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Damageplan - New Found Power
Interview with Vinnie

Interview By Keith McDonald

 Pantera is one of the most successful and respected metal bands that came around. After selling millions of albums and touring around the world, the band has called it a day. Yet Vinnie Paul and Dimebag have forged on with their new band Damageplan, releasing their debut album on Elektra Records. The music is heavy and in your face. I caught up with Vinnie who gave me the lowdown on this new band.

How did the band come together? Where did you find Bob and Pat?

When Dime & me realized that the other members of Pantera were no longer interested in being a part of it, it was time to move on! Me & Dime started writing new music and we put no boundaries on it...we wanted it to be very diverse. We knew we would need a singer with a lot of versatility and Pat had heard the material and really dug it. So we let him demo a track and it blew us away! He came to Texas and we wrote a couple of more songs together and DAMAGEPLAN was born. We knew we would need a monster on bass so we went for Bob Zilla....he was our tattoo artist and he really knows how to hold down the low end.....



What is the status of Pantera?

14 great years!!!!! its over



Is this a side project or will this be an ongoing project?

Me and Dime always put 1000 percent into what we do and if you do that there is no time for side projects....this is our band and that is our focus.



How would you differentiate Damageplan's music from that of Pantera?

Damageplan is more creative and diverse than Pantera...in the early days of Pantera it was diverse as well but got too narrow minded by the end!!!!!!!



Are you worried that people will think this is just a one-off album from Pantera and not take it seriously and give it it's just due?

No, our fans know the stupidity that led to the end of Pantera and respect us for moving on.



Phil's side projects have done well (Down, Superjoint.)

Was that a part in your idea in doing this album?




Pantera has a very large and loyal fanbase and this album is on a major label. How much does that help you compared to a metal band releasing their 'unknown' debut album?




How would you describe Pat's vocal style? How much different is it from Phil's?

Pat covers a lot of ground....Phil does one thing!!!!!!!!!



Did you want a sound (vocally, musically) totally different from Pantera?

Not totally because me and Dime created that sound and style ...it runs in our blood.



Where did the phrase 'New Found Power' come from and what dose it mean?

We knew we were gonna have to reach down inside and dig deep to start over...that's when you find a 'new found power'



How much do you think the metal has scene changed since you came on?

A ton....it's always changing and always has!



What's the future for Damageplan?

We are gonna take this thing as far as it can go....go for it balls to the wall....devastation is here......take care see ya soon!

Band Website: www.damageplan.com