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Dark Order

Australia's Prophets of Thrash Metal
Interview with Guitarist / Vocalist Raul Ignacio Alvarez

Interviewed by EvilG

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of thrash metal and of Dark Order. I've known about Dark Order for a few years now and I've been meaning to interview their enigmatic, charismatic, opinionated, and entertaining front man - Raul Alvarez for several months. His band members call him Captain Raul Alvarez due to his obsession with Star Trek. I spoke to Raul about the band, their goals, and of course Star Trek! 


Dark Order 2003: Zoran, Raul, Nwar

Since this is your first interview with metal rules, and no doubt some readers might not know much about you, I’ll start with some background questions... First of all, where did the band name Dark Order come from?

Well, back in 1994-1995, we were actually in a legal battle with a West Australian band with the same name as us. We both had the name "VANADIUM" (The hardest metallic element known to man!). We had been using that name since 1993, but that was irrelevant…two unsigned bands were battling over a name! Illogical, eh?

What happened then was that I decided that all the cost were not logical, so I decided for a name change. My brother Marco (then drummer for us) suggested "Sythe", "Carnage" (He loves Spiderman) etc, I had my original name for the band, which everyone thought it sounded too much like a CERTAIN body part…LOL!

Our then manager, Mr. Joeseph Jurlina, was sitting chatting to our then guitarist (LOL! You’ll A LOT of the word "then" in this interview) Marius Bezensky (the loser called himself ‘Marz’…how mallcore…). They were talking about band names, when Joesph asked to look at our set list.

Joe noticed we had a SONG called ‘The Dark Order’, which was a song that Zoran & I had written. It was about Bram Stoker’s DRACULA, as I loved the movie. So when we told the idea, we all said ‘why not?’.


Dark Order 2002


You play thrash metal, a style of metal that is not as popular as it once was. What possessed you to play that style?

To tell you the truth, it’s in my blood. It’s the ONLY style of Metal that makes my blood boil! From the first time my brother showed me METALLICA (Master of Puppets- ‘The thing that should not be’) to when I got into Slayer (R.I.B. – ‘Postmortem’) & Anthrax (‘I am the law’), that was it. I was enveloped by CHUNK! That is the honest truth.

Thrash Metal is the most rhythmic - riff based style of metal. Being an Australian born CHILEAN, probably has a lot to do with it. South American music is more rhythmical than melodic (European music tends to be the opposite) Plus the fact that Thrash Metal vocalists, in particular the ‘Bay Area’ Thrash bands, sound like INDIVIDUAL characters, eg: Sean Killian (Violence), Steve Stoussa (Exodus), Chuck Billy (Testament), Joey Bellodona (Anthrax), Tom Araya (Slayer), Russ Anderson (Forbidden), Matt Barlow (Iced Earth), Bruce Dickinson (HEY…I know its not Thrash, but I love the guy!), Ron Rhinhart (Dark Angel)

These are good examples of what I mean by ‘individual characters’, meaning they have extremely recognizable voices.

Power Metal makes me bored – to much melody and not enough chunking riffs. Death Metal puts me to sleep! In fact, I have been caught ASLEEP in my chair at a gig in Sydney, whilst a Death Metal band was on. I get this uncontrollable yawning! Sounds strange, but that is the truth! Detuned guitars put me to sleep, plus my mind loses attention when I hear muddy guitars, which a lot of Death Metal bands suffer from.

Now, this of course is a rough generalization. I LOVE Morbid Angel (all albums) & Cannibal Corpse (The Bleeding) and Vader. Those Death Metal bands know the meaning of CLARITY!

As soon as I hear TIGHT, CHOPPY guitars & defining Vocals of a good Thrash Metal band, my brain stands to attention!!!!



Who are some of your inspirations (vocals/guitar)?


Scott Ian - Anthrax. I love his chunking Marshall sound.

Kerry King - love his solo’s and riffs

Dimebag Darrell – Love his solo’s & riffs

Zak Wylde – same as above

Trey Azagthoth – Blows my mind what he does!

Gary Holt & Rick Hunolt – solo’s & riffs!!!

John Schaeffer – Well, do I have to comment?

Jeff Waters

James Hetfield – pre-Black Album days

Cristian & Eric from Illapu (Chilean folk band)


Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens

Ronnie James Dio

Tom Araya

Sean Killian

Chuck Billy

Tarja (Nightwish)

Matt Barlow!!!

Bruce Dickinson

Paul Stanley

Dave Vincent



Do you ever come up with songs/riffs that don’t fit the Dark Order style that you end up dumping because it’s not thrashy enough?

Well, yes. I have written a couple of ballads that will NEVER be played in a DARK ORDER set. I still have them, and I like them, but hey…even a Thrash Metal band has its limits.

BUT, there will be a surprise on the next album…I owe someone special a promise…(she passed away from Cancer last year).

The ONLY non-Thrash Metal song I have on our albums is Moby Dick Chapter 1 & 2, "Overture" & "Blood of the Sea". They were constructed to correlate with the story.



I think many bands are being mislabeled as thrash metal these days. When I hear guttural/growling vocals and blast beats, I do not think thrash metal….I think death or black metal. It’s true that there are crossovers, but many times when someone raves about a new "thrash metal" band and I hear it, it sounds pretty far removed from the glorious bay area thrash sound that started it all. I think Dark Order and bands like Imagika and even Agent Steel are closer to what I think of as thrash metal. Do you ever think about shit like this or do the sub-genre labels annoy you?

Actually, that does bother me a lot. There are NO "new" so called ‘Thrash Metal’ bands that impress me, except Imagika & Iced Earth (well, their Thrashy songs are fucking great!!!). If anyone knows some REAL good NEW Thrash Metal bands/ albums, email me!!!

The Haunted kind of do ‘it’ in some songs, then ruin it for me in others. The one thing that annoys me with bands like them,The Crown, etc, is ONLY the vocals…their all too monotone for me. That just a personal opinion. BUT, it does not mean that they're bad bands, they are all fucking GREAT bands in their own right. I really loath the European Thrash Metal sound…except for Kreator of course!!! I have the ‘Bay Area’ sound in my blood. I know someone will not like my opinion, but then, as we say in Australia, "Stiff shit!"

Zoran (our Bass player) LOVES the European Thrash Metal sound! He LOVES SODOM & DESTRUCTION! Different strokes for different blokes!




In your opinion, is the thrash metal of today as good as the 80’s stuff?

No, unfortunately. I’d like to say the opposite, but that would be a lie. I am trying my hardest to make DARK ORDER as good quality as those days.

I’m sure that all the modern Thrash Metal bands are trying the same as well.

In General, I think outside influences are to blame for that. Mallcore has crept into Metal, even in the most subliminal ways, especially in the American sounding bands. But even some songs of ‘The Haunted’ have Mallcore in them. It’s actually terrifying in one sense, that Metal bands do this, but still claim that they hate Mallcore. Makes me sad.

It is a sign of the times…who knows what will be next years trend? At the end of the day, musicians do what makes them feel good.

Some people will attack me, and say ‘Thrash Metal is a dinosaur’. And I will answer them (with) ‘Dinosaurs were the most SUCCESSFUL species the Earth had ever seen, surviving for 160 MILLIION years, only to be stopped by a catastrophy. Hominid primates (Walking primates) have only been here for 3.8 million. So comparing Thrash Metal to the Mesozoic era is actually a complement! The catastrophy that hit Thrash Metal was Grunge.

But look who’s NOW dead, who’s now ALIVE. Thrash is still here, and it IS rising again. Look around you.


Both your album titles have the word "violence" in them. I assume that was done on purpose? Would the band vio-lence have anything to do with that, or is it just a good adjective for the sound?

HAHAHA!!! It should be a HOMAGE to VIO-LENCE! We all LOVE that band! We now cover "I Profit" from them!

Actually, the two titles are related. I am a Humanist, and an avid amateur Historian. "5000 years of Violence" means Human history (NOT, prehistory) since civilization began in Sumer & Egypt, approximately 3,100 B.C.. which predominantly war & conquest is part & parcel with civilization.

"The Violence Continuum" comes from two things. ‘Continuum’ is a Latin word, meaning "A continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division.", a realm which has no beginning, no end.

The second, is that Human civilization is very violent towards itself AND the Earth and all of its life forms.

Originally I was going to call the album "SECTOR 001: THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM". The rest of the boys said that was a little long. I never like simple titles, I am not a simpleton. I have always like large, in-depth stories, movies & songs.



Can you discuss some of the challenges of getting recognition and exposure outside of your homeland verses getting attention and being taken seriously within your homeland?

It’s strange you ask that question. I’ll begin the answer with this logion from ‘The Gospel of thomas’:

(31) Jesus said, "No prophet is accepted in his own village; no physician heals those who know him."

Locally, we have had the unfortunate bad luck of line up problems, and the fact that local labels are not keen on signing Thrash Metal. They want Power Metal or ‘Sweedish’ Death metal sounding bands. When I mean labels, I mean distribution only. There are NO real labels here for Metal with any REAL money, here.

Our REAL labels, like Sony, stick to Top 40’s crap…easy to make money on a hot chick. Plus, realistically, Australia has a VERY small market for Metal. Too much ‘Pop-Punk’ crap here. Surprisingly, not that much Mallcore bands here. Although, it is a good ‘training ground’ for a band. Large, difficult interstate distances between city’s makes gig very expensive to do. Luckily, for us, our mates come along and help out with expenses and HOULIGANISM. Ask Zoran for stories…he has many.

Internationally, our main problems lies in two area’s. Distance & cost to travel for gig’s, which of course limits the frequency. The second is that, especially for Europe, the congestion of Metal bands that exists. Regardless of how good or bad we are, we are a ‘little’ fish amongst thousands of other little fishes. One positive thing is that DARK ORDER is a little ferocious little fish that swims alone, and not with the rest of the school. And it’s a very large deadly sea out there. So it is hard for us to get noticed.

Surprisingly, the U.S. has been responding to us more readily, in more ways than one!



Are you getting good support in Australia from Stomp and the specialty stores like Utopia and Oz?

We’re getting good support from UTOPIA records Red Eye records& Metal Mayhem. Nothing from Stomp.



Do you have any touring plans?

Oh yes…although nothing is confirmed yet.

Aside from Touring Australia, we are looking at the possibilty for the U.S.A. for March next year. And of course, we ar trying to get on the European festivals like ‘Wacken Open air’ and ‘Bang your Head’ etc.

Trust me, when any of this is confirmed, you will ALL know!!!!



Have you played any gigs outside of Australia?

No, not yet. We are, as we say in Australia, ‘hanging’ to play out there…BADLY!



Have you played with bands like Pegazus, Black Steel, Vanishing Point or Dungeon?

We have played with Dungeon, Pegazus & Vanishing point (G’day Chris!!!). We’d love to play a show/tour with Black Steel. With Dungeon, many, many shows. All crazy & extremely successful! Dungeon are good mates of ours.

They have all been subjected to Zoran’s mating call "FFFFTTTRRRRRRR RRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH". Just imagine a Moose having sex, and making long call…..

All DARK ORDER fans know & make this call! It’s the only way that everyone know’s DARK ORDER playing, or is in the house!!! HAHAHA!!!



Are you looking to land a big label deal or are you content with underground support?

HELL YES!!! We want a big label deal! I guarantee that we have MORE potential than a lot of bands out there. This is no idle boast. We really have a long to term goal to dominate all life on Earth. But so does every other band! We’ll see which smart cookie pick us up.



You did a video for "Slaves to a Nameless God" from the newest album . Tell me about the video: why that song, who filmed and edited it, did it cost you much, was it aired anywhere, where did the funny religious footage come from etc…

Ha! Well… I am a Roman Catholic. I went to Catholic School (De La Salle College). I thought that Catholics could be pathetic, but one day I was invited to see Christian Fundamentalists service / sermon. I was shocked. I have never seen such a bunch of SHEEP in my life. Religion is not logical and must be discarded. Science will triumph.

We chose that song, because it was catchy and easy for people to recognize. It was filmed and edited by Metal Warriors / Samson productions, and cost us $2,500 AUD. The funny footage came from our mates acting as fundamentalists. I want original footage, but Metal Warriors piked out on the idea, because they were worried about copyright.

So the serious song I wrote ended up a funny video clip, of which I am not happy about. But as they say in showbiz "NEXT!" Its currently aired on Rage (ABC TV).



Will any other videos be done for the album?

Oh yes. The next video being made right as we speak is "THE TERRAN EMPIRE". I promise it will be a lot more serious, and MORE cutting.



Would you consider selling an "official" bootleg video recording of Dark Order live for us fans who don’t get to see you live?

Hell yeah! But we will not accept a crap quality video to show everyone. We’ll do the real deal, as much as we can afford (Damm it suck being unsigned with little money!!!!)



Regarding your latest album, THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM, can you give us some details on what inspired some of the songs? Some songs I’d like specifics on would be:

- En Sabah Nur (what does that mean?)
- Systemized Jewish Nazism (did this title get you in any trouble?)
- About the Moby Dick trilogy, what about it inspired you to use it for the album? Did you read the book before writing it?

Are you an X-Men fan? Put that name (En Sabah Nur) in a search engine and find out for yourself. It's about Apocalypse. His real name is EN SABAH NUR, and his name means "The Ageless Conqueror" in ancient Egyptian.

This song is a large topic. And sensitive to some people. The whole point of the song, as it CLEARY states in it's lyrics, is the way the Israeli Government treats Palestinians. I am CHILEAN. I KNOW Fascism & repression when I see it. Remember General Augusto PINOCHET Ugarte?

I have studied Nazi Germany, Pinochet AND the plight of the Palestians since the formation of the Israeli State. The mechanics of Fascism are very important for all to understand. The song clearly states of killing for religion, yet underlining the expansionism policy of the right wing Israeli Jews is IDENTICAL to that of Reich's Minister Albert Speer in Nazi Germany (When designing & constructing 'Germania'). The policy of 'Lebensraum'. Israeli Fascism, regardless of the political pseudonym it exists under. Where is the racism in this song, I ask you? The racism in this song, in the descriptive policy against the Palestinians. It is not a fabrication by me, it is fact. This song was given birth when I saw a series of Documentaries on SBS.

If people dislike us because of this song, then tough luck. It is our opinion, and EVERYONE is entitled to their own opinions. We are just musicians stating a point through music, and NOT by killing people by acts of repression or terrorism.

So far, I have had only two complaint emails for this song. But I have answered them, and these people have shut up. HA!

MOBY DICK (trilogy):
Ok. What initially inspired me to make this song(s) was the TV movie with Patrick Stewart as Captain Ahab. I loved his performance. I then went and bought a copy of the book and read it. THE WHOLE DAMN THING! It’s a very long and drawn out book. All the action happens in the last three chapters! I also have the movie with Gregory Peck on DVD. As the story progresses, I matched the style of Metal to the mood of the various parts of the book.



Please give us some info on what some of the inspirations were for the last album, 5000 YEARS OF VIOLENCE…perhaps pick out some of your favorite tracks.

"What is Past is Prelude"
The name says it it self. The song is about Humanities cyclical behavior of genocide. Written after the Bosnian War, I noticed how the image/detainment images were Identical to that of Nazi Germany. Genocide is part of humanity. I will always manifest itself, because its part of our nature. True fact.

This song is very profound for me. Very proud of this one.

"Attrition Of Fear"
The infamous story about the birthplace of A.N.Z.A.C. I suggest you read about it, as this is sacred to ALL Australians. ANZAC day was last 25/04/2003.

The tyranny of society in which we live. Many different facets. This song is profound for me, of which I am proud of.

"Warrior God-King"
This one is about Egyptian New Kingdom Pharaoh - Thutmosis III - first campaign against the Asiatics in ancient Palestine (Retenu). Re-dacted from the Annals of Karnak.

"Rise and Kill"
Metal-Heads worldwide War against the world. Tribute to Manowar.



Has any new material been written for the next album? What world events (current / historical) have been inspiring you for newer songs or do you take more inspiration from fiction?

Yes, there are about 4 songs in the works for the next album, 2 of which are complete – minus the lyrics.

The next album will be about CIA intervention throughout different countries around the world, starting with Chile & The Pinochet Regime.

I’m amazed how little people are aware what they have done to different countries. This album will be a THRASH METAL version of the X-FILES.



Tell me a bit about your writing process – do you compose the songs by yourself or in more of a jam environment?

Well, it does depend on the song & environment. 90% of the time I write at home in my little music room, watching a DVD movie of something that has nothing to do with Metal. I’ll watch a STAR TREK movie (All of them) or The Lord of the Rings, or documentaries. Occasionally I jam with Zoran and/or Nawar at my place. Once a song has it’s "Skeleton" structure made, I then show it to the whole band, and they do their parts.

Zoran will make riffs and song titles often ("Rise & kill" is his song title, as is "…war has begun"), and also he’ll hear a riff of mine and say "I know what that can be used as".

Once the band has learned the new song, we then "Burn in" the song, play it for a few months, polishing it up. We never record a fresh song until its ‘"burned in" & matured. Every song takes a different amount of time.



Were you always a vocalist or were you a guitarist first and took up vocals later?

I was always a vocalist & guitarist, because it was James Hetfield that inspired me to make the band and do what I do. In fact when I first started out in 1993, I sounded just like James! I was even saying in between songs "yeeeah!!!" HAHAHA!!!!!



Is any member of Dark Order Australian-born? I know you have said you are Chilean (I think?), and your ex-drummer was Russian? 

I am an Australian born CHILEAN, born in Lilydale, Victoria. I have been in Chile twice, in 1976 (during the Pinochet Regime, where father was nearly taken away by the military, for driving us after a curfew. When the Milico’s found out that Marco & I were Australian in nationality (I was 3 yrs & Marco 1.5yrs old), they put a soldier in the car to escort us home. They said to us that we weren't supposed to be out. My Dad had no idea. Lucky.) & 1990/1.

Zoran is an Australian born Yugoslav. Nawar was born in Syria.

The only full born & bred proud Aussie is our mate Steve Moore (from Dungeon), who is helping out on drums. GO PARRAMATTA!



Where did your drummer fuck off too anyway and have you spoken with him lately??!

We only found out recently that Vladimir Troussov piked back to Russia. He disappeared in October 2002. His ex-girlfriend emailed the truth only last month. We have never spoken to him since he left (one email from him, that was it). He lied to us for 2 ½ years, that his Father had been murdered. We believed it for all that time.

He sold his drums, bullshitted to us that he was getting a new Kit, but in reality, he used the money for a Plane ticket. He piked off JUST as the new album was ready to be released. Talk about timing!



Dark Order seems to of been plagued with line up problems with only you and Zoran being the long time and key members. Why do you think it has been hard to find a second guitarist and a drummer who can fit in?

Good question!!! Australia lacks real musicians that want to be serious about playing Thrash Metal. Believe me, we have some stories to tell about the people we have auditioned….ask Zoran. Every time we lay the cards out to these people about DARK ORDER, they literally shit their pants!

We did, after 2 years found, sorry, RE-FOUND a second Guitarist. It is Nawar!!!!


Nwar & Raul


You now have a second guitarist, Nawar Delati…tell me about his return to the band and what he’ll bring to the band’s next album.

Well, he came up (from Melbourne to Sydney) to watch us play with Abbadon Incarnate (Death Metal band from Ireland), and had a Jam with us at rehearsal. We were blown away how much he had improved, so I made him an offer to join. He then moved up from Melbourne (1000Km distance) to join.

Being a creative spontaneous person, Nawar will add what we have been lacking - crazy solo’s & some different influences that he likes and hears. We’ll see, because I’m even hoping to be surprised.



What is the deal with TWISTED PROPHECIES ENTERTAINMENT (run by Alex Vaserfirer) and Dark Order? What is he doing for the band that your last manager was not able to do for you?

Oh God! EVERYTHING!!!!! Our last manager was more of a mate, and less of a ‘band manager’. He did try his hardest, but that was not good enough for us. He left us, as he could handle us anymore. We are a demanding band!!!

So hooking up with Alex was the next logical step. He has a already proven track record with Sakkuth (from Queesnland, Australia). All I can say, we’ll see what happens in the next 6 months.



Tell me about your guitar setup. What type of guitar do you use, amps, effects….etc.

The Grubisa flying V is an all mahogany, glued in neck (goes down to the bridge p.u., just like an original '58 Gibson V) guitar. It has 24 fretts (24'3/4" scale) with tune-o-matic bridge and V ancore plate, strings strung through the body. The pick up’s are Seymour Duncan’s, SH-1 in the neck & a PA TB2b in the bridge.

My amp is a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL –100w ,loaded with Svetlana EL-34 powertubes & Sovtek 12ax7LPS's valves. It runs through TWO Marshall 1960B cabinets, that has been hard wired (the switchable ohm plugs removed, because they provide an unstable OHM-age) with the regular celestion T-75's. I NO effects except just one original first issue Ibanez AC-99 Chorus (Analogue, nice!) I also use rapco leads with switchcraft jacks. My sound has a lot of mids, not your regular typical gutless, wimpy "scooped mids" sound. My E.Q. is as follows:gain-15, master volume-6-7, presence-7, bass-10, mids-8, treble-7-8. Deep switch is on.



Where did you get your custom fret inlays (Starfleet Insignia) made and installed? Do you have plans for more or for a possible a guitar with a custom Star Trek paint job?

The inlays came with the guitar. The whole guitar was made by Frank Grubisa (www.grubisaguitars.com.au). The next guitar will have Klingon Empire inlay’s!!!.

The new flying V is being built as we speak! It will look similar to a Dean.



What is it about Star Trek that makes you love it to the point where you include references to it in your music?

Oh god! Well, where do I start??? I’m a trekker. I love the whole philosophy of Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek.

The song "Condition: RED" is my favorite Star Trek DS9 episode: "Favor the Bold" & Sacrifice of Angels". The BEST space battle I have EVER seen anywhere!



What’s your favorite ST episode and who’s your favorite "bad guy" from the movies and from the multiple TV shows?

OH MY GOD!!!! Here we go!!!! Ummmmmm……..

Star Trek DS9 episode: "Favor the Bold" & Sacrifice of Angels". The BEST space battle I have EVER seen anywhere!

Favourite Captain is Bejamin Sisko. My Favourite ‘bad guy’ is ‘Q’.



Do the other guys in the band share your passion for Star Trek or do they groan: "Oh man, Raul wants to pretend he’s Capt. Ben Sisko on the album…" haha!

Steve Moore is also a BIG Star Trek fan. He made the album cover, and is making CGI animation of the album cover, as we speak! Totally influenced from Zoran & Nawar love Star Wars….BAH!!! Zoran always makes fun of me. Calls me "Captain Raul Alvarez"...Or "Fat monster snorer", or "Ace Freely frequent flyer"….



Will future songs/albums continue to have these references?

Not for the next album, but probably for future songs. We’ll see.



What is next for Dark Order besides finding a permanent drummer?

A remix SPECIAL EDITION of "THE VIOLENCE CONTINUUM". This will be a dual disc edition, one fully remixed album and a full DVD, with the making of the album. This will only be an International release.




When will work begin on a new album?

The end of 2004 we will start recording. Should be good! The new album will be A LOT more Pure THRASH!!!!!!



What bands/albums have you been listening to lately?

Hmmmm….Well, ummm, Oppressing the Masses (VIO-LENCE),

Vader, Slayer (all albums), Exodus ( Fab. Distaster), Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Testament (First strike still Deadly), Sodom (M-16), Anthrax (Among the living & Persistance of time)…ICED EARTH (a lot of), Metallica (…And Justice for all). Kreator (Extreme Aggression). That’s all I can think of at the moment…



Outside of metal/dark order/guitar/star trek – what would people be surprised to learn about you or your interests?

I LOVE DINOSAURS!!!! Always have, always will. I am addicted to Paleontology. I love this stuff, can talk for hours about it. Too bad I can’t write a Metal song about Dinosaurs!!! Check www.bbc.co.uk/dinosaurs



What is up with the word "fucken" that you often use (I think that's how you spelled it? Must be some bizarre Aussie thing huh? haha)?

HAHAHA!!!! It’s a WOG thing. A ‘WOG‘ in Australia are the immigrants here from the last 40 years or so. As they learnt to speak English, they used to always say "fuken" at the end of every sentence.

If you can, watch a copy of "The WOG BOY" on DVD or video. Then you’ll understand fuken!



This last part is for you to pass on any other info about the band that we might of skipped over or any messages you’d like to send out to those reading this….

Thanks!  .........HAHAHAHAHA!!! I think I have blabbed enough!

All I can say is that DARK ORDER will NEVER give up playing Thrash Metal, and I guarantee that we will NEVER sell out. That is my word of honor.



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