Heart of Steel: Interviews

Interview With Bruce Kulick
Interview By Kieth McDonald

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Bruce Kulick made his mark on the hard rock map by being the guitarist for KISS for ten plus years. Having graced such KISS albums as Asylum, Revenge, Alive III, Carnival of Souls and Hot In The Shade, Bruce proved himself to be a better than average axeman during the times of the ‘Guitar God’. But after the original members of KISS elected to reunite in 1996, Bruce found himself out of a gig. But he had prevailed, keeping busy with projects that included Union, featuring former Motley Crue vocalist John Corabi, Grand Funk Railroad and solo albums. His most recent solo offering is Transformer, which you can find on his website www.kulick.net.


Tell me about your new album (guest musicians, production, etc.)

I produced, Brent Fitz from UNION played drums, and John Corabi sang one song for me, and the rest is me.



Why did you release the CD independently and not on a rock label like Spitfire? Do you find it easier to do it yourself?

Much easier to do it myself.



What is up with Grand funk Railroad? How has that experience been?

Great band, great songs, great people! GREAT! www.grandfunkrailroad.com



Is there a new Union album on the horizon?

Live DVD coming out this summer.



What are your thoughts on the KISS situation and them using Eric and Tommy as replacements on their 'Farewell' tour?

Well I was never asked, but it makes sense for Tommy to be there.



Do you plan to do any touring to promote this release?

I just returned from Australia... I will go to Europe this year as well.



How much of a change have you seen since you toured in the 80's with KISS to today?

Not much.



Could you give me a brief summary of each track on the new album (thoughts and information about the song)?

Too much to type, but I will say there is a story for each song, and the instrumentals are all a very different mood.



How is your autobiography coming along? Anything people don't want coming out?

It should be ready next year.



What lies ahead for you?

Busy summer with GFR, and of course will still promote my new solo disc, Transformer.


Band Website: www.kulick.net