Heart of Steel: Interviews

Vocalist Matti Karki

Interview and Live Shots by
Arto “Death” Lehtinen & Luxi “Metal” Lahtinen

The Swedish Death Metal legends Dismember literally rose from the grave into the daylight with a new ass-kicking album WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW. They've clearly proven the band’s blade for murderously heavy Death Metal hasn’t become rusty after being on hold for four years. Dismember’s reputation and achievements as one of the true Stockholm Death Metal pioneers are already sort of legend. Even if Dismember has battled through several setbacks, the band has always still managed to rise up on its feet during these past few years of the band’s existence.

The band’s vocalist and main man Matti Karki politely agreed to have a long and interesting chat with the Metal-Rules.com´s “Finnish Death Metal duo” along with an Imperiumi journalist to talk about the new album, old members, and studio experiences and amongst other things that more or less surprised even us a bit.

So let Matti continue from this on by his own words…

Last time when we played here in Finland, it happened at Nummirock in 1999. Yeah, we played in the same day as Motörhead and their drummer Mikkey Dee came to me all the time and said: “Du är svenska… eller? Från Göteborg?" I stated him for a while and spitted straight to his face: “FUCK Göteborg… we are from Stockholm!!”.


Is it so that people both from Stockholm and from Göteborg don’t get along with each other that well at all as I have heard?

Blah, it is a childish thing like you say here in Finland: “Saatanan hurrit…!” as we in Sweden say: "Finnjävel…!”. It´s just such a funny dispute, ha-ha!!




So Matti, did you aim to return back to the classic Dismember sound of the first or two of your previous albums with your latest album WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW?

We had that kind of feeling, as we thought when during these four years we had some line-up changes, we changed a record label and all this kind of shit, and eventually we just needed to have to take a break. We started smoothly doing new songs and pondered in which direction we should be heading to. During these years the whole scene went totally different and all these mean and most extreme bands just seemed to vanish away or they started playing totally something different. So we thought the field was free and we could do exactly what we wanted to. We are one of these Death Metal bands that still left out there, having been around since the beginning. We were just like: “Let’s return back to those times that introduced us to the Metal scene back in the day…”. And it felt totally normal that this is exactly what we wanna do. We started getting a little bit back to that specific sound of Death Metal that we had on our 1st two albums. When we did the HATE CAMPAIGN album, we actually had quite a bad relationship with our record label Nuclear Blast at that time, but the album wasn’t done in purpose to get rid of the deal, but the whole thing happened the way that we had to fight with the label guys and we just did that album. And when it was done and it felt like “Arrghh… finally!!” it’s about the time to move on now.



What are some of the main differences between the studios you have used for the recordings of this new album and your previous album, HATE CAMPAIGN? I mean by that HATE CAMPAIGN was recorded at Das Boot while your new album was done at Sami Studios; both kinda different studios after all…

Das Boot is a good studio. But when we were there, the studio was under construction; it wasn’t any peaceful place as the floor was being built when we were there… and steps and so on. Originally we were supposed to do a demo for some of these new songs to check out whether they were good enough because we wanted to do a good album. Then Fred said let’s try out this Sami Studios as he knew some people from there and the studio costs sounded reasonable. However, it took some time before things started running for us. Luckily we had written a truckload of new songs ready before we entered the studio. Firstly the drums were recorded. It sounded damn good and we kept going on and drank a barrel of whiskey during all that time while we were there to record WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW, heh!



Why did you reject to use Sunlight Studios for the recordings of WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW where your, in so many ways, classic 1st two albums have been recorded?

After the DEATH METAL album it felt like too much stuff was coming from Sunlight. It was difficult. There were a lot of people coming and going all the time. Sunlight Studio was some sort of a gathering point for all the musicians living in Stockholm more than anything else. Thomas (Skogsberg) wasn’t even there helping us out with the production that much at all, so it was Fred basically who eventually did the whole job for him for the DEATH METAL album as far as the production in it is concerned. Besides he had used to work there before, so we at least had a vision what kind of production fro that album we wanted back then. After that album we went to Das Boot and recorded HATE CAMPAIGN there. Like I mentioned earlier, Das Boot was basically a construction area all the time. Then the owners of Das Boot made this deal with Sony and quite soon a vast stream of new pop artists started to book studio times from there for demo recordings and stuff. Occasionally there were quite strange looking people, I must tell. Then we got to know about Sami Studios, chose eventually that for the recordings of our new album and it was luckily much more peaceful place to record an album all in all.



Were the new tracks for WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW processed under these four years period when you were kind of ´on hold´ -state?

Well, actually quite a lot of riffs were made by other guys at their own homes during that time. When we got together to the rehearsal room, all the riffs and songs were put together there. Basically the album was made during four years, but songs were put together during three months, including the recording as well. There were some changes, of course. Putting songs together was a quick process, but when we had this long break, all of us were spending lots of time at our own homes, recording stuff on tapes and preparing to record a new album as the time was right for it.



Did you have any last minute changes at the studio while you were recording this album?

Not that much after all. Of course we pondered a little bit how many times some certain thing should to be done in order to make it sound right and so on. Some little changes here and there, but nothing that drastic, though. That’s why we went to do that demo because we wanted to make a strong album. We wanted to hear if it is what we wanted and we figured out that’s exactly what we wanted do. So we went to record WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW. The album was recorded in parts and something unexpected came up and Salhgren left in the middle of the session and David played all the guitars for him. Then Richard had to move to the States and David was forced to record almost all the bass parts for the album. To be honest with you, it was a quite a hassle to record the album due to these ´last minute´ calls.



As your drummer Fred Estby handles all the production issues, so is it a belief for you because you don’t take hire any outsider to work with you?

I have played with Fred for a long time and it is good because Fred knows how I work in the studio. I mean, he has always been there in the studio environment although he hasn’t done anything that specific. He just watched, listened and was there. He knows exactly how I work in the studio. I can’t stand the stress, I hate it. I take it as easy as possible as I’m able to think in a more relaxed way if something is good or not. And he knows precisely that I am that type of guy who is used to spend lots of time in a studio, being locked in there as long as I have to in order to get things done properly and just after that go home and rest a little bit before the next studio session.



Are topics about war in general still close to Dismember’s lyrical world?

I read a lot about the World War II and obviously some inspirations come from there, so I could say yes we actually are quite a bit.



As it´s widely know fact already, you have roots in Finland. Just of our curiosity, have you ever been thinking of writing about some of those past events in Finland’s war history the way like f.ex. Impaled Nazarene have previously done on their albums - and who actually did a very patriotic favour to our veterans almost recently by making a bunch of new Impaled Nazarene T-shirts and selling them to people for 15 euros - and all this money out of them goes to our veterans…

That’s a very appreciated thing from them to do indeed. Those veterans kept and fought the freedom and independence of Finland. Of course it is important for me even though I have never lived in Finland, but if the veterans hadn’t done their works back in the 40’s, I wouldn’t have been in Dismember – that´s for sure. I am proud and grateful to them for what they did in the 40’s.




You are on Karmageddon Media nowadays. So what went wrong with Nuclear Blast after all?

The whole thing between us and Nuclear Blast went totally upside-down when they became so big label by signing all these big bands like Manowar, Danzig, HammerFall and so on. When we were working on the DEATH METAL album in ´97, they called us to the studio and asked to listen to the stuff via phone. Can you believe it? Well, then we agreed to play our new stuff for them a little bit and they were like: “Oh no guys… you cannot do this kind of stuff, this doesn’t sell, you have to change your style…”, etc.



Well, what kind of style did they want you to incorporate your sound then?

Well, toward this particular style that used to sell big amounts of records at that time… more Power Metal orientated shit!!

S**T… are you kidding with us?! That would have meant you should have changed the name of the band at the same time, too, because Dismember´s music is supposed to be about Death Metal musically – and not about any other style of Metal, definitely least of all about Power Metal! What were they thinking…?!

Exactly!! We were like: “What the hell…?!!”. After that we had a small, but a very serious conversation with them. Thinking of everything afterwards that was between the band and them, we basically had to fight all the time with them as they hardly agreed on anything with us what we would have wanted to do in order get some things done. It was somehow always damn hard and difficult with them for some reason. And things with them unfortunately got even worse and worse all the time. The best part came when the DEATH METAL album was under the recording process when there didn’t exist any title for that album back then. So we were just sitting and talking in the studio about what they had told us before as far as a change of our musical direction was concerned. Then, like all of a sudden, our drummer came up with this brilliant idea to name the album DEATH METAL because they in Nuclear Blast used to believe Death Metal is dead and it doesn’t sell anymore. Then we just named the album simply DEATH METAL as that’s what Dismember has always been, is and will always be.

And they were pleased with the result…?

Of course not!! Of course we didn’t do what they wanted us to do.



After your deal with Nuclear Blast was over, Karmageddon Media came to the picture and signed Dismember eventually. Was their offer the best one that was available back then or how did you end up signing a new recording contract with them in the first place?

HATE CAMPAIGN, our last album to Nuclear Blast, closed our deal with them, so we had to start looking for a new deal. We just spread the word all around that we are free now if there is still interest. We gave them a fair chance to explain why we should have stayed with them in the first place, but obviously there wasn’t any good enough reason to be given to us as our new album was released through Karmageddon Media a while ago, ha!



So now when you have signed to Karmageddon Media, it is obvious they don’t come to tell you what to do and I suppose you have free hands to do whatever you want to with you music, isn’t that so?

Yes, you are absolutely right. That indeed was one of the biggest reasons why we signed to them. The chief of the label flew to Stockholm in order to meet us. He wanted Dismember so much that he jumped into the plane and came to Stockholm and brought all the needed papers. He was like he wants to do this and this and we had our own thoughts concerning the contract like we want to have full rights for our songs and t-shirts. And he agreed. So we eventually signed with them and I think it was the right decision to do because he was really enthusiastic about us to have Dismember in the Karmageddon´s roster.



And things concerning promotion and stuff, have been taken care of a little bit better this time, too, as I can assume…?

Goddamn… I have never ever done so many interviews before until for this new Dismember album WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW!! I spent one week from 10AM till midnight on the phone, doing interviews and more interviews and even more interviews. I have never done so many interviews in my life before. The Karmageddon Media guys have done a really tremendous job for us and we honestly need to thank for them for their incredible support toward Dismember.



So, Nuclear Blast didn’t beg you to come back to them at any point then?

No. However, I have met some staff of Nuclear Blast in some festivals. I think they are quite boasters and so on… But they gotta be a bit envious to us, too, I believe.




It seems to me like some of those old school Swedish Death Metal bands that started out in the beginning of the 90´s, seem to disappear from the Metal scene for an unknown period of time like Grave or Unleashed or Entombed or Dismember just did a while ago - and then they come back with a huge blast…?

Everything goes around and around, you know. The old music comes back, but being packaged in a little bit new format, just like all this Punk–orientated stuff like Green Day, Offspring and bands like them, for example. Then all these Helloween's and others were goddamn huge at one point. Now it has all come back and that type of music is popular again amongst people especially here in European territory. Now it seems like Black Metal is going away little by little, nearly almost vanished away and Death Metal is strongly making its new coming which is a good thing thinking of bands like us, f.ex.



I think it´s really the same thing with Thrash Metal… just look at such bands as Exodus, The Haunted, Testament, Death Angel, Destruction, etc. etc. …

Heh… everyone is getting back! At least we can be proud in Dismember and say that we have been around all the time.



You never made any compromise for your music or you´ll be lost... Well then, let´s move on. How do you feel  when Chaosbreed (who are considered some sort of a ´retro´ Death Metal band) play in the same day at Tuska festival with you guys - and who even very openly swear in the name of old Swedish Death Godz such as Dismember, Carnage, Entombed and the likes. Apparently it is a big thing for some people to sound like some other bands from the past, ´glorified times...´, he!

Ha-ha..Yes it is. I haven’t heard these new Death Metal ´tribute bands´ yet because I personally don’t listen to that type of music that much as I have done this thing for so long time. Of course I still have an interest toward the music, but I seldom go to find new bands. I listen to my old Maiden, Autopsy and Death albums from the late 80’s, and that is enough for me. But nowadays I find very rarely something new which would be something like: ”Wow...!!” You know what I´m saying.



At least some Brazilian Death Metal bands seem to have a good thing going on these days… just like Krisiun, for example?

Krisiun!! Goddamn…!! We were on tour with Krisiun and goddamn those guys... I can’t understand them how they can sound so fast onstage? I had my jaw wide open when I was just staring at them and wondering at the same time what the hell they are doing and especially the drummer who is a damn talented and brutal drummer! Goddamn… Great guys indeed!!



Did Murder Squad project have anything to do as some sort of an influence on the writing process of the new Dismember album? Did you get any inspired by it at all?

Well, it was at that time when we had a lot of problems with the record label and members got changed. We had a feeling that everything was so difficult. Fights with the record label, new members and we even lost our own rehearsal room back then. It was so difficult with Dismember for some time. Then we had this break. I and Richard started doing this Murder Squad which started as a hangover side project thing when you have nothing to do. We just went to a rehearsal room and smoked a little bit weed and played some Autopsy covers. The whole thing started from that and started growing more and more and then we finally started doing our own songs all of a sudden. It was a good inspiration to play with other musicians, but only with the Dismember guys. It opened the whole new world for me. For example Uffe from Entombed is a damn hard-boiled guitarist, he is so talented and so is Peter also. They are old friends and we had a good time. It was goddamn fun to do those Murder Squad albums. It just came to us like: “This is damn fun to do...” kind of thing. We did the first album and agreed that we should also make another one. We called Christ Reifert from Autopsy and asked him: “Do you wanna play on our next album? We will pay your flight over here and back if that´s ok with you…?”. He agreed right away and came to Stockholm for a week. While being in drunk, we recorded the second Murder Squad album.



Both of the albums have been done kind of ´tongue-in-cheek´ -vein....correct?

Oh my… We really gave raise to a terrible anarchy in the studio, I can tell. Of course it is good sometimes to do something else, and not only Dismember. To experience something else and new, and have a chance to play with other musicians. You can only learn new things and grow into new ways to express yourself in my opinion.



As a matter of fact it is kinda hard to imagine all these splatter & gore stuff for Dismember these days…

We started with that gore & splatter stuff and things like that, basically being influenced by all that shit and ripping some bits out from here and there from some horror movies and stuff, but that era has pretty much completely been left behind Dismember nowadays.



After your 1st two albums, LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM and INDECENT & OBSCENE, you started to take a bit different approach lyrically…

Yeah, we dropped almost all that gore & splatter stuff out of our lyrics after those two albums. After the second Dismember album, INDECENT & OBSCENE, the whole gore/splatter thing felt kinda outdated, worn-out and may I even say, overused thing; every Death Metal band seemed to be heavily into it back then. So we just started looking for some new ways to express ourselves lyrically. I have nothing against that gore/splatter shit, though. I love everything what a band like f.ex. Autopsy did on their albums. They did the same style from one album to another and never changed their style. So hats off for Chris for staying loyal to his stuff ´til the very day Autopsy called its quits...



The gig that you just played here at Tuska festival one hour ago or so, was great from its every possible angle. Also the audience seemed to be surprisingly supportive toward Dismember as well, so I guess you pretty much enjoyed being on the stage and playing in the front of all those crazy and wildly acting people at Tuska festival this year, didn´t you?

Man, it was just great to play for those crazy people in the crowd. It was awesome to see the crown going crazy and support us the way they did. I just loved it!!



You have played a bunch of gigs here and there this summer as well?

Yeah, we have flown all around, criss-crossing from one country to another and I gotta admit that the response from every crowd has been damn great everywhere we have played so far. So I cannot complain a bit…



I remember you playing one helluva gig at Wacken festival last year? Do you have any cool and worth mentioning memories to share with us from that particular gig?

Oh goddammit...!! That gig was just so brilliant from us!! I have done this thing for about 15 years by now and just never ever felt any nervous before when I walked on the stage, but then I saw those thousands and thousands people waiting there for us, shouting our name and then it happened for the very first time mean. I mean, I got this strange feeling to my stomach, you know, sort of ´stage fright´ -feeling. There was so many people out there, watching us playing there for them. That gig was one of our strongest and most special gigs we have just ever played with Dismember which I´ll surely remember for the rest of my life.

You also have a DVD coming out. Will it include some footage from your gig at Wacken festival, too?

I think so, even if I honestly gotta say now that I am not that sure yet. But most probably, yeah, it will…



Have you got any clue when yet it will be released then?

Well, there have already been some advertisements in the latest issues of magazines like Swedenrock and Close-Up, but I haven´t got that specific info yet when it will be put out by Escapi (“well, it´s already OUT and titled LIVE BLASPHEMY” – Luxi wants to advertise politely… ;).



I noticed that you played a plenty of tracks from your debut album LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM at Wacken festival last year. It seems like it is considered as sort of PLEASURE TO KILL or REIGN IN BLOOD of Dismember. Do you subscribe this statement, too?

Oh yeah, several people seem to think that way, thinking of it as our best album. Of course all these songs that you have been involved in at a personal level, feel all somehow special and good for yourself, but then again I somehow oddly find myself always returning back to that first album of ours. I can still remember all that intensity and passion when we were working with LIKE AN EVERFLOWING STREAM. That feeling still comes up from time to time when we play f.ex. “Skin Her Alive” and it makes me feel damn good. Can you believe we haven’t done any single gig without playing that song in Dismember´s entire history; we have just never missed to play it! Whenever that song is played, that same great feeling always fills up my veins… hell yeah!!



Does it bug you at least a bit that your audience is more eager to hear the older Dismember stuff whereas such albums from you as HATE CAMPAIGN and DEATH METAL have both to stay under a huge shadow of your older stuff?

Well, maybe a little bit, yeah… We have a hell of lot songs after all, but for some reason it always goes back to the first album, I admit it. But we have decided that these gigs that we do now, are meant to promote our new album WHERE IRONCROSSES GROW, and the new songs are of course a part of our live set list. If you don´t play new songs off the album at all, people may easily forget it. Therefore we also need to play them because people should keep in their minds that we couldn´t do this if we only played our old stuff. We also have to be able to create new stuff and try to get it sold in order to keep this band going on, if you know what I´m saying here. We can’t live by doing old songs all over and over and over again. But whenever we do these set lists, our old songs are of course as important to be there as our new songs, too. Both the old – and new stuff have an equal place on our live set lists. But yeah, I really cannot deny it that it´s always nice to play old Dismember stuff for our crowd.



How often do you change your set lists, dropping some songs off from them and adding new songs to it?

It is basically the same all the time. Especially now we have Johan from Necrophobic helping us out, so we can’t give 40 songs to him and say: “You have to learn these songs now…”. We have pretty much a standard set list which is changed when we get bored to play some songs on it.

How many times have you played at Hultsfred festival?

Just one gig in ´93. For some reason Hultsfred doesn’t like us. I don´t know why…

I remember having seen a short live clip on the Swedish TV from your Hultsfred gig back in the day...

Yeah, it was from that particular gig that we played there in ´93. After that we haven’t got any request from them to play there.



Does Dismember usually get offers to play in festivals in Sweden?

Yeah, these smaller festivals seem to be interested in us all the time. When speaking of a harder side of music, people usually first get familiar with a band like Entombed. They seem to get gigs from everywhere wherever they want to.


That is kinda weird because you and Entombed basically popped up from the Swedish underground Death Metal scene at the same time…

We have forever fought against this “Entombed’s little brother” -thing and yeah, like you said, we started at the same time with them, but people know them better because they got the album out first. We came from the same schools and we are good friends. Back then everyone was listening to the same type of music. Of course we also had a few things in common with Entombed musically when they started, but they have changed their style over the years whereas we have stayed pretty much the same sounding band since we recorded our 1st album.


But I assume you have still maintained to keep a good relationship with them for all these years?

Of course!! I haven’t met them for a while because I have been busy with my own life.




Let’s talk about some line-up of Dismember next by a few words. So what’s up with your permanent bass player Richard?

Richard left us in 1997 because he was so pissed off because of all this Nuclear Blast hassle. We had one tour that got fucked up and then he left. After a while we found out he was in Satyricon, he moved to Norway and joined Satyricon. Fortunately we got Sharlee D’Angelo for HATE CAMPAIGN as he wanted to come to help us as a friend. He did the album and toured with us. Then Sharlee left and it was quite a silent period for some time.

Eventually Richard got back from Norway. I don’t know what went wrong between him and Satyricon because as he just left them for some reason. He was sitting in a bar one night and asked to loan 100 Swedish kronor and flew back to Sweden. At that time Dismember had to do the US tour, so we gave a call to him and asked if he was willing to do that tour with us and he agreed. The whole tour was a real positive experience and finally Richard came back to Dismember as a permanent member.

Now we have Johan replacing him because Richard got married with one American chick. Then this chick got pregnant - you know, a ´normal and happy marriage life´ and so on. This girl was supposed to come to give birth to Sweden, but some passport things went wrong, so eventually Richard had to move to the States instead. He has been there for about one year by now and we don’t know what to do with him. But we have to keep playing and therefore we hired Johan to fill up Richard´s boots in the Dismember line-up.

Also, this guy named Robert Sennebäck left after the DEATH METAL album?

Yeah, he did. He had kids and thought it would be better to focus on the family life. He didn’t wanna do the touring and wanted to keep the whole band thing in a little bit lower profile. We needed a guitarist who is in with us 100%. But we split up with him in good terms anyway.



And then it was Sahlgren´s turn to step aside from Dismember after HATE CAMPAIGN?

Yes, he was on HATE CAMPAIGN, but then there was a little bit longer break between albums and he became more familiar with this ´normal and regular life´ -thing and realized that it is good to a normal job and have a regular incomes, so he just ran out of interest toward the band. And now we have got Martin Persson to line-up to play 2nd guitar.



What will you do with Johan? Are you going to try and make him a permanent bass player for Dismember as it is obvious the man definitely enjoys being in Dismember and he has a real strong stage charisma, too?

Yes, he has done a lot of gigs with us, but first we are waiting for Richard what´s his answer is gone be as far as his position as Dismember´s bass player is concerned and whether if he is coming back from the States or not. As you probably knew already, Johan also plays in both Amon Amarth and of course in Necrophobic as well.


By the way, is Necrophobic on some sort of hold at the moment?

No, Necrophobic just does gigs quite seldom.



Do you have any contacts to Johan Liiva, formerly known as Johan Axelsson (that ex-Carnage, ex-Furbowl, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Nonexist –fame)?

No... I haven’t heard from him for many, many years…



How did you exactly feel when Amott removed him from the Carnage -rank and you stepped in to do the first Carnage album?

Well, I don’t know. He is a little bit difficult guy what I have heard. And he is quite an eccentric person. It was difficult to work with him. That’s why they removed him. That’s an explanation what I got anyway.



Was it any surprising to you personally that Amott started working with Johan Liiva in Arch Enemy?

I didn’t even know he was involved with that band ever….he-he!!



Well, for your enlightening info kit, he growled his lungs out on the two first Arch Enemy albums…

I have never listened to Arch Enemy. I have met him, but I didn’t know at all that he had growled in Arch Enemy, too. All I knew when this chick showed up on the stage in some festival and I was like: “Is this Arch Enemy…?”. And she was: “Yeah, it is. Didn’t you know there is a chick singing in the band nowadays?” My immediate response to her was: “No, I did not…”. Anyways, like I mentioned previously I don’t listen to the music that much nowadays. I have my job, kids and family to take care of. I kind of stay in my own small world, ha-ha!!



Do you long for the good old times when tapes were traded, people were corresponding to each others through hand-written letters and so on?

Of course… it is the goddamn nostalgia, y´know. But thinking of it a bit closer now, actually no, I don’t. I enjoy what we have here and now.



As you surely know, the mighty Quorthon died recently. Can you imagine what his tragic loss will mean to the Swedish Metal scene?

Uh, you tell me about it!! I support this AIK ice hockey team from Stockholm and Quorthon was the AIK supporter. He was always in hockey matches, sitting there alone and wearing army pants most often when I saw him. I yelled to his direction: “Quorthon…! Quorthon…!” and he just kept on watching the game and ignored me totally. He was always alone there. He was a loner. But as for your actual question, I don’t know what will happen, maybe millions of tribute albums will be put out. Isn’t that already quite obvious anyway?




… Matti Karki started recalling Dismember´s 1st ever trip to Finland in the early 90’s:

We were boozing goddamn a lot on the ferry and there was one young guy sitting in the bar with some older guy with him who had a glass eye. They asked if we played in a band and we were like of course. This other dude with a glass eye, he was a jailhouse dude and had all these tattoos and so on, and he didn’t say basically anything to us. A little bit later he asked from us with his bad English: “Do you want to go to drink Vodka in our cabin?”. We were like: “Hell yeah, free booze, of course...!”. So we ended up going to their cabin. After a short while this glass-eyed dude started acting quite unpleasantly in the cabin as some of us – curiously, but obviously mistakenly, happened to ask about his glass eye and he got fuckin´ pissed off like all of a sudden and started yelling to us: “What the fuck are you asking such a thing from me…?!”, or something like that anyway. Then luckily he calmed down a bit and started staring at our bassist and said surprisingly: “I want to fuck you”. The bassist just laughed at him and said: “Yeah, fuck you, too… Ha-ha-hah!!”. He responded immediately: “No, I really want to fuck you..!!”. Can you believe, he actually really wanted to fuck our bassist and took the knife out from his pocket and started to swing it around in front of our frightened faces! Then we simply run out from that cabin and we ran out from there fuckin´ quickly indeed!! We were like: “Thanks for the free booze anyway and so long for good…”. That young guy who was with him, I just had no clue what bitch he was. Quite funnily enough, all what that glass-eyed guy would have wanted from us, were our asses…he-he!!