and music via virtual ways that sometimes in the end the easiness of promotion causes the lack of promotion, so to say. You think you can achieve something by sending info about your band to 50000 random metalloids around the globe. Well, 49980 of them delete your e-mail immediately, 10 of them tell you to fuck off with the spam and 10 want to trade your band's brilliant release to their Anal Cunt-inspired nonsense noise/grind band's rehearsal vomit video on CDR which doesn't work on your computer anyway. Now I slipped from the original subject. Fuck.

Of course, when used properly and wisely, the Internet is a strong instrument to quickly spread the band's name.

Risto (Luciferase): I think the Internet is the best way to get band known after doing gigs. Advantages… it is quite cheap way to promote your band worldwide. Dis… nowadays you must have sooo nice looking and fast opening sites that people want to visit (and stay for a while) there. If you don't buy services to build and update sites you might be in trouble.

Tuomas (Luciferase): More perhaps for the local people, live dates might be interesting. After they've downloaded some mp3 clips and decided whether they like the music or not. A disadvantage might be the large number of other band pages etc., so it can be hard to jump out.

Otsala (Sotajumala): The Internet has indeed helped us and we can think of nothing negative to say about this medium in question.

Scent of Flesh: The Internet has been a great help. It´s an easy way to be in touch with media, and people around the world can read our interviews and hear samples of our music through our website. A massive piracy is of course a big problem even if it hasn't affected us yet.



Band homepages... Could you introduce some detailed things from the homepage of your own band like what you have already got there and what it will possibly contain in the near future? Do you have that vital ability and know-how to build your own homepage and to add stuff in there by yourself?

Laine (Torture Killer): We have extremely talented webmaster ourselves, so we don´t update our pages personally. It contains the usual basic info and stuff, but the graphics are fucking great. Just take a look at the webmaster´s page at www.babalongraphics.cjb.net. No special plans for the website really since we think it´s good enough for now as it is.

K.P. (Exit Wounds): Yes, I've created our website since I've studied that kind of things. So I can update it by myself. It's a lot easier that way. Some people who have a webmaster outside a band, might have problems with updating. The things get delayed and so. Some people are very lazy what comes to updating websites. I find it very annoying if there's about a year since the last update at some websites. People get bored and they don't visit your site anymore. Or at least that often…

Our website includes biography, discography, images, reviews, interviews, etc. etc. Quite normal stuff I think. I'm working on a new layout at the moment. It'll look much better since the last layout is so old. I think that I wasn't so good at web designing back then. Our website can be found from www.exitwoundsweb.cjb.net. At the moment we don't have any songs online since we don't have a host for our songs. Mp3.com was the earlier place, but they went down unfortunately. I've also designed some other websites, for example Sotajumala's website at www.sotajumala.com.

Hell (Luciferase): www.luciferase.net is maintained by our bass player, so let him defend himself.

Tuomas (Luciferase): Basic home pages are quite easy to build and maintain. The front page has the latest information about stuff in general. Then there are pages for biography, line-up, releases, gigs, and an image gallery. Pictures are always interesting, so I'll try to add them as much as possible. Maybe some new mp3s as well.

Immu (Slugathor): Our homepages are done by Tuoppi who is the guitarist in Slugathor. He did them quite simple and primitive way - and that rules! We just update news about our releases and coming gigs. We really don't update them that often. We should put some new samples there, but we are too lazy… ha-ha! Fortunately we have a member who is able to do those sites as it's easier like this. You can find them at: fullspeed.to/slugathor 

Markus (Carcase Inc.): You can find from our website: The latest news, biography, gig dates, discography, reviews, samples, etc. There is quite much stuff actually there in our website and it is very often updated, so if you want to know what is going on by time to time, news will be certainly first informed in our website (www.carcaseinc.cjb.net). The reason why we can update our pages so often is that I have ability to build websites and put them on the web anytime I want.

PB (Death du Jour): Still there's only the basics in our homepages what every band should have; news, live dates, contacts, background information of the band and all tracks of GAMASHINOCH free for download. Not any idiotic Winamp skins, etc. Who the hell would want a winamp skin of Death du Jour anyway? For my opinion I think homepages should be simple and straight enough with only the necessities. So, only the useful stuff will be added into the pages in near future.

We have our own webmaster, Helgorth of Babalon Graphics who does all this work for us.

OM (Death du Jour): I totally agreed with PB. What is more frustrating than webpage intros and tingle-tangles made by e.g. Flash? There's some know-how among us as I work in IT business and nowadays almost everybody is aware of principles (how to get access and how pages are made), at least in Finland. But I hope there's never gonna be a Death du Jour - Portal…

Death du Jour

Ile (Deepred): I have made our homepage and the pages have always been more like for information to people what is happening and have to say that last year have been very very lazy with updates and things, ´cos I didn´t have computer until now, so that part will be fixed. About details, if you can find out that that there are no colors in the page layout, if that can be considered a detail in the first place? There are not any special things in our homepage, but in general I like to keep pages look as simple as possible and not too many things in it, just that you can find the most important things from the band there. Near future there´s certainly going to be more updates more often, and maybe there´s going to be link page, some Deepred related links as well.

Aki (Torn): Yeah, I´m the webmaster of Torn and Maggottholamia, too. In the Torn´s site there's lots of photos from almost every gig we've played and mp3 -tracks from the album plus some live tracks that are not available on our any official release.

Otsala (Sotajumala): Our website contains the usual elements such as pictures, info, downloads and yes, we are able to maintain them by ourselves. www.sotajumala.com 

Janne (Source of Demise): The current page is more informative, there is just one song for download and contact infos, etc., but we are planning a new page at the moment. Our friends will take care of building our homepage as we don´t have that strong knowledge how to make them.

Scent of Flesh: It´s a regular band homepage with biography, news, picture gallery, samples and so on. We don´t know how to do these things, so Helgorth (www.babalongraphics.cjb.net) made our homepage and we have our webmaster who keeps it updated. In the future there will more news of course, more photos will be added into the gallery and samples from our upcoming album VALOR IN HATRED will be available when the time is right (they are there already – Luxi adds!).



Would you call your music pure ´Death Metal´ or are there some other hints in the sound of your band from some other metal genres being included as well? What do you think are some of these so-called ´key elements´ of your basic sound from your own standpoint?

Immu (Slugathor): Yes…!! Slugathor IS Death Metal! What other way can you describe our music really? It's simply brutal, straight, twisted, skull-crushing and mind-fucking DEATH METAL! No words like romantic, gothic, melodic, Black/Death are needed here to describe our music any better!


Laine (Torture Killer): Yes totally. Death Metal is what we do and we don´t play with other genres genitals... ha-ha!! The key elements for Torture Killer´s sound are: 1. Heavy and groovy riffs. 2. Rhythmically arranged and brutal vocals. 3. Lyrics so disgusting that it actually becomes funny. 4. Dirty and raw sound so powerful it´ll make your testicles drop.

PB (Death du Jour): I'd rather call our music some kind of 'Death Metal hybrid' since it's not only that monotonous distorted ´hoover´ -stuff. Maybe some 'key elements' would be the quite wide variety of differing vocal styles and you can even hear bass in our tracks that are quite a rare thing in your typical Death Metal combo.

TF (Death du Jour): From my standpoint I guess they would be a blast beat, double bass drumming and unpredictable timings.

TK (Death du Jour): Ain't those drumming things pretty average elements in Death Metal?? I guess some of our riffs contain something ´jazzy´ which makes it interesting to play all those hooves and grooves.

Aki (Torn): The so-called key elements of our sound are low-tuned guitars with fast & sometimes heavy riffing with solos, excellent technical drumming with "US" Death Metal blast beats, double bass parts and guttural growls from my throat. Also what´s very important is a tight interplay. That's what I think is "brutal" Death Metal is supposed to be all about... There's not much room for different influences if you want to make your music to hit a listener straight to his/her face. We all have our favorite bands that have influenced us in different ways, I think.

Miika (Source of Demise): There are some influences of Thrash Metal and the guitar solos are quite technical. I think when a song has an aggressive, groovy feeling it's perfect to our band. Those are the key elements.

S.M. (Exit Wounds): I would say that we perform Death Metal spiced with little Black Metal elements. It gives some kind of variety to our songs.

Antti (Deepred): Pure brutal Death Metal or something like that maybe. The PURE orthodox DEATH METAL to me is more bands like Incantation, Immolation, Autopsy Asphyx, Nihilist, Grave, Order From Chaos, Angel Corpse and so on... though our main musical influence Suffocation is definitely total Death Metal, too. Well at least our influences are Death Metal and no hardcore mixed in with stupid "mosh parts", etc. like it's so fashionable especially with the American bands. On a lyrical side the newer material is more in the Death Metal direction which came along when Rodrigo took over the vocals.


Hell & Risto (Luciferase): We play a hybrid of Death/Doom/Dark/Heavy metal with a touch of Satriani's wildest grindings.

Markus (Carcase Inc.): Well, at least we consider that our band is very pure-blooded Death Metal band. All the necessary Death Metal elements are very well to be founded from our music, but of course you can also find some hints from other metal genres like Black Metal, for example. Anyway we don't think that some of those hints any effect on that at all how pure Death Metal band we are. It only makes us a little bit different. For example we don't use this typical deep and low guttural vocals in any circumstances, we want to keep our vocals more like the "old-school" way. We consider that so-called "key elements" in pure Death Metal are fast, technical, aggressive and grinding ´drumfire´ which should beat the brains out and low tuned guitars with complicated and very powerful riffs, etc. In other words, if your music sounds like a war zone, it must be Death Metal.

Juhani (Carcase Inc.): The current evolutionary stage of Death Metal serves as a starting point, but there is no telling where and how far we get when we evolve ourselves. It has been throughout the metal history, that the bands are pushing the envelope a little bit further than their contemporaries, and that has resulted in a great quality of extreme metal today. For me, to regress without progressing means failure. Markus mentioned the vocals being "old-school". Well, the simple reason for the vocals not being this super low rumbling against cupped mic, is that we all, especially me, think it sounds just shitty. I would never cup the mic, or use any vocal character changing effects. I'm able to reach both relatively low growling and really tight shrieking naturally after a little warm-up. If you're a vocalist, learn to produce voice that sounds good and feels comfortable without any cheap tricks. That way the natural emotional energy in the vocals can be heard clearly in the music.

Otsala (Sotajumala): The right definition for us is a brutal Death Metal and we think that everything essential can be concluded from it. So-called ´key´ -elements in our music are technicality, brutality and intensity.

Scent of Flesh: No. This will probably piss off some people, but "pure" and "true" are just words that put limits to our music. We just make songs and we don´t give a shit if they´re true or not. You can hear melodies and guitar harmonies and also some Black - and Thrash Metal elements in our songs. This is the way we give our music its own specific personality.



How do you feel about this melo-Death Metal genre a.k.a. ´Gothenburg Death Metal´ in which a huge amount of certain melody parts play an important role in song structures (Death Metal meets NWOBHM)? Now I´m referring to bands like In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, Gardenian, Eucharist, Sacrilege and the likes...

Otsala (Sotajumala): We are not that big of fans of such genre and therefore no comments on this one.

Laine (Torture Killer): I like some of those bands...In Flames and Soilwork, they´re both pretty good, but I think they´ve moved in a direction where you could leave the Death Metal title off. Everybody knows them by now so why should they even have a term to describe them in the first place? Like I said I´ve no problem with it. It´s good to have that Gothenburg word to describe those bands´ music, so everybody knows what it´s all about. The thing is that those melodies usually tend to be "happy" sounding and I have a hard time thinking happy sounding Death Metal.

Aki (Torn): Basically, nothing against it because I´ve also listened to that kind of music (At The Gates, first Dark Tranquillity) sometimes. But please, don't call it Death Metal....

Miika (Source of Demise): Yes, I like many of these bands, but I think there is too much of them in these days.

Janne (Source of Demise): True. I like those "original" ones like In Flames, but listening to all those copycats is rather annoying, like that Divine Souls!! I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it… goddamn what a piece of shit!!

S.M. (Exit Wounds): I like very much these ´Gothenburg Death Metal´ bands, for example Soilwork, At the Gates and Dark Tranquillity (one of my favorite bands).

Exit WoundsK.P. (Exit Wounds): I don't like these bands at all. Sometimes I can listen to Dark Tranquillity's GALLERY, but not often. In Flames makes me puke! I just can't stand those kind of melodic bands. And when some of the melodies are 'happy' it's even worse. But let them do what they want. I don't care since I don't have to listen to them.

Immu (Slugathor): It's rubbish!! Simply crap…! Just listen to the latest Bodom CD and it's exactly as "brutal" as some In Flames stuff. I say: NO nice melodies, NO keyboards (except the Nocturnus -vein), NO female vocals (except vocals done a brutal way like Derketa´s!), NO Abyss Studios sounds, etc. in Death Metal!! Why do you call that shit "Death Metal" anyway?? …because it's your Death!! Fucking let DIE!! NWOBHM is one of the best music in the world and has absolutely nothing to do with this. The best Death Metal band from Gothenburg is: Karnarium!! They are REAL Death Metal!!

TF (Death du Jour): I actually like In Flames, but it must have something to do with me liking generic types of music in metal basically. Guess I should say here that they are pussies and suck big time.

PB (Death du Jour): For myself being a neo-puritanist with Death Metal I don't have any warm thoughts for adding such acts in Death Metal genre. For those bands are mainly all okay but they simply aren't Death Metal so they shouldn't be described such.

OM (Death du Jour): They have managed to create own kind of style and that's great. I listen good music and don't separate it by the means to which sectional cluster or category it belongs.

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): Personally I hate this kind of music. In my opinion it shouldn't be called Death Metal in the first place at all. I don't know about the other guys in the band but I hate these bands. I have nothing against people who like this kind of music, but it´s definitely something not for me.

Juhani (Carcase Inc.): The whole original starting point for Finnish Death Metal in the early 90's was kind of unfortunate. I am talking about this polluting cloud of Gothenburg melodies that swept over Finland and ruined many young musicians' minds probably forever. Or then it could be, that all these Finnish people just have narrow minds and crappy taste for music. It has been subject of talk in media that "Finland is the most metal country in the world! Just look at the charts!". That's just bullshit! The same pop music laws apply here just like everywhere else. That law goes like this: The more stupid, easy, and emotionally void the music is, the more popularity it will get. Who cares if there's distorted guitars or not when the riffs and melodies are nothing but utter idiocy? The sounds don't make music metal. It's the relentless attitude of creating powerful art without wasting any thought on teen girls that does.

Hell (Luciferase): In my opinion some parts of this scene were/are great: In Flames' debut, Dark Tranquillity's GALLERY + MIND´S I, Ceremonial Oath´s CARPET, first Eucharist, Gates of Ishtar, 2nd Ebony Tears album, The Everdawn + three latest Soilwork albums. However, the amount of "melo-Death" bands like these certainly reflected to the demise of the genre and very few of them play that basic Gothenburg ´döds mettal´ anymore. I enjoy the thrashy drum stuff most of those bands use a lot.

Risto (Luciferase): I like melodic guitars and the changes between clean and not so clean vocals (like In Flames and Soilwork). That fits with my musical roots.

Tuomas (Luciferase): I really like the melodic stuff. The partly clean vocals are also very nice, as long as the song arrangements don't get out of hand. Melodic parts after melodic parts can get pretty boring.

Antti (Deepred): They can really fuck off. Well ok, they can do whatever they want and compose as sweet ass melodies as possible, but Death Metal?? To me it just reeks of homosexuality all over while Death Metal needs to reek of putrefaction and it's pathetic to see kids thinking that shit is what Death Metal is about. Death Metal or NWOBHM.. It´s a disgrace for that classic genre, too. I enjoy some early works of Dissection, Liers In Wait/At The Gates (spawned from the godly Grotesque, of course!) and the demo/7" days of Dark Tranquillity, but that was pretty much totally different thing back then before this In Flames disease.

Scent of Flesh: Most of us think that the problem with these bands is that they´re just boring. They don´t have anything to offer. But this is a matter of opinion of course.



Could you say that you are proud to be a part of this band, what you do musically, and the kind of impact you have already had through your music?

Laine (Torture Killer): I´m definitely proud to be in this band. We know we sound good, but we are not that desperate in order to get our name to the lips of every metalhead in the world. That´s the cool thing about Death Metal, there´s no need for fame so that you should pretend to be something as you´re not. I don´t think we have made any impacts on anybody really. You´re talking about things you should ask from Metallica or Iron Maiden, not a Death Metal band from Finland, ha-ha!!

Otsala (Sotajumala): Of course we are proud. We hope that we have delivered some fine tunes to drink to… J

S.M. (Exit Wounds): Of course I'm proud of being a part of this band. Everything we have done this far has been a result of hard work and that can be heard from our material. It seems that besides us there are people who like our stuff, too.

K.P. (Exit Wounds): I personally like our songs very much. And I often listen to our own material because I think it's great, ha-ha!! Yes, I've got a quite positive feedback from some people. Some even say that they're fans. It's nice, but somehow a weird thing to hear. I'm not sure if I can explain it well enough.

Aki (Torn): Of course I'm proud to play Death Metal. As for impact… I don´t know, I think everyone's been very supportive in the scene about Torn, and even Bill Zebub liked out stuff!

Markus (Carcase Inc.): Of course we are proud of what we are doing. There is no point to do or be a part of anything if you can't be proud of it someway. It is a very rational guideline in general, isn't it? We have got a very positive feedback from people and that has encouraged and inspired us to work harder.

Juhani (Carcase Inc.): I remember when Markus asked me if I was interested in trying out the vocal duties in the band because the previous vocalist had walked out. I had to think about it whole 3 seconds before saying yes... And there has not been a single thought of regret or suspicion ever since. This is the most motivated band with the most professional attitude I have ever been part of. When I have made any kind of music, I have always wanted to make that "one person" blown away, whomever or wherever it might be. Making music for as many people as possible is the road I despise. Promotion is only to give people who might not otherwise know about us, the possibility to check us out and then decide whether they like it or not.

Miika (Source of Demise): Of course I am.

Janne (Source of Demise): Sure, what kind of question is that anyway. Impact? I think we are wrong people to answer that, you should ask people that listen to our music.

TF (Death du Jour): Yes. I think I have caught on quite nicely to the music even though the others have played their instruments much longer than I have mine.

TK (Death du Jour): Yes.

PB (Death du Jour): Yes, I wouldn't be a part of this if I wasn't proud of this. I am not in this band by the meanings of affecting others.

OM (Death du Jour): Yep, I inflame in this band. As usual the impact of people varies, but: "You're with us or against us…", as G.W. Bush would say.

Antti (Deepred): Sure. At least we can honestly say we didn't start this band along with some trend (you only have to look few years back when nobody here seemed to have a slightest interest in this kind of brutal shit), but only because we wanted to play Death Metal. I'm not following so much things like this "internet underground" for example to really know about what is this "impact we have caused..." if anything at all, but it's great of course to see people going crazy at gigs, so we must be doing something right here. As for recorded works, maybe it´s a little cliché to say, but we do our best to first satisfy ourselves and if people like it, cool. And if they hate it, then that´s fine, too. It's not the first thing at least in my mind at all.

Immu (Slugathor): Yes I'm proud to be in Slugathor and I'm happy with the music we make!! Sometimes I wished some more old-school -influences into our sound, but I think the way we do now is natural for us. Perhaps we will add some more chaotic leads and solos in future. We like everything that we do as long as it´s as chaotic and fucking brutal as possible! Some people say that we are one of their favourite underground bands, some say that we suck totally… like I would care.

Risto (Luciferase): I am proud because I write and arrange nearly all songs. If you are not proud of what you do, don't do it. My songs are kind of hybrid metal and traditional ´Death Metalloids´ may not always like such things mixed with brutal metal, but I've heard lots of nice feedback from the audience.

Tuomas (Luciferase): Sure. A positive impact.

Hell (Luciferase): "I hate myself and I want to die."

Scent of Flesh: Very proud indeed!! It wasn´t easy to get this far in this genre, but with a hard work we made it happen. Feedback has been mostly good, and people have praised the original sound of our music.