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Interview With Funeral For A Friend
Interview By Keith McDonald

FFAFWe are seeing more and more metal bands releasing albums on major labels in a time when the majors are becoming compacted and downsized. It was a short time ago when there were six major labels and now we could quite possibly see it down to three. That usually means a major layoff of employees as they trim the fat and payroll. That usually means a trimming in the roster of artists as bands find themselves without a major label’s support and financial backing. This is just the opposite for Funeral For A Friend. Releasing “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation” via the Atlantic/Elektra Records merger, the band, Matt Davies - Vocals, Kris Roberts - Guitars, Darran Smith - Guitars, Gareth Davies - Bass and Ryan Richards - Drums, finds itself in a very good position. The band seems to be a high priority at the label and their music supports that decision. I caught up with the band recently to talk about what’s been going on with them.



How did the band start?

The band basically grew from a band called January Thirst. Ryan and myself were not in the band at that point, but due to commitment reasons people left and me and Ryan joined. The band was already going through changes at that point and had already changed the name.



How much did Atom Records help you get started?

A lot, they basically signed the band without seeing them live. They went on the strength of the songs, which was wicked. They pushed really hard for press for us too. They were just great.



How much of a difference do you see between Atom Records and a major like Atlantic?

The only difference is that Atlantic has the cash to be able to let us record who we want to record with and push our music into places that an independent label couldn’t.



I see your music covers several genres (rock, hardcore, etc.). Do you agree and was that the idea?

The music is never something that is planned. Its just the way songs sound when the 5 of us get together with all our different influences. But, yeah I completely agree with that comment.



How much does being a part of the Sanctuary Group (management) help you, if at all?

Sanctuary is a big name in this business and I would be a liar if I said it hadn’t done us any favors.



What are the tour plans?

We are currently in the middle of our last UK tour for 2004 and will be spending our summer in the USA and then back to Japan and hopefully get back into the studio.



How much of a difference is there between the European music scene and the US?

Not very much. The audience is very passionate about music; it’s the same all over the world. Its good to see like minded people everywhere.



You have some odd song names (i.e., Bend your Arms To Look Like Wings) Why is that?

Because our singer is a wise ass….hahaha No its just things that are relevant to him. Things only he knows.



Anything you'd like to plug/promote or add?

Britney Spears, I would like to plug her!! I am kidding. Thanks to everyone for the support we will see you soon.



What's the future for FFAF?

Hopefully just get back into the studio and write a follow up to “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation” And just to keep having fun. I cant go back to a 9-5 it will kill me!


Band Website: www.funeralforafriend.com