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Drummer Carl Warslaughter of Bestial Mockery

Interview by MetalGeorge

Sweden's Bestial Mockery don't fuck around, as evidenced by their newest platter of disaster, entitled "Evoke the Desecrator". A fresh addition to the burgeoning Osmose Productions roster, Bestial Mockery have been kicking around the depths of the underground's sewers for quite some time now, and with this album's release, it looks like widespread recognition has finally arrived to these chainsaw-totin', christ-hatin' thrashers. I caught up with drummer Carl Warslaughter to get the skinny on what's new within the ranks, as well as what's on the horizon for this ever-prolific yet misanthropic act.


Warslaughter, hailz once again! How is everything in the Bestial Deathcamp these dayz? Readying the chainsaw for another poser assault, or are you still cleaning the blood from the last attack? I see you've struck again with another attack in the form of your newest lp, "Evoke the Desecrator"! What are your thoughts on it now that it's out?

Heilz! Right now we're working on new songs for a demo tape to be called "Sepulchral Wrath", and a split LP with Brazil's Unholy Massacre (RIP). Our side will feature some 5 or 6 songs, and their side will feature their last recording, "Brazilian Deathsquad Attack". Working title for the split is "The Eve of the Bestial Massacre". So that's what we're up to at the moment besides doing a few gigs here and there. Looking back at "Evoke the Desecrator"...well, I think it's a good, brutal, violent, and dark Black Metal album. I don't listen to it much (as with all our other releases), so I don't have any fresh criticism of it; but the last time I listened to it, I thought there were some things in the production that could have been done better. I don't like the snare drum much, but it's no big deal. In an overall sense, I like it.



It seems that the dust hasn't even settled from your "Christcrushing Hammersaw" release, and you have already return to molest us again! Why so soon? Did you feel you really had to capitalize on the buzz which your last release caused, or was it just that you had so many songs already written that you felt it was time to unleash another frontal assault?

Actually, none of the above alternatives. It took about half a year or more after the "Christcrushing Hammersaw" LP was recorded before we started making new songs, and it took another few months before we had finished making the songs for "Evoke..." I mean, after a while, you get tired of doing nothing, and we're quite fast songwriters. Now it's been over a year since we recorded "Evoke...", and the new stuff mentioned above is almost up to a new album in numbers. That's the way it works for us.



Were you happy with the way "Hammersaw" came out, and the way Metalblood Music handled it? In what way do you feel "Evoke" differs from it's predecessor? This album seems even dirtier and darker, a bit more serious maybe...Is progression a bit issue with you, or do you just do what you do and let the chips fall where they may?

I think that "Hammersaw" came out as a good first album, and that Metalblood handled it very well. I can't really complain [about] anything. It was a very crude LP, and I think that it set the path for future albums of Bestial Mockery. "Evoke the Desecrator" differs in a few ways. It's darker, heavier, and maybe a bit harder, as well. I wouldn't consider it more "serious" than the last one. They're basically equally serious, but I think that the whole thing about this LP gives that impression. The packaging and layout, and shit like that may give that impression. Another thing might be that the collection of songs featured on "Evoke.." fit more together with each other than those on "Christcrushing.." did. As for the progression, there isn't anything deliberate. We pretty much do what we do, and it ends up the way it does. Of corpse we progress, it's hard to avoid that after having played together for eight or nine years, but we try to stay within certain limits. Bestial Mockery is ugly, morbid, Chainsaw Black Metal, and will so remain. There's no room for melodic shit in our universe.



Needless to say, I think the new album's killer. I've followed you guys since the split with Suicidal Winds, and you've never failed to deliver. What do you feel is the formula which makes Bestial Mockery what it is? Especially on this album you can feel the varied influences from Black Metal("Necromantic Ritual Desecration" and "Marching For Hell"), to Thrash, "Flash From a Razor", "Chainsaw Demons Return") and Death Metal ("Goats Feast"). Specifically, however, I really enjoy the filthy Motorhead/Discharge vibe to a lot of the new songs, such as the title track and "Necroslut" (I love the breakdown riff here!). Was this something you consciously made an effort to show more with this album than on previous releases? I assume the influence has always been there, it just rears it's ugly head more on this album, so to speak...

I don't know, man. Some of these songs ("Chainsaw Demons Return", and "Necroslut") are five or six years old, so there wasn't really any deliberate attempts to make songs with all directions on this LP. We just took some old songs that we wanted to re-record, and some new songs, and put them together; and well, it just happened the way it did. We've always taken influences from all of these four genres, although we focus on the Black Metal part of it all. After all, Bestial Mockery is a Black Metal band; we just draw inspiration from different sources. I guess that's a reason why we sound the way w do. The formula of Bestial Mockery is to go straight ahead and not stop to think too much. We don't get stuck in details and overanalyze what we do. It's just "fuck off" and straight down to Hell!



How did you get in contact with Osmose for this release? Were they aware of much of your previous output? How have they been to you thus far, and how many albums do you have for them?

I suppose they were aware of our old stuff, but I don't know. We have sent stuff to them in the past, but they haven't been interested. This time around, we sent the finished recording of "Evoke..." to them, basically just to check out the response, and they said they were interested in signing us and releasing it. So, we bought ourselves out of the old contract we had with Downfall Records, and signed to them{Osmose{ instead. The deal we signed was for 2 albums, with an option for a third, if both parties agree. We'll see about that.



With this album being on Osmose, it should prove easier to find in stores for American metalheads. Is this something that you were looking for, a greater recognition of the Bestial Mockery name? Any chance of tour support or any festival appearances Stateside for you guys?

One of the basic reasons for signing to Osmose was their distribution, definitely. The thing is that we never really cared for getting big or so. It's better to have a small, steady audience; but on the other hand, if people wanna listen to Bestial Mockery, it shouldn't be like going through Hell and back to get hold of our stuff. That's why we're not into this "300 copy LP" stuff. Fuck, it doesn't have to be ultra-limited to be underground, and it doesn't get fuckin' "cult" just 'cause it's hard to get. Anyways, that's basically why we signed to them; not really to get a greater recognition of the Bestial Mockery name. Osmose doesn't organize gigs or tours themselves, and we don't work with any booking agency or anything, so it doesn't look too bright regarding gigs in the States as for the moment. I don't know, man...if someone wants us to play in America, then I guess they have to arrange it by themselves. Shit, just get in contact, and maybe we could work something out.



How have you done on American shores thus far? Do you find you have a lot of fans over here? What are your impressions of our scene, and how do you think it compares to yours? A lot of metalheads over here worship Swedish Metal, myself included, yet I've spoken to a lot of Europeans who are obsessed with a lot of the kult old school American bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Necrovore, Autopsy, Nunslaughter, etc....I guess the grass is always greener, eh? If we were to head over to Sweden for a weekend of metal debauchery, how would Bestial Mockery show us a good time with regards to "Sex, Drinks, and Metal"? What are some good places to go?

I don't really know how well we have done in America and Canada. Sure, we have done lots of inties, and have many connections and so on, but as for sales I don't have a clue. In the past, we sold quite much to you guys, but since our later releases have been on the record labels' responsibility to spread, we don't know much about that. My guess is that Metalblood has sold and traded pretty much with American and Canadian labels and distros, and I would be surprised if Osmose hasn't done more. I don't know how to compare the American scene with the European, as it differs very much from country to country over here. For example, Sweden has many bands for being such a small country (speaking of inhabitants here, we're just 9 million), but on the other hand there isn't any good band support. If you go to a gig, it's rarely more than a hundred metalheads there. People are too egocentric and individualist. They don't support each other much. If you take a look at Germany instead, there aren't many bands for a country with 80 or 90 million inhabitants, but the show-up at gigs in generally good. There are more people satisfied with being fans, I guess...I don't really know how it works in the US, but I suppose it's more like in Germany than Sweden. My impression is that underground connection works equally good on both shores. I love all the above mentioned American bands, but I also like old Swedish bands like Entombed, Dismember, Carnage, and so on (as everyone should!-mg) I'm afraid there wouldn't be much to do here if you came over for some metal debauchery. As I said earlier, there isn't much of any metal "happenings" here, although it's slowly getting better. There are a few clubs, bars, and a couple festivals for Metal to go to. So, the best thing to do would probably be just to throw a party with some friends, and get really drunk and/or stoned. Sad but true, man.



Where and with whom did the recording for this album take place, and how did it go? This album is probably the best sounding Bestial Mockery release I've heard. It doesn't take away from the raw atmosphere of the band, however. Was this important for you as a band, to keep what you've become known for, yet moving forward as well? How did you go about achieving this balance of listenable chaos? Are you content with it?

The recordings and mixings of "Evoke..." took place over five days at a studio called Fullmoon, just a few hundred meters from our rehearsal space. The guy we recorded with is called Robert Bngtsson, and is an ex-member of Grief of Emerald. I'd say everything went very fast and easy in the studio this time. I've always dreaded recordings, because of the stress and time (money) pressure, but with this there was no problem. I mean, we had been on a mini-tour with Grief of Emerald just a few months before, and been drunk together with Robert and raised some Helel, so we all knew each other pretty well. About the sound, sure we wanted to keep the rawness. That's a big part of our sound, but there wasn't really any deliberate attempts to move on as well. It simply was a matter of the studio. This was the first time we actually recorded in a professional studio, whereas in the past it's always been demo studios with friends helping us out. So that's the big reason, basically. We don't do anything special to get our sound. We just say what we want it to sound like to the producer, and start playing. You never are fully satisfied with a finished recording. There are always things you want to change in hindsight, but it's nothing big. All in all, we're content with it.



You've always been quite the prolific band, release a bunch of limited splits and demos. Is keeping this underground spirit important to the core of the band, and do you see yourselves continuing to do this in the foreseeable future? Judging by the impending release of your split with Axis Powers, I assume the answer is yes! What can you tell us about this split?

You assume right. We still see ourselves as an underground band. Everything about the underground, like doing inties or trading something, or writing someone, however tiresome it might be now and then, is still a big part of Bestial Mockery. We'll continue doing EP's and tapes in the future for sure. I can't see why we should stop, you know? I love that shit. Now let's see...about that split with Axis Powers. Our side has three tracks: "Prolapsing Orgy of the Twisted Black", "Chainsaw Metal", and "Lies of Peace". The first one was recorded during the "Evoke..." sessions, and is a flat out speed thing, kinda influenced by Discharge and old Black/Thrash stuff. Next song is influenced by the old German thrashers, and is just basically metal to the core. Final song is just downright Discharge/AntiCimex with a few metal hints here, haha...Insane. Both of these songs were recorded during the "Sign of Satanic Victory" sessions. Anyway, so you see there isn't actually much Black Metal on our side. I suppose not many people will like this, hehe! The Axis Powers side, on the other hand, is two tracks of heavy-as-fuck old school Death Metal: "Superior Stand" and "Land on Fire". It's a mix of early Bolt Thrower and old Swedish death, like Grave and so on, with lyrics about World War II. Very good stuff!



With all these releases, you guys must be pretty quick songwriters! Do Bestial Mockery songs generally go through much retooling, or do you guys pretty much complete a song in one practice? Do many songs come from spontaneous jamming at a practice, or do many of the ideas get worked out independently? How many songs would you say you've written total, and are there many that are still unreleased? Do you practice very often?

A song generally takes one or two rehearsals to finish, and then we also have time to play other things, so yes, I guess we're pretty fast songwriters. In 95% of the cases, the lyrics are made first, and then the one who wrote it says their ideas about it, and we start making a song with the lyrics as a base. There is some jamming, or someone has a finished riff. It depends. I've counted a little, and I think we have 40 songs released alltogether, and 7 songs finished for the two upcoming releases, with more to come. Apart from those, there are no unreleased songs, actually. So, there are no hidden treasures. We try to practice two times a week, but it depends on this circumstances.



Would you say you've been playing more live gigs lately? What's it look like on the live front for you guys? I've seen some live shots of some of your gigs, and they look sick! What could we expect from a live assault, and what have been some recent memorable live stories of debauchery from the frontline?

We played gigs in Germany and Holland in February, which was great. In the near future we will play a couple of gig here in Sweden; one in our hometown Uddevalla, and one in Hultfred....and maybe, if there are no fuck ups, we'll do some gigs in Italy with Mortuary Drape in July. We'll see...These kinds of things have a tendency to go to Hell. You could expect total mayhem and insanity from a Bestial Mockery gig. Fistfights, insults, gasmasks, blood, dolls, devil worship, and general chaos! Recent stories? Man, I never remember things like that...maybe because I'm sitting behind the drums and aren't involved too much with what the others do. I'm no Bernie from Lust (kult Kanadian BM act -mg), I can't give you any long stories. Sorry pal, no stories this time.



The artwork is killer. It's a bit atypical from your usual Bestial Mockery fare, however. I feel it reflects the increased deadly seriousness of this album in comparison to your older works. How did the decision for this sort of art direction come about, and are you happy with the final result?

We decided way back, when the lyrics to the song "Evoke the Desecrator" was written, that we would title an album that sometime in the future. So, we started looking for cover art after that. So, it's been decided to use this artwork for maybe five years now. We thought it suited the lyrics of the song, and how we wanted the atmosphere of the album to be. We also made the layout influenced by that of Coroner's LPs, as a tribute to them. Both the artwork and layout ended up looking great, I think.



What can you tell us about the future of Bestial Mockery, as well as of the side projects you have going on?

Well, as I wrote earlier, we're going to release a new demo called "Sepulchral Wrath" containing 6 mostly slow, or mid-tempo songs. At the same time, we'll record the tracks for the split LP with Unholy Massacre, probably 6 as well. After all that is finished and done, we'll start working on the follow up to "Evoke...", to be called "Gospel of the Insane". The songs for that one will probably be very chaotic and, well.. insane. That's the plans for Bestial Mockery. As for side-projects, there may be stuff coming up featuring Doomfanger and Devil, but that's more in the lines of old school punk and garage rock, and I don't know much about it, really.



Alright, thanks once again for the interview, Warslaughter! I appreciate it as always! All final words are yours, let it burn!! Till next time, The Saw is The Law!!

Thanks like Hell for this interview! It took a while to answer, but it was the best one in a long time. Good, interesting questions! So, as always, good luck with the zine! If anyone wants something, then write either to one of the email address on our homepage, or to me or Master. I suppose that's it. Burn in Heaven!

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