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From Hell's Heart

"From Hell's Heart..." is an editorial column written by the team. Every other month or so we pick a metal-related topic and share our thoughts, feelings and ideas on it.

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Why Metal Rules? (February 2000)

Welcome to the first installment of "From Hell's Heart..". This new section is an editorial/opinion column written by the Metal Rules!! team. Each month we'll pick a new metal-related topic and share our thoughts, feelings and ideas on it. The first column is aptly entitled:

Why Metal Rules?
(Feb. 2000)

EvilG's View

Why does metal rule? For someone not a part of the metal scene this is something that is beyond words. To them, metal is just another type of music. For us true metalheads, it's not just another type of music, just another CD you happen to like along with all the other shit you have. Metal is an attitude, a individualistic way of thinking and viewing the world. Sure there are sheep, even in metal, those who blindly follow whatever a band does no mater if it has turned into crap. To me metal is bigger than any band - my loyalty is to metal and then to those bands that remain true to metal. Metal is also the only type of music that combine those elements that sound like you feel. There is the anger, the aggression, the hatred, the power, then there are the tender and reflective moments. To me no other form of music even comes close to summing up the human experience like metal does. 

Philosophical emanations aside, metal is definitely not the kind of music that just anyone can play. Sure there are simplistic metal bands, but I believe that some of the most creative, honest, and talented musicians in the world are playing metal. Probably the only other type of music that requires as much skill to play properly is classical music.

For me, metal takes a place in my life that many others fill with religion. No, I don't in actuality pray to "the gods of metal" but one definition of religion is "A cause, a principle, or an activity pursued with zeal or conscientious devotion" - Well I know that heavy metal is a cause and a principle that I have pursued with devotion. Why do you think I started this whole thing? Almost every waking thought I have is about metal, I can hardly listen to any other form of music nor do I have ANY desire to do so because as juvenile as it may sound to some - "METAL RULES!!"

"Some have eyes but still can't see. Their plastic noise is anything but music to me. Mechanized and computerized. Switch off your brain and make sounds that dehumanize."
(Kreator, 1989).


Joe's View

Why does Heavy Metal rule? That's a question I've asked myself numerous times, but have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer. It feels somewhat strange to love something so much and at the same time not really know why. So far, the only reason I've been able to come up with is... "I just do!".

As with any other art form, music is subject to the scrutiny of the personal tastes of the listener. Most people can say what they like about a particular style of music but no one can really explain why. Why do I prefer Metal over Country, Hip-Hop, Blues, etc... The same reason an art fan might prefer Monet's work over Van Gogh's, DaVinci's, or that of any other artist... There's just something about the work that appeals to your own unique sense of taste. And if you spend too much time trying to figure out why, you'll only succeed at driving yourself crazy. So while I can't explain the reasons for my deep love of Heavy Metal, there are a few things about the genre which do add to its appeal...

For starters, the key element of Heavy Metal is the guitar. And for as long as I can remember, I've have always preferred guitar-driven music. I can still recall listening to stuff like KISS, Eddie Money, and Meat Loaf when I was a wee lad back in the late 1970's. Granted, it wasn't Metal, but it sure beat the hell out of Disco!!! And from a strictly sonic perspective, no other instrument can match the skull-crushing strength of an overdriven electric guitar. Simply put, it's pure sonic power. And when accompanied by pounding drums and thundering bass, it becomes a devastating force that few are able to embrace.

In terms of playing ability, the technical skills of most Metal musicians is far beyond that of the average Pop/Rock musician. Anybody can take the raw energy of the electric guitar and produce uninspired, angst-ridden noise (Bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit suddenly spring to mind.), but to successfully harness and control that power to create music that's not only aggressive, but melodic and intelligent, takes true talent. Also, being a guitarist myself, I find it difficult to believe that anyone can possibly feel any sense of musical fulfilment by writing and performing simplistic songs that are basically nothing more than mindless drivel. Do people (I won't say musicians, because they're not...) like Snoop Doggy-Dogg and Puff Daddy (who simply talk over the beat of a drum machine) really feel the same sense of pride and accomplishment that I feel when I compose what I think is a killer riff? I think not.

In an age where doing anything "unpopular" is usually frowned upon by the average person, it takes a great deal of integrity to do what one wants in the face of guaranteed condescension. To choose to be true to one's self and risk being labeled an "outcast" is a huge middle finger in the face of the established societal norms. (And we all know how much society likes people who refuse to conform to it's expectations.) But it's this sense of integrity that truly makes Metal great. Because it's not only music listened to by a few rebellious natured individuals... It's also a roar of defiance to anyone who thinks we can be "converted".


Rick's View

Why Metal Rules? Metal Rules because its the THE best music under the sun. Metal is much more thought provoking and powerful than the pop pablum that is fed to all the eggheads who don't know the difference between Britney Spears and the hum of a microwave. To these poor lost souls music is nothing more than background soundtrack to their endless babbling about clothes, fast food and mommy~Rs car. To the hardcore metal head, Heavy Metal is much more. Metal is a way of life. The music sucks you into its world of power, chaos and blackness. Being a metalhead changes the way you look at the mainstream world. You are often counted a freak because you listen to the evil, Satan spawned, blasphemous noise of Heavy Metal. Fear Not!! They know not what they say as their music knowledge consists of cookie cutter sounds made by pretty boys and dancing girls who are hired more for their ability to be marketed than their musical prowess. As a metalhead I can tell you that there is nothing as godly as the awesome sound of a distorted guitar shredding away as the vocalist wails, the bassist thumps and the drummer just bashes his drums into a pile of smoking wood and twisted metal!!! Yes!! GODLY!!! The lyrical content goes way beyond the childish derivative junk that every one of today~Rs manufactured, commercially driven, surgically augmented pop acts spew forth on a daily basis from thousands of radio stations more worried about the price of the companies stock and pandering to the big record conglomerates than playing good music. And metal is THE best music! Not just any moron with a guitar can play metal. We've all heard Korn, Coal Chamber, System of a Down and those other rap crap bands try their best to make songs but only end up making us want to throw up our lunch. True metal is made for the love of the music. If the bands were in search of the almighty dollar they would sit home and write sappy pop songs not the epic tunes and dark odysseys that we all love so much!!


Nathan's View

Metal rules for several reasons~Ereasons obvious to us metalheads, yet unknown to radio-lovers. First of all, people form metal bands for the love of the music. For some, it is a full-time job. But most metal musicians make the music their number one priority. Therefore it is an honest form of music, as opposed to all of the radio-oriented bullshit on the market. Furthermore, metal has integrity. Forty years from now, people will still be listening to Black Sabbath, Forbidden, Arch Enemy, Napalm Death, Iced Earth, and tons of other metal bands. No matter how old the music gets as time goes on, it will still hold the power and glory it had when first released. And there are many forms of metal to be found~Ethrash, death, power, doom, black~Eyou name it. Variety is necessary for any genre of music to survive. And metal has no limits or boundaries. Metal bands can take influence from any other category of music and incorporate it into their style, and actually make it work. It could be jazz, blues, folk, classical, funk, tribal, or (god forbid) rap and industrial. Rarely do you see the reverse situation. Plus, metal bands have the ability to experiment~Eto satisfy themselves first and foremost, without regard to what will sell and what won't. Radio bands cannot, for fear of losing that oh so precious airplay. Another example of metal's integrity is the fact that this music exists because of the brotherhood between us metal fans. We are into this stuff because we love it! And we are quick to spread the word about our favorite bands and to turn others on to great music. We do so by word of mouth, tape trading, letters, email, fanzines, concert going, and through web sites. And we do so at our own will and from our hearts. There are many metalheads that practically kill themselves just to get a fanzine out, or to keep a web page updated. These people do it for the love of the music and oftentimes without monetary compensation. Now this is dedication. You don't find this extreme effort being made in other forms of music, do you? It is our dedication to metal that separates us from the radio-listening folk and makes us, fellow brothers and sisters of metal, very unique.

And let's face it~Emetal rules because of one simple equation: Metal = Heavy! It is an extreme form of music. But it is also an emotional form of music. Whether you are feeling happy, depressed, lonely, victorious, angry, evil, pissed, energetic, proud, insane~Ewhatever, there is always a metal band that complements those feelings perfectly. On top of this, metal musicians can attain extremely high levels of musicianship and skill. Some of the world's best guitarists, bassists, and drummers come from the realm of Metal. On top of that, ALL of the world's best vocalists are Metal! In closing, metal is a way of life. I am sure we'll all still be thrashing together when we hit our 80's and 90's! Put on a metal shirt, grab your guitar, or your air guitar, and go running down your street singing Iron Maiden songs at the top of your lungs!


Waspman returns from the grave to present you with his view

Why does metal rule? Sitting here listening to Running Wild's "Chains & Leather" I can't help but think that metal rules for pure ass-kicking power! Bang your head, thrash around, mosh, do whatever the hell you want, but just make sure you metalize it! But really, metal is more than that. Much more. Why does metal rule? It rules because no other musical style can give you the feeling that metal does.

Think about it. Think back to when you ripped the cellophane wrapping off of your favorite metaler's new CD. Since I'm listenin' to it right now, let's say that it's Running Wild's Under Jolly Roger. You press play and hear waves gently lapping~Esuddenly Rockin' Rolf gives the command and cannons fire! The guitars and drums kick in on a classic galloping riff and we're off! From that point on, you damn well know that you're in for a ride. Simply put, you can't beat the rush of excitement that hits you when a metal album shifts into high gear. No other form of music can cause that level of feeling. What, you think that the newest Foo F@#ckers album is gonna do that for ya? Or maybe Korn's Follow Us Down The Shitter? Thought so. I know my metal-rules buds would whole-heartedly agree.

Don't get me wrong, there are some really bad (and Waspman means really bad) metal bands out there. I'm sure we'd all like to forget the fact that dreck like Pyogenesis is allowed to exist in the metal realm. Still, for every shite band, there is a killer one. Queensryche gotcha down? Throw on some Dream Theater. Got a problem with Ancient (and you should!)? Then kneel before the power of Bal-Sagoth.

In fact, that's the other beauty of metal. Variety. Yeah, I know, that particular trumpet has been sounded countless times by many others, but the point is worth repeating. Metal is diverse, and it should be. Granted, there are some real MF's out there that should crawl into the ditch and die, but that's only because they aren't metal in the first place. Where else but in metal could you get bands as diverse as Trouble rubbing elbows with Amon Amarth? Where else but in metal could Hammerfall tour with Lake of Tears? Metal is a self-feeding style of music. All of the various sub-genres create their own style of metal that gets fed into other sub-genres for inspiration. Heavy metal perpetuates itself through its diverseness.

It's like the caption on this site says: "It's not just music, it's a way of life". You can't like metal on a casual basis, and that in itself tells you why metal rules. It is the only music that can inspire such insane loyalty in its followers. Live it. Breathe it. Feel it. If you don't, Rockin' Rolf and the metal-rules crew will kick your ass!


Pete's View

Why does Metal Rule??????? Well, as Mambo # 5 plays on the radio for the 8th time today, I'm reminded why "Metal Rules".....When I see Ricky Martin 'shakin' his bon-bon' on TV, I'm reminded why "Metal Rules"............Need I say more???

There's nothing like the sound, the aggression, the feeling of euphoria that comes from Heavy Metal. Attitude, aggression, melody, you can find it all. But you won't find it on radio 8 times a day, or on video channels in heavy rotation, as it is not the "in thing" or "what's hot!!' It's individual and that's what makes it unique. Whether it is found in the groove of Sabbath, the fire of newer bands such as Iced Earth, or the sweet, sweet duel harmony of Maiden........Damn...Metal Rules!!!!


DethHeads' View

Metal rules for so many reasons: First you you have your nature lovers, who love looking at fucking panda bears etc, look no further then BLACK METAL! All the Nazi fascist skinheads (Malevolent Creation), philosophers, horror fans, artists (how do you think we see all those terrific fucking POWER METAL artwork), dungeon and dragon people (power metal),  bikers (motorhead, manowar),  satanists / atheists, wiccans etc. truly find a place in this realm of musical ecstasy as a fucking PURE practicing religion without the god damn ethic bullshit. There are no fucking limits no matter what your lifestyle, it's open to everyone! All the gays out there go for the GLAM METAL, HAHAHA. It's for people who want too live out there lives the way they see fit, fuck society. THAT'S METAL. If your into metal, and are a metalhead, then as you already know society doesn't fucking matter. Power, death, Speed, Thrash, Heavy, Symphony, classical, Dark, industrial, gothic, Satanic, Gore, grind, whatever your into, this METAL defines you as a individual. It is a form of music that only the truly dedicated can appreciate. What other musical form can let you dress up like you would on Halloween! That's my piece of shit for today. Rot up the Ironing board, and ROT out the weak, pour some gasoline on the open wounds.

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