Heart of Steel: Interviews

"Thrash Metal Has No Boundaries..."

The Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal special (Pt. 1) Featuring interviews with Deathchain, Divine Decay, Jumalation, Malicious Death, Mokoma, 
Pain Confessor, and WhereVictimsLie

Intro and all the interview questions by Luxi Lahtinen

I have to say that I have been amazed by the Finnish metal scene since 1987-88 when the Finnish metal scene seriously started to take its first big steps toward awareness of people outside of the borders of Finland. Speed and Thrash Metal were especially becoming highly popular amongst youngsters during the later half of the ´80s. Bands like Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, Kreator, Destruction, Celtic Frost and the likes worked as true inspirations to many up-and-coming Finnish Speed/Thrash acts back in those days.

Some of the very first fruits out of all that Speed/Thrash Metal boom back then were more or less known names as Necromancer, Oppression, Protected Illusion, National Napalm Syndicate (or just better known by their short name N.N.S.), Stone, Airdash, Warmath, Ancient Rotten Graveguards (or just A.R.G.), Maple Cross, Mengele, Virago, Brainwash, Lycantrophy, Prestige, Terrific Verdict, The Hirvi to name a few. Unfortunately, only a fistful of them managed to put out albums because Death Metal was becoming the next big thing amongst metalheads at the very end of 80´s. It seemed like labels weren't that interested in signing new Speed/Thrash metal bands any more as they had in the mid eighties. That was a real pity for many Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal bands ´coz many of them deserved to record their full-length debut albums back in those ´good & old Speed/Thrash days´ as many of them had already more than proven to be very promising and talented bands on their demos. Unfortunately the whole Speed/Thrash thing, practically speaking, died out in Finland amongst the metal people by the end of ´92. Death Metal replaced it as its own strong and popular genre.

It took almost a whole decade until the ol´ flame for the Speed/Thrash Metal sound to started burning a bit hotter and brighter amongst a new generation of Finnish metalheads again. Little by little it began making a second coming, taking short steps toward new and better times. It was kind of cool to notice that some of those speed freaks and thrash bangers who happened to be members of some Speed/Thrash Metal bands in the later half of the ´80s, had also become members of some new Speed/Thrash bands during the new millennium. Many had completely new line-ups around them and brought their past valuable experience and knowledge about playing Speed/Thrash Metal to many of these new so-called ´retro-Thrash Metal´ bands.

Playing Speed/Thrash Metal had seriously become ´a cool thing´ amongst a lot of both young and old metalheads in Finland once again. This was supported a little by re-union gigs by some ´legendary´ Finnish Speed/Thrash legends like Stone and Necromancer that kind of wanted to show younger people how things were done 10 years ago, and how everyone was supposed have at least a bit of fun when attending metal gigs like back in those jolly good days.

For quite some time, I had this somewhat unique idea to put 7 new Finnish Speed/Thrash Metal newcomers collectively sort of in the middle of crossfire that in my opinion represent some of the best ´Thrash Metal´ stuff from the current Finnish metal scene. Or actually more honestly, some of them do not represent Thrash Metal (or Speed Metal) in that purest form of the term to be more precise. However, since they all have some strong and distinctive Speed, or Thrash Metal, elements in their sound, I decided to throw them to the field in the middle of the same crossfire just to find out how they would pass my lil´ test as far as my ´deadly bullets´ (read: well-thought out questions, ha!) for all of them were concerned.

Now keep on reading what some of the members from all these 7 talented Finnish bands had to reveal about their own bands in this interview, the past - and current Speed/Thrash Metal scene both nationally and internationally, as well as well as learn a few things about all these Finnish bands that obviously are more or less obscure and unfamiliar names to most of you...I think.

Dear fellow speed merchants and thrash bangers... let it be the harvest time for all of us commence...

Editor's Note: Luxi's look into the world of Finnish Speed/Thrash metal clocked in at close to 50 pages(!) when compiled in MS-Word format. Having this feature on ONE page on our site, along with pics of the bands, would be insane! Therefore, I've broken the feature down into a series of pages. The link to read on to the next part of the feature can be found at the bottom of each page. Thanks to the bands for providing the pics to us (except for the ones Luxi took himself hehe). While reading along, if you wonder what band a pic if for, simply hover your mouse over the picture and a handy tool tip will reveal the band name...enjoy.

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