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Interview With Danger Danger’s Ted Poley
Interview By Keith McDonald

dangerdangerIt’s been some time since Ted Poley left Danger Danger. There was some bad blood between Ted and the D2 camp. But like the old saying goes - time heals all wounds. That seems to be the case as Ted Poley has rejoined the band that put him on the hard rock map. Ted, Bruno Ravel and Steve West plan on hitting the road soon playing the classic D2 material that radio and MTV played years ago. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Ted about the reunion. You can check out www.tedpoley.com or www.dangerdanger.com.



How did you reunite with D2?

Bruno and Steve pulled up to my house win two big semi tractor-trailer trucks full of money and that was all it took! No seriously, we have been friends for a few years again and we finally decided the time was right to reunite and go out and rock again.



How is your relationship with Steve and Bruno?

Its great, we are joking around like in the old days and it feels nice to have my friends back. All is forgiven for any past stupidity on both sides and we are looking toward the future, not looking back.



What are the tour plans - will there be a package tour?

Yes, I will surely bring my "package" on tour with me! So far, we have a few local warm up dates to be planned and then it’s off to Sweden for the huge SWEDEN ROCK FESTIVAL we are playing on June 12th. We will be announcing more dates soon so please check www.dangerdanger.com or www.tedpoley.com for dates and other updates and news.



What are your thoughts on the Paul Laine-era D2?

I didn’t really listen or pay too much attention to it; it would be like watching your ex girlfriend in bed with another guy, too hard for me to have to listen too.... so I just sort of went on and did my own thing with my own new bands and new musicians. I have never met Paul personally. From what I have read that he has said in interviews, he seems like a really nice, smart guy and has a lot of class. I know he is a fine singer and I am sure we will become friends. I wish everyone in the D2 family as much success as possible including Paul.



Why did you leave D2?

It wasn’t my choice but lets leave the past in the past.



What are your thoughts on the melodic hard rock scene now?

I think that it’s getting better again but will never be huge like it was. But with D2 back together and other cool bands like TNT and Firehouse still kicking’, its not over yet! Its time to ROCK again!



Are there any new melodic bands that you like?

Yes lots of them, I love TNT, Street Talk, Xenon, also I listen to a lot of other stuff like SEAL and older music too like YES and TOTO.



Will you record a new studio album with D2?

There are no plans to record at this point. We will be very busy touring the world over the next few years but nothing is impossible I guess.



How long will this last?

As long as it is fun for us and the fans. Rock till we drop.



Will Andy Timmons be joining the band?

Not for now, but I have heard rumors that he might be interested in playing some of the larger tours if we get some. That would be so much fun, but Rob is a great guitarist.



Will you continue to record solo material?

Sure! I have my great solo band and am putting the finishing touches on a solo deal. I also sing and write for SEGA games on Sonic the Hegehog games. I just did the new game "Sonic Heroes" with Tony Harnell from TNT.



Why do you think bands from your era received such a backlash from radio and the media in the early 90's?

Times change, music changes, it happens every generation. You can’t take it personally.



Anything you'd like to plug/promote?

Just my website, please visit and buy some CD’s www.tedpoley.com



What's the future for you and D2?

See the world, meet the fans, have fun with the band, and sing the D2 classics again!

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Band Website:  www.dangerdanger.com

Band Website:  www.tedpoley.com