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About Metal-Rules


"I had the HONOR of getting to meet "EvilG" in-person all those years ago in Milwaukee (or was it New Jersey? LOL) when I was working publicity for Century Media. One of the joys of having come back into the publicity fold with Nuclear Blast has been being granted yet another opportunity to work with you and the ENTIRE team.

First, that you have such PASSION for your site and its continued existence is noteworthy. I remember the campaign - nay, CRUSADE! - you went on to try to raise money through online advertising to help keep alive when you thought you might go under. The fuel behind your passion worked, and your creation isn;t only alive, it's THRIVING!

Second, I could SWEAR that ALL the writers you choose to work with & for you are cloned from your own DNA. Polite, courteous, knowledgeable, dependable, kind, and dedicated, I have NEVER, in ALL MY YEARS of working with your site, EVER had ONE complaint about you or your staff to pass along at the company water cooler.

Third, your reviews and interviews are INSIGHTFUL and ARTICULATE. It's OBVIOUS that you & your writers spend precious time addressing the merits and - at times - the shortcomings of the hundreds of albums you must receive to consider for review. I know I'm never going to get a two-line, vacuous, monosyllabic review on And your interviews... *sigh* They are capsules of knowledge! I ALWAYS learn something new after reading an interview on your site, whether it be an NB artist or otherwise. Your writers are PREPARED and it's on your site that artists get asked the type of "I wish someone would ask me about that" questions. For my artists who are lucky enough to BE interviewed by you or one of your staff members, that interview is a WELCOME addition to their press kit. Overall, positive or negative press aside, your site paves the way for what OTHER sites should be doing and HOW they should be doing it.

Fourth, in light of how many new websites pop up daily who write in requesting promos and for those who just don't meet our standards for servicing, is ALWAYS what I tell them they need to aspire to.

Lastly, you have such EXCELLENT taste in music. How can I not love you?

Here's to another decade of your existence - and I toast your DNA and send kisses to your parents and your ancestors as well! "

Loana dP Valencia, Publicity & Video Promotions, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS

" is easily one of the premiere metal sites around today. Their top-notch staff is extremely dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date coverage possible while always striving to keep their audience entertained. Their dedication to this site is unparallel and it has been an honor working with them over the past few years. This site is 110% true metal and more people should take notice of their undying passion. has my utmost respect and approval. Amazing work indeed."

George Vallee, Century Media Records

"With a staff that is as dedicated to the metal scene as its fans, Metal Rules continues to be a valuable partner in our online promotion. Not only is the site an important opportunity for us to reach our metal fans, we also see measurable and effective results. Sean and Geoff are accommodating and easy to work with. We're happy to continue building our relationship with them."

Kelli Green, Live Nation

"I have been working with for some time now and always found the site and its writers to be not only very professional but show an extreme devotion to music and the scene. The site features loads of reviews, interviews, and news which I always find extremely helpful as the director of publicity for Metal Blade Records. Not only is the writing top notch but the design and layout of the site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate to find whatever it is I'm looking for. Like I said I have been working with for quite some time and will continue to do so for as long as the site is around."

Kelli Malella, Metal Blade Records

" is easily in Canada's top 5 metal websites to go to! They are fast and post up-to-date information within seconds, keeping their readers in the know of the most important news. I enjoy working with them as their passion for metal and professionalism is refreshing from the everyday wishy-washy websites. Great work guys, keep it up!"

Sarah Lutz, Metal Blade Records (Canada)

"Working with the professionals of has been nothing but a pleasure. Always great supporters of Roadrunner Records Canada and it's artists Metal Rules is a great one stop for anything and everything metal.

Horns high to everyone at up the great work!"

Dean Pogue, National Director, Promotion and Publicity
Roadrunner Records Canada

"Before I had begun working in music, I had been reading Metal-Rules. Even from its beginnings, the site has been a haven for metal fans everywhere and it will continue to do so until the day that Slayer begins to write contemporary Christian music."

Anthony Guzzardo, Earache Records

"METAL RULES webzine from Canada has been one of the few highly professional websites dedicated to hard rock / heavy metal music that has been a the top of my personal short list of only 5 websites worldwide that really matter which include (Blabbermouth (USA); Brave Words (Canada), Melodic Rock (Australia), Rafabasa (Spain) and Metal Rules (Canada).

They are known for their extreme professional journalism (news / interviews / reviews / articles of interest) and have been a fan of the site for the last 6 years.

All of my represented acts have benefited from being featured repeatedly in their website via unbiased articles that reflect the true artists themselves.

Their true dedication to the cause of keeping the rock n roll flame alive is to be commended."

Benjamin Niebla II

"Metal-Rules has been a source of unity, info and just a fuckin' great place to experience everything METAL! I've worked with Geoff since the beginning when Imagika was self promoting our first release back in 1995! Metal Rules has always been a great supporter of the band and helped us reach tons of fans that may never of heard us otherwise. I visit on daily basis and always will. Metal Rules...YOU RULE!!!!!"

Steve from IMAGIKA

"Robert Bursey and the crew are a team of seasoned professionals who have worked very hard to create one of the top sources for up-to-the-minute metal news online. The site reflects the team's strong work ethic and passion for heavy music, acting as a direct conduit to the metal community and delivering top-quality news, interviews and reviews with speed, accuracy and class. All of us at Rebel Music want to thank you for your support and we wish you many years of continued success! Keep crankin' it up to 11 guys."

Kerry Goulding, President, National Media Relations. REBEL MUSIC

"It doesn't matter if you've got a heart of steel, or even a heart that's cold, putrid, rotting, and black to the core - you can't help but feel the passion that the die-hard music fans at Metal-Rules have for all things METAL! They live it 24/7 - and we're all better for it!"

Adam 'Doom' Sewell of Stereo Dynamite Recordings, Riot Rock Management, MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE

"My experience with has been nothing shor of beneficial for both the label and their website. As a fan of the website before landing this gig, I enjoy keeping up with what's going on at Metal-Rules as well as contributing to submitting materials for review and interview consideration - thanks, guys!"

Bob Deutsch
Prosthetic Records

"For the time that I have worked for Total Assault, I have always held in the highest regards. The site has steady traffic, easy navigation, and has always been very fast on posting news items for our bands. The great thing about this site is the passion these guys have for what they do. They don�t like or dislike something. They either love it or hate it which is great because you can be sure that everything you read from the site is content from experienced Metal Heads. The site is named appropriately and has been a great partner with Total Assault."

Johnny Royal
Online Publicist for
Total Assault

"In the past year I have worked regularly with Metal-rules. Both Geoff and Sean have been huge supporters of my projects. They have been open to new promotional ideas and really get behind quality artists."

Matt Marcheschi, Total Assault

"Thank you Metal-Rules for your continued and loyal support. With an active and knowledgeable staff both the fans and the bands benefit from your contributions to the the scene. Keep up the great work."

Hannah Raymond
Die Crawling Media

"I've been visiting for many years as a fan of metal. For me, the most interesting is the exclusive interviews. They are done really in a professional way, without those stupid questions about first sex experience :) Now, as I am a musician myself, helped us with promotion a lot. They did pro review of our album and an interview. What helped us a lot was a banner campaign. We got many new IPs on our website during that time. Keep on doing a good job! ;-)"

Ronnie from VINDEX

About is one of the largest and leading heavy metal sites online. To the right are a number of quotes from just some of the people we work with. This should prove beneficial for those newer PR companies, labels, or festival organizers who may see us as just one of the many faceless online zines slapped together overnight. is a pioneer of the online metal magazine world. It went online in 1995 and quickly grew into one of the world's largest and most respected internet publications. "EvilG", a Canadian from St. John's, Newfoundland, owns the site. The writing and administrative staff is comprised of people from Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, and Australia. Most of our writers have been metal fans for well over 20 years. We take this music, and what we do, seriously. The site is run as a hobby, by dedicated fans of metal. But with a proven track record of 15 years online, you can rest assured we are here to stay. has covered such prestigious metal festivals as: Germany's Wacken Open Air, Finland's Tuska Open Air, Sweden Rock, Headbangers Open Air, Keep it True, ProgPower, and many more. We also cover tours as they hit different cities around the world. We've interviewed all the big name artists in the metal world: Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.), Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost, Sebastain Bach, Doro Pesch, Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray, Slayer, to name but a few. Every month we cover new CD and DVD releases with somewhere between 50-100 new reviews a month from all metal styles from the brutality of death metal to hard rocking glam metal. Every day we update the site with news releases sent to us by both bands and the industry. We also maintain a very popular forum which has hundreds of posts every day. It is used as an invaluable networking tool for fans and even by a number of bands.

Metal Rules has run ad campaigns for several indie bands, t-shirt companies, video gaming companies, and most all of the metal labels. Most all major labels and PR companies send us promotional material for coverage.

Metal Rules is read by fans, bands, and industry. Overall, we consistently get several million visits every month from several hundred thousand unique readers. Detailed statistics can be made available to potential advertisers upon request.

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