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"Since we started advertising with Metal-Rules 3 months ago, our 'hits per day' have quadrupled and our user base has tripled. How's that for getting a bang for your advertising buck?" 
Jimmy White, owner -

If you are interested in advertising in, contact us and we will send you our media kit.

We know a lot of your will want to know more about stats. Prior to bringing the advertising "in house" (late 2002) we were an affiliate of UGO who handled all our advertising. Every month we were getting 1.2 to 1.5 million page views. Since we've moved to a new server we have access to detailed stats with things like visits per day, week, month, etc. We've noticed that page views continue to climb. For example:

  • Dec. 2003: 16,094,608
    Nov. 2003: 15,940,855
    Oct. 2003: 18,015,297
    Sep. 2003: 12,475,128

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 200,000+

  • Registered Message Forum Users: 4400+

  • Newsletter Subscribers: 2000+

Detailed stats:

Monthly Statistics for February 2004

Total Hits 15991614


Avg Max
Hits per Hour 22976 51738
Hits per Day 551434 744737

Monthly Statistics for January 2004

Total Hits 17755142


Avg Max
Hits per Hour 23864 49085
Hits per Day 572746 704275


Top 10 Countries



1 Network
2 US Commercial
3 Unresolved/Unknown
4 US Educational
5 Canada
6 Australia
7 Finland
8 Sweden
9 Mexico
10 United Kingdom

Usage by Country for April 2003

Past & Current Advertisers
- Masters of Metal
- Mother Metal
- Earache Records
- Spitfire Records
- Century Media Records
- Metal Blade Records
- The End Records
- Headbangers Delight
- Victory Records
- Shirts With Balls
- Metal Madness
- Lion Music
- World War 3 Records
- Numerous independent bands, etc...

Once you choose to advertise with us we can e-mail you reports on how many times your banner has been seen. And let's face it, being SEEN is what it's all about! Reports will also give the "AdViews" and "AdClicks".



"First I'd like to say thank you to EvilG and crew for offering such an informative and unbiased website. It's rare that one can find information about yesterday's metal as well as today's. I was a fan of the site before I began doing business with and have had nothing but positive experiences and results. Since we started advertising with Metal-Rules 3 months ago, our 'hits per day' have quadrupled and our user base has tripled. How's that for getting a bang for your advertising buck? Keep producing the quality product that keeps us all informed."

Jimmy White, owner


This is what it really comes down to. We recognize that despite our undying music, the metal industry is a business and business is good! We can provide increased exposure for your artists.

- Millions of monthly page views.
- Every month before that was similar, but it has continued to grow!!

We recognize as an underground industry metal organizations do not always have the huge advertising budgets of the majors. Sponsoring or advertising with us is an attractive alternative to a full page, full colour ad in a metal magazine. Production costs are cheaper and exposure is instantaneous, not dependent on print-runs, production schedules and other delays found in hard-copy media. Compare the price of advertising in a magazine with a monthly circulation of several hundred thousand.

Another comparison is our value compared to other large metal internet sites. The same exposure on other sites with as much traffic costs thousands of dollars per month.

This is a little harder to quantify but has a global reputation as being a leader and an innovator as well as entertaining! Regarded by fans and industry people alike is ranked as one of the most popular metal web-sites in cyberspace. We attribute this to our team of dedicated international writers and commitment to bring accurate up to date news and interviews as well as well-written, intelligent, fair reviews.

Flexibility is fan-based and volunteer run. What does this mean in practical terms? We have the flexibility and desire to accept, innovative ideas and/or programs that increase the prestige and entertainment value of the site. Decisions are made quickly and efficiently. We are able to react quickly to new news, campaigns as well as accept proposals and requests.

The combination of an inexpensive opportunity to increase your internet exposure on a highly popular, respected site, run by an efficient and flexible organization is a winning combination.

Get more information on our advertising options by sending an e-mail to us at:

Metal Forever,

We also have an advertising option geared toward independent bands. Exactly what that is is shown in the below ad:

Advertise with metal rules today!

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