Heart of Steel: Interviews

Niklas Isfeldt
The Golden Voice of Evil Dreams

Interview by Anders Sandvall

Live pictures by: Anders Sandvall
Promo pictures by: Patric Ulleus, Sarah Shaw, Snowy Shaw, Per Stålfors
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Does everybody in the band, including Gus G, live in Gothenburg Sweden? 

The only one that lives in Gothenburg is Snowy. Gus is living in Greece and our new 3rd guitarist Markus Fristedt is living in Uddevalla. Me, Peter & Fredrik are living in the same area 40km outside Gothenburg.



Do you see any musical differences between "Dragonslayer" and "Evilized"? 

Yes! I think that Evilized are heavier and darker than Dragonslayer.



How has the respond been from the press and fans on your two previous albums?

 We got predominantly good respond from both press and fans.



Have you done a lot of touring on album 1 and 2? 

Not that much really, we have done some festivals in Sweden, UK and Germany, 1 Europe tour with Hammerfall and 2 Japan tours.



You have been incredibly productive, on three years you have released three albums. Are you going to continue with releasing one album a year? 

We are 6 people that all writing music so that's no problem to release at least one album a year.



Why have you chosen to record everything in Studio Fredman? Are there any plans on changing studio? 

Fredrik Nordström is the owner of studio Fredman and one of the best producers in the world, so it would be stupid to not use his skills!



If I say that I think Dream Evil is a super group with only really experienced musicians, what do you think of that? 

I think that experience come with age and accept for Gus we all are old farts.



You have had some really nice looking covers on all of your albums that I think really captures the essence of the music, who does the cover and who decides what the cover should look like? 

Some guys at Century media are doing all artwork but we give them some rough ideas of what the cover should look like.



How does it work when you're writing songs? Who does what? 

Me, Peter and Fredrik often write together, Snowy prefer to work alone. Gus makes his stuff in Greece and we all put it together when he comes to Sweden. When it comes to the lyrics me and Peter make our own lyrics to our songs. Snowy makes the lyrics for his songs and helps Fredrik and Gus with their songs. There is no doubt that Snowy Is the poet in the band.



In all of the interviews I've read Fredrik is mentioned as being the leader of the band, is that true or is Dream Evil a democracy where everyone in the band takes part of the decisions? 

Dream Evil is a democracy!!



You toured with Hammerfall on "Evilized" throughout Europe how was that? 

Apart from that the bus smelled like hell and that I got sick And lost my voice at the Scandinavian shows it was a really nice tour, the Hammerfall guys are funny and pleasant guys. All the shows were nearly sold out.



When I saw you at the end of the tour in Malmö you did a great show and you really showed how heavy metal should be played, what is your comment on that? 

Thank you man !!! Accept for my hoarse voice I think we did a fairly good job.



What do you think of Hammerfall's music? 

They are all good musicians and Joakim is a great singer But that kind of power metal they are playing is not my Cup of tea.



You also went over to Japan to tour with Kamelot, how was that? 

The Kamelot guys were good guys and they sounded really good live, maybe to rehearsed and stiff if you compare to the Chaos we give to the audience……!



How did the Japanese fans receive you? Are there any difference between the fans here in Europe compared to the Japanese fans? 

The Japanese fans are in my opinion the most faithful, politeness fans on earth… and the girls are always good-looking……!



When did you find the time to write "The Book of Heavy Metal"? 

We start to write some songs on the Hammerfall tour and on Our last Japanese tour…. Maybe you should ask Snowy, he almost wrote the whole book him self!



Where did you record it? 

At Studio Fredman Gothenburg, Sweden.



Who has written the music and lyrics? 

Snowy have written about 80% of the material



What are the lyrics about this time? 

Heavy metal, rock and how it affected us!



The first single became a minor hit here in Sweden how does that feel and how did the single go in the rest of Europe? 

I really don't know! But I hope we have been selling like hell.



Why did you choose to have only one bonus track and two songs from the album on the single? Why not more bonus tracks? 

I think our label maybe want to release one more single So they are keeping some new material for that reason.


I personally think that you more and more are finding you own style in music and the new album is a brilliant example of that, what do you think? 

I think that you are wise!



Why don't you want to be put in only the power metal genre? 

Because we don't play Power metal! We play Swedish red neck metal.



Do you think that the band is in the right musical direction? 

Yes! I think we start to find our way home!



I think you're more and more are headed into heavy metal than power metal, what's your comment on that? 

As I said before! You are a wise man.



What is the song "Let's Make Rock" about? It feels like it could be a tribute to the bands of 80's heavy metal?

 It is about standing on stage in front off 20.000 crazy Metal heads. The whole album is a tribute to the kind of music we grown up with.



The song "No Way" feels like it's a tribute to the metal legend Ozzy Osbourne, and it sounds like it's Ozzy himself who sings on the track, is it him or is it you Niklas that sounds just like him? 

No! It's not me sounding like Ozzy I got some help from The singer in Hellfueld, Andy "Ozzy" Alkman.



Are you satisfied with the album or is it something you should have done different? 

You can always have done something different but in all I'm satisfied.


Have you got any favorite song on the album that you particularly like to sing? 

Yes! M.o.m, The Sledge, In to the moonlight and TBOHM.



How much on the album is recorded on one take? 

Every song is recorded on one take……………..! Ahhh…. No to be honest none of the songs are recorded on one take.



Did you do a lot of rehearsing before you went into the studio? 

We did not rehearse at all before we entered the studio!



I guess that it's Fredrik who produced the album, how is it to work with him as a producer? 

I got no problems to work with him as a producer…..But sometimes he is a pain in the ass! I think we all are a pain in the ass sometimes!



What does the title "The Book of Heavy Metal" stands for? 

We tried to make an album that we all would like to listen to, With that kind of metal we grown up with like Judas, Accept, Maiden, Ozzy , Saxon. It is simply our book of heavy metal, what we think should be Inside of it.



You haven't used so much strings like on the previous albums, it sounds like you only have used strings on one song this time, why so? 

It is hard to play the songs live if you put to much strings and Keyboards on them, I don't think Fredrik like to play keyboards live! Because than he have to be more focused and stop drinking !



Do you know how much the debut and the follow up have sold? 

Dragonslayer sold about 27000 and Evilized 34000.



Are there any plans of conquer the U.S. market? 

I hope so! I would love to tour the US.



Have you noticed any signs of that your fanbase have increased over the years? 

Yes! One of the signs are that we have more and more visitors At www.dreamevil.se we have over 3500 visitors per week



Why have you done so few gigs in Scandinavia? 

Ask Edward, our booking agent!



Are there any plans on doing a tour? If so when and where? In that case is it going to be a tour as a support or a headline act?

 DREAM EVIL will play on the Earthshaker Festival in Geiselwind on July 24th 2004. More info at: www.earthshaker-fest.com Additionally Dream Evil are confirmed to perform at Spain's Lorca Rock Festival on August 14th and a return to England is set now as well for November 14th at London's The Camden Underworld. Full European touring plans are in the works as we speak!



You are still on the same label, Century Media, how does the co-operation work with them? 

I think the co-operation works really good!



If I say that I think you have an amazing voice and a really broad vocal range, what are you comment on that? 

Thanks! But I really don't have a broad vocal range. I think that is time for me to take some singing lessons And learn to take the real high notes whit out destroying my voice.



Do you have any favorite singers that have inspired you? 

Rob Halford, Ian Gillan and Thomas von Brömsen.



What are the plans for Dream Evil during the rest of 2004? 

Playing as much that we can and start to make new songs.



Is there anything you would like to say to the fans that read Metal-Rules.com?

Alright, here we are with our 3rd album and our most powerful effort in our career! I hope everyone is enjoying THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL... and on behalf of the band I would like to thank all our loyal fans for your love and support, your letters and your presents! We read all your emails and guest book entries. It was cool to meet many of you on our last European tour with Hammerfall and can't wait to meet you again on the road and finally visit some countries that we didn't have the chance to play in! Until then... Stay METAL my friends!!!



Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. 

Thank you Anders.

Dream Evil: www.dreamevil.se

Century Media: www.centurymedia.com