Heart of Steel: Interviews

"In brutality we show no mercy..."

The Finnish Death Metal special - Part 1.
Featuring interviews with Carcase Inc., Death du Jour,
Deepred, Exit Wounds, Luciferase, Scent of Flesh,
Slugathor, Sotajumala, Source of Demise, Torn and
Torture Killer.

All Interviews & Intro by Luxi Lahtinen

For starters, would you enlighten the readers of Metal-Rules.com about how your band started and took its first musical steps. Also, tell us about how your music has evolved since the days you made your first recordings with the band.

Laine (Torture Killer): As our band has just started a year and a half ago, not much of progress or regress has occurred yet. Torture Killer was a fun project for "weekend boozing" at first, which soon started to take more serious steps and nowadays it´s a main band for more than one in Torture Killer. Living in a time when minority of the metalheads are into Death Metal, you´ll know pretty soon who´s into it in your hometown and who´s not. Sharing even the same rehearsal room makes it pretty obvious that sooner or later you´ll hang out with those guys thinking of starting a new project. That´s how it started for us, at first just playing our old-school Death Metal favorites of other bands and then moving on to play our own songs.

Antti (Deepred): Me and Ile started this thing originally somewhere around '98 with this one drummer who was more interested in drinking and partying than actually playing some music so that didn´t work out for long, so we put the "band" on ice until spring '99 when we got Teemu for drums and Deepred was "officially" formed. We were pretty active in the beginning and made the first demos and shows over the following months. As for music evolving, I'd like to at least think the song writing has improved in sense of making actual songs instead of just a bunch of brutal riffs together like it was case more in the beginning. But basically the brutal Death fucking Metal concept hasn't changed.

TF (Death du Jour): When I got into the band I had a feeling of being brought into a group of individual musicians all playing their part in a working plan, but still the feeling was that something was amiss. The band had started a few years before my arrival and quite a few songs were gathered from the pieces that had been starting to build up along the way and maybe the final step to form a completely working piece of machinery was the abandonment of the patterns and getting something else to fill the void which I managed to create.

PB (Death du Jour): To fill up the blank issues before TF was invited in: We were playing some kinda industrial Death Metal as a trio. The idea to build up this construction named Death du Jour simply formed in my and TK's all-but-sober brains during our conversation about being fucked up of our situation in our previous bands. OM was a natural choice to invite into this little fore playing party. This was year 2000, TF was found in year 2002 more accidentally than on purpose.


Aki (Torn): We started in the summer of 2000, even the first songs were already pretty technical and fast. The purpose of Torn was to be as extreme and technical at the same time as possible. Some people call this style of music "Neo-Death Metal".

K. Pyyhtinen (Exit Wounds): The band was started in 2002 as our vocalist J. Lahikainen asked me and other guy if we were interested to play some Death Metal. So we rehearsed four songs and soon after that we recorded our first demo-CD entitled PLEASURES OF BLOOD AND CARNAL SIN. We used a drum machine on that demo since we didn't find a drummer who would have been skilled enough. That demo wasn't sent to almost anywhere. A couple of reviews and that's about it. During the summer 2002, S. Manninen joined the band as a guitarist and B. Niininen as a drummer. The line-up became to it's final form when P. Hokkanen joined the crew as a second guitarist in 2003.

S. Manninen (Exit Wounds): As B. Niininen and I joined the band, things really started to go fast forward, mainly because of the complete line-up. We rehearsed a lot with this renewed line-up and came up with some new songs. After having a bunch of new ones we entered the studio again to record the second demo titled DEATHPOINT, which finally ended up to a split release with another Finnish band Luciferase. Nowadays the music is more technical and faster which comes through a natural development, I think.

Hell (Luciferase): Luciferase was born during autumn of the bastard's year 2000. At the very beginning it was supposed to be a project of two guitarists with some friends helping out with some other instruments, but as the other guitarist wasn't actually into the direction the band was heading toward, the project grew into a more serious thing that most people tend to call "a band". The first notes were played in a small rehearsal room in the downtown of Turku - ironically located downstairs of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting premises… We spawned our first and only actual demo recording in autumn 2002 and baptized the result as MISERY RITUAL. Those songs with an enhanced sound quality + exclusive intro piece were released as a split-CD with Finnish Death Metallers Exit Wounds. The label was a newcomer in the scene, Onyxia (www.onyxia.org), and the split was released in July 2003.

Immu (Slugathor): Well, we wanted to form a Death Metal band in 1999 because we really adored this style of Metal. Also we were not aware of any other Death Metal bands at that time and thought we want to play something more brutal for these pussies wearing Children of Bodom t-shirts. Later we discovered Deepred that was the only actually serious band that I recall and of course Devilry and some others as well. Anyway, I think the Death Metal scene in Finland is really not so big and strong that it once was… But to answer to the actual question, I think we slowly developed and became a more and more serious and intense group. I think we have become better musicians, too but our music hasn't changed and that's all. We will never wimp out playing any other style expect brutal Death Metal or we have to quit this. Our new recordings of course have a much better sound quality than the old stuff. Also I think we have a better line-up now than in the beginning.

Cover of Source of Demise s/t

Miika (Source of Demise): We started the band in the beginning of 2001 in order to create aggressive music that we like, but haven´t been able to play in our former bands. In the beginning the style was more a primitive old-school Death Metal, but very soon it changed into what it is today.



Carcase Inc.Markus (Carcase Inc.): In the beginning I had a dream to gather up a Death Metal band, so I started looking for band members. I founded some musicians who were interested in building up the band, but those projects always turned to be fucking drunken projects some way that couldn't possibly lead anything serious. After every disappointment I was still holding up my dream and it was early spring 2002, when I got a call from an unknown number and a called guy (Jani) said that he wanted to form a band with me. This was a point in timeline where the story of Carcase Inc. begins. A couple of months later we got the whole line-up together piece by piece and soon we recorded our first demo (MENTAL SUICIDE) in October 2002. If I compare that time to what Carcase Inc. is today, I have to say that our music has become much more technical and faster than it was in the beginning. Also we have concentrated on a little bit more ´spicy details´, too. On the other hand, we have had some changes in our line-up, which naturally has caused some differences in our music.

The current Carcase Inc. line-up is however: Juhani Jokisalo (vocals), Jani Vesanen (guitars), Markus Rantala (guitars), Mikael Seppanen (bass) and Toni Kostiainen (drums).

Otsala (Sotajumala): The band was formed in the summer of 2000. The basic idea behind the actual birth of Sotajumala was our will to create brutal Death Metal in the vein of Florida -based acts such as Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and Nile etc. - of course, with an exception that our lyrics are written in Finnish. Our material has evolved in to a bit more intense and brutal direction due to our development in playing this kind of music.

Scent of Flesh: At the beginning we were just a group of musicians playing just for kicks. After the first demo DROWNED INTO THE DARKNESS our music has evolved into a more brutal and technical style. Every time our skills have improved, we´ve been able to raise our songs into a new level.

Scent of Flesh

Was playing Death Metal a natural option for you in the first place that just felt right and comfortable from the beginning? What other genres of metal are you fascinated by except Death Metal? What other bands do you play/have you played before the line-up in your current band?

Laine (Torture Killer): As for myself it was pretty natural. It´s the stuff I´ve been listening for a better part of my life and I´m still enjoying it the most. At some point years ago I was into some Black Metal stuff also, but that kinda faded away after a couple of years. Those Death Metal bands were always there for me and it always came back to those classic Death Metal albums. To me it feels only natural that I want to play the same kind of stuff I like listening to... it´s just as simple as that. I wouldn´t say that there´s any specific genre besides Death Metal that I´m really into. There are a few bands in some other genres like Strapping Young Lad that I like a lot, but it´s usually one or two bands from those other genres that I find myself enjoying listening to.

Torture Killer

Antti (Deepred): Ile had been looking for members for a Death Metal band for a longer time before we met and the same goes for me so it was the most natural choice. Ile was more into an ultra brutal way and I was and am more into the old-school style, but we share - like pretty much all of our ex-members - the same obsession for especially the early Suffocation sound which should be obvious when hearing at least our debut album. As for other genres of metal, Death Metal, primitive morbid Black Metal, Thrash, Heavy, Doom, Grindcore, etc. etc. - it's all good for me. I can only speak for myself here, but I'm first and foremost a metalhead and don't limit myself to just some certain thing as long as it has the right spirit. And finally about our other past/current activities: Before Deepred I had my first Death Metal band called Excrement (name describe the quality perfectly) around ´90-´94 and some other crappy projects. Currently I also play in Slugathor and few other bands. Rodrigo's old band was called Kabak and today he's doing his other brutal Death Metal project Kataplexia beside Deepred. Our new drummer Tuomo is known also for playing in Torn, Demigod, Torture Killer... and some more, I guess. He´s quite a busy guy, yeah...

Markus (Carcase Inc.): When we started to create Carcase Inc., it was very obvious what we were going to do. We definitely wanted to do Death Metal songs, so we didn't even think about anything else. You couldn't say that playing Death Metal was a some kind of natural option, it was more like an obsession in our little metal heads. Nowadays our line-up consists of members who have been fascinated by different genres, too.

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): Yeah, take our vocalist for instance, he likes Black Metal a lot, our guitarist Jani listens to more traditional metal that I know of and Death, - and Black Metal, etc. I listen to hardcore a lot; Punk, Grindcore more than Heavy Metal in general and lots of brutal Death Metal, too.

Markus (Carcase Inc.): What comes to playing in other bands part... The founders (guitarists) of Carcase Inc. don't have any other band because they are so dedicated to their own creation. Our bassist (Mikael) plays in other Death Metal band, too, which name is Kataplexia. Also our vocalist (Juhani) is a frontman in a band which name is Apocryphal Voice.

Juhani (Carcase Inc.): Even though there is a strong interest for other genres by some members, too, it does not mean Death Metal music would be any lower in anyone´s priority level. The fusion between power and intellect is just compelling. I'm the member who has gotten into Death Metal quite lately and slowly in the latter half of the 90's. I guess I was not an "angry enough teenager" back in the day, but instead of that I learnt the ugliness of this damn world later on, especially in contrast with some my otherworldly experiences. With my own band I am venturing beyond the fabrics of reality, but for me Carcase Inc. works as a perfect flipside of the same coin. As long as there is anger, Death Metal is needed. And I do have lots of anger. The modern mankind has failed in its once great potentials.

Aki (Torn): I played in such bands as Imposed Silence (Death/Thrash), Shadows of Sunset (melodic metal), Nightside (Black Metal). Brutal Death Metal is the most inspiring form of music, as it's the most challenging to perform & write and also very different from any kind of "normal" music.

Exit Wounds

K. Pyyhtinen (Exit Wounds): We just felt like playing Death Metal because we had listened to that genre for a long time and it felt comfortable. I'm also interested in many other genres of metal and non-metal genres, too. I've played in many different bands and at the moment I've one band besides this. Our vocalist J. Lahikainen has one band also beside Exit Wounds as well as B. Niininen, our drummer, does as well.

S. Manninen (Exit Wounds): Ever since I was 12 years old I've been listening to Death Metal, so it feels quite natural to perform this kind of music. Amongst this I'm also interested of some Thrash - and Black Metal bands as well as of some doomier stuff. At the moment I don't have any other bands in the line.

PB (Death du Jour): I started with a Death-Grind band called Necrobiosis ages ago. After it broke up I was hassling around in various bands like Fall of the Leafe, Nightside and Luciferase before Death du Jour. Death Metal has always been the closest form of metal for myself even though am not restricted by genre-conventions may it be from lounge to grind. After all it's the music in itself that matters, not the presentation of artificial genre theories.

TK (Death du Jour): In the very beginning I was singin´ in a Death Metal band called Shadows of Sunset (nowadays Torn). Then I joined in Luciferase with PB. But as well as PB, I started to putting my focus on the main project which was of course Death du Jour and so we decided to continue our journey with only D.d.J.. I also play in a band called Pyuria (Death Metal). I felt that Death Metal was pretty much a natural choice for me and my style of playing after experimenting in some other styles of metal.

TF (Death du Jour): I hadn't actually played Death Metal before I joined D.d.J. even though I had listened to it quite much and was really looking towards it as an interesting genre for me as a drummer. I'm playing in two Black Metal bands also, if you should call them such, Obruthion and Mental Transformation, but they have become less that active, at least at times.

OM (Death du Jour): I'm into different kinds of music and absorb influences to consolidate things I happen to play. On my classical platform of studies I've tried divergent styles in a metal fashion and ended up into Death Metal. I play besides D.d.J., also in Pyuria which is more my own handicraft.

Miika (Source of Demise): I start listening to Death Metal when I was 14 years old. I had one band in those days that played Death Metal. After that I didn't find right players, but in 2001 we found Source Of Demise with Janne. It's just felt right to play Death Metal finally. I like many bands whatever genre it is, but I really don't like any Power Metal bands. I play in Grayscale and I have some "no named" projects.

Janne (Source of Demise): For me it came also pretty naturally since my taste of music has been developing more into an extreme metal through the years, starting from Twisted Sister when I was at elementary school. But I´ve always been quite open-minded with music, listening to many bands that got nothing to do with metal, too. And the same goes with music that I play, there is Black Metal with Gaurithoth, of course Death Metal with Source Of Demise, more melodic style of metal with Grayscale and with ShamRain we do kind of melancholic Rock.


Risto (Luciferase): Concerning my musical roots it wasn't natural, but kinda "planned" to perform ´deathish´ metal. I usually listen to artists/bands like Satriani, Vai, Priest, Diesel Machine, Soilwork, Meshuggah and Status Quo (quite far from Death Metal). Bands before Luciferase: Rock Brigade, Black Hammer, Crimson Fire, Toth, Suzie Wolf, Dementhia, Red Alert, ShortShit and Judashit. Since year 2000 I´ve been a live singer in Therion (Swedish "Opera Metal").

Hell (Luciferase): We don't play Death Metal, so maybe that's the end of this interview…? ;-) Well, ok. For my behalf I have to say that I consume almost all kinds of metal, except most of the power (-less) metal genre, 99% of the Prog-Metal shit and 99,9% of the ´nu-metal´ hype cunts. Besides those I pretty much listen to everything from Goth-Rock to Grindcore, from the 80's Speed Metal to funeral Doom. At this moment I don't have any other bands except a Slayer cover project with some friends from local bands. We rehearse only for gigs that occur not too often. Previously, since 1994 or so, I've been in bands such as Crimson Midwinter, Primitive and DeathImage + some smaller projects.

Tuomas (Luciferase): I just play and listen to what feels good, regardless of the genre. Categorizing is something I´d like to avoid as much as possible. When it comes to metal, I generally like all kinds of it. From the meanest to the cleanest. ;-) As long as it's fairly well produced. My other projects at the moment include Primitive (http://www.netti.fi/primitive/), two Prog-Rock kind of newer projects, and a sequencer-oriented simple and melodic metal thingie.

Immu (Slugathor): Yes, I used to play Black Metal before Slugathor, but it was all dying and uninspired…the spirit was not there anymore. I needed TOTAL DEATH!! I like all styles of Metal. Death/Black Metal, especially old bands who started in the 80s-early 90s. Some names from the top of my head: Beherit, Blasphemy, Sarcofago, Possessed, Sodom, Morbid Angel, Mayhem, etc. But I also like traditional Metal, Iron Maiden, even old-school Doom Metal, etc. I think we all like different styles of Metal, but the main thing for us is Death Metal anyway. I don't care mentioning any other groups that we had before or what bands the other members have had… except that Antti our bass player who also plays in Deepred. I'm the original drummer in Slugathor and Tommi our guitar player is our mastermind since the beginning. As I'm only a drummer, I of course have lots of spare time for some other bands as well.

Otsala (Sotajumala): In the case Sotajumala´s decision was quite natural because no other genre would have suited the concept that had planned to carry out in our case. Besides Death Metal we have played in bands that performed some sort of Heavy Metal, but nothing worth mentioning.

Scent of Flesh: It was clear from the beginning that Death Metal would be the only option. None of other genres can offer such rage and brutalism than Death Metal. But still our interests in other genres are quite different.

Herkko (Scent of Flesh): I listen to all kinds of metal, mostly Proge -, Black - and Barbarian (!) Metal.

Niko (Scent of Flesh): Mostly I listen to underground Black Metal.

Antti (Scent of Flesh): My interests are in all kind of extreme music. Death - and Black Metal and Grindcore as long as it´s extreme.

Sofian (Scent of Flesh): I listen to Death Metal mostly, for me it doesn´t have to be always extreme.

Matti (Scent of Flesh): I´m only interested in Death Metal and only in its most aggressive forms.

Scent of Flesh


What bands would you consider to be some of your main influences or inspirations? Could you say that some of those influences are quite visible in the sound of your band and can be heard somewhat easily in your songs?

Laine (Torture Killer): As for Torture Killer I can only pick two names: Obituary and early Six Feet Under. Actually it´s the whole old-school Death Metal style of the early nineties, especially the Florida US-style Death Metal, but those two bands are the top ones for me. I´m really into a fast and modern style of Death Metal as well, but we felt we needed to try a bit of something different with Torture Killer. Most of the bands are doing the fast stuff nowadays and we have guys in the band who have one or even more bands doing it already so there was no point of doing the same with this band.

Immu (Slugathor): Bolt Thrower, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Immolation, Mortician, Incantation, Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Sarcofago, Grave, etc. Perhaps you can hear some Bolt Thrower in some of our songs or some beats that I've stolen from Blasphemy, but in the end I think we have (at least I hope we have) our own style and we don't sound too much like some certain band.

TF (Death du Jour): My answer on this will much alter from the other members', I presume, since I'm quite 'new' to this so called 'Death Metal genre' and my artistic influenced as a drummer would slide towards Mayhem and Emperor, for starters at least. I haven't been into metal for that long anyway since it would seem that everybody were listening to Iron Maiden and Metallica when they were 6 years old or so. I think this has something to do also with the fact of me being the youngest member in the band also. I have of course been somewhat influenced by such bands as Morbid Angel and Nile since their genres are quite similar to the music we are playing.

TK (Death du Jour): What can I say… Of course Morbid Angel which one can hear pretty easily in our music. Hate Eternal is also one of my favorites alike Napalm Death, Carcass, Necrophagist, Brutal Truth, etc.

OM (Death du Jour): Carcass, Nile, Morbid Angel, Origin, Immolation. I listen almost everything skillfully played. Listen to yourself and find it out.

Aki (Torn): Suffocation (the best band in the world), Deicide, Deranged, Cannibal Corpse, etc. everything that's brutal with a good song writing.

Mika (Source of Demise): I have to mention Carcass and At The Gates for sure, don´t really know hot it can be heard in our music in any way directly, except the start of the song "79!", there could be something similar elements to some Carcass stuff, heh!

Markus (Carcase Inc.): There are many Death Metal bands that have had an effect on our music in one way or the other, but the main influences come from such bands like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Morbid Angel and Cryptopsy. They are quite visible and easily spotted out from our music. Otherwise what comes to technical part of a song structure and some details in them, we admire a lot the way how Decapitated is doing it. Their way to make music inspires us a lot.

Ile (Deepred): For me inspirations are quite obvious Suffocation influences and you can hear it if you are not deaf or something, but we are not trying to be Suffocation or any other band, just Deepred...

S. Manninen (Exit Wounds): If you are listening to our music, it's quite obvious where our influences come from. I think that you can hear at least old Deicide, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse from our songs. Purpose is just to create music we prefer and to maintain that killer feeling in it, no matter if it sounds like it was played one thousand times before.

K.P. (Exit Wounds): I think there are also some influences from Black Metal bands, like Dark Funeral, for example. But mainly influences are from Death Metal genre, maybe a bit more old-school stuff. Newer songs are faster and therefore I could consider them having more influences from modern Death Metal bands such as Nile and Hate Eternal, etc.

Otsala (Sotajumala): As I mentioned in the first question already, our roots are deep in the Florida -style Death Metal. So the main sources of inspiration and influence are bands, I mentioned and I think that these nuances are quite typical when you listen to our Death Metal art.

Risto (Luciferase): See the previous answer.

Hell (Luciferase): Maybe the choir parts in the title song of our demo are somehow related to the fact that Risto howls in Therion boy choir… ;) Lyrically, I'd say a kind of inspiration has been drawn from the lyrics of Martin Walkyier (ex-Skyclad). He's a verbal genius.

Scent of Flesh: Probably we get influences from all extreme bands we like to listen to. For example Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Nile and Luciferion. Bands like Dissection and Dimmu Borgir have probably influenced the way that we do our melodic parts. We don´t mean to copy anyone or anything, but of course some can hear these influences in our music. It seems to be almost impossible to create music that doesn´t sound like something that someone else has already created. Some say that we sound like bands what we haven´t even heard.



Are there any Finnish Death Metal bands that you would like to credit for how they have inspired you to create a similar type of musica? Bands like Funebre, early Xysma, early Disgrace, Abhorrence, Demigod, Cartilage, Vomiturition and the likes come to my mind first...

Laine (Torture Killer): I fucking love Demigod, but I wouldn´t say they would´ve inspired me to do something like they do. It´s beyond my abilities to write songs, the feeling and the vibe they have in their songs is incredible and there´s not a band in the world doing that kind of music anymore. Demigod gets all my credits for being above others in Finland´s metal history, but like I said, my strongest influences mainly come from the other side of the Atlantic.

PB (Death du Jour): I don't think any Finnish bands have directly affected our material even though I must give credits for Demilich, early Disgrace, Coprophilia and so on for example.

Antti (Deepred): I don't think our sound has much to do with the mentioned or many other old Finnish bands at all. Personally I please my old-school needs in Slugathor. But I give a great respect and credit for the old Finnish scene for basically changing my life back then. I can't quite explain how great it was discovering the underground when I mostly knew the bigger extreme bands (the Earache -era, etc.) and suddenly realized there's a very morbid underground in my own country, too! Seeing especially live bands like Xysma, Convulse, Beherit, Demigod, Sentenced, Cartilage, Impaled Nazarene etc. etc., getting demos, ´zines and so on was the greatest thing ever and I became totally obsessed by the underground. But like I said, sound-wise we don´t have much to do with them. Well, maybe I could say I'm influenced by Demilich's way of taking hell of a long time to get up my ass to do the band mail duties, etc. ha-ha!!

Janne (Source of Demise): I cant really say that those Finnish bands have had an influence on me, except Demigod, I have their first album. I listened to more those Florida bands, Death, Obituary, etc.

Miika (Source of Demise): The same goes with me. I owned albums from Funebre and Demigod, but they really didn´t affect to any music that I have composed.

Immu (Slugathor): The old Finnish Death Metal scene was strong!! Just think of Beherit ("you mean they were a great name in Black Metal, don't ya?" Luxi comments) and Belial, too!!! All the bands you've mentioned are all ´great-good´ in my opinion, too and I especially adore Demigod's first demo. I think it's some of the finest Death Metal I've heard from the North besides some Swedish Gods' stuffs! Not all of our members like those old Finnish bands that much, but Antti is simply an expert with this stuff. Just ask him…

Aki (Torn): Yeah, "Turku Death Metal" rules (old Xysma & Disgrace). Also worth mentioning name in the old Finnish Death Metal scene is Demilich…

K.P. (Exit Wounds): Actually I think I cannot credit any. Or at least from those you mentioned. I used to listen to pretty much Archgoat and Beherit, but they haven't inspired me what comes to this band. I used to have bands to which those were the main influences. But not anymore… Purtenance and Demigod are good.

S.M. (Exit Wounds): I've heard some bands you mentioned above, but actually none of them have inspired me this far. There's at least one potential name around here that I think it should be mentioned: Sotajumala.

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): Yeah, we know those bands and we have respect for what they done and stuff, but they don't come as influences to us.

Hell (Luciferase): I think the main songwriter in Luciferase has never even heard (of) most of those bands.

Risto (Luciferase): As Hell says… :(

Hell (Luciferase): That can be considered also as an advantage because when writing songs you can concentrate on the most important thing, creating an interesting and GOOD songs, instead of worrying if this part sounds like Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition and that part like early Deadhead.

Otsala (Sotajumala): None.

Scent of Flesh: Not really. We´ve listened to some of these older bands, but they never interested us much.


What bands would you consider to be the true originators of the whole Death Metal genre that basically were the first bands with a sound that was a few steps further from Thrash Metal toward heavier, more brutal and more mean musical direction with lyrics based more on ´gore-guts-blood´ - and satanic themes?

Immu (Slugathor): Grave from Sweden!! They really took brutality some steps further… and why not some other Swedish bands as well (you know Dismember and Nihilist). Also, Carcass, Autopsy, the gods Morbid Angel should be mentioned and of course Death.

Laine (Torture Killer): I can only answer the obvious one: Death.

Mikael (Carcase Inc.): I would say some of those bands from the end of 80's such as Possessed, Autopsy, Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, etc. - and of course some less famous South-American bands as Mortem, etc. And of course some Death Metal bands from New York like Suffocation, Pyrexia, etc. that could be considered as very important bands for the evolution of Death/Grind sound...

S.M. (Exit Wounds): I guess there's no doubt that one of the first bands that comes into my mind is Morbid Angel. Of course Death should be mentioned as well as Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. I think these few are the bands that have affected greatly to a whole Death Metal genre.


Aki (Torn): I consider bands like Possessed, Death, Morbid Angel & Massacre as the first Death Metal bands for the whole Death Metal genre.

Hell (Luciferase): Is this a listing question? Here's my five cents: Possessed, early Death, early Celtic Frost, Onslaught, Sarcófago, Vulcano and early Sepultura. However, it's just a matter of taste whether you call these bands' first recordings Death Metal or Thrash or whatever, since the concept of Death Metal is so different nowadays. Deep Purple was fucking heavy in the standards of early 70's yet nowadays, for a Death Metal fan, their first albums sound like my mother trying to imitate Doro Pesch.

Risto (Luciferase): Death.

PB (Death du Jour): Routines of such history might be a bit too hard to dig up, but probably the most common bands for verification of the Death Metal genre are Carcass, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, etc.

TK (Death du Jour): Morbid Angel simply varied all the existing ground forms of Death Metal done before. I think they developed a very unique sounding combination with their funky rhythms and style of forming strong riffs and patterns.

Antti (Deepred): Possessed would be the most obvious, of course!! Their sound especially on SEVEN CHURCHES is just possessed, evil, sick, morbid and brutal for its time and still for today even. Pure Death Metal!! And bands like Celtic Frost, etc., of course... just not to forget also the 80's Brazilian ´warfare noise´ and so much more... Genocide/Repulsion... just too much to mention!! It´s all about the 80's, but I really can´t say much because I wasn't old enough to actually discover those things back then when they were happening. It was bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Nihilist/Entombed, Grave, etc. who introduced me to Death Metal.

Otsala (Sotajumala): Death, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Obituary…

Scent of Flesh: That´s a hard question. When the Death Metal genre started to form itself, we were probably at an elementary school learning how to listen to metal. Bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden sounded very extreme at those days.