Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

U.D.O. – 29.3.2002 Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland
By the Finnish Metal Rules team

This is a real eccentric and kind of irony of fate as a number of old hard rock and heavy metal veterans and legends have turned out to be more than eager to visit Finland during the last six months, for example Saxon, Judas Priest, Richie Blackmoore and other known names whereas none of those legends obviously didn't even remember the existence of our little country up here in the cold Northern Europe because the whole 90's was quite stale as for traditional metal gigs. At least the gold throat of the former, but mighty Accept, Udo Dirkschneider, has been instead rather an active Finland visitor. Even the current going on Man And Machine tour covered two villages here along with another German outfit quite weirdly named Cyberya surprisingly signed by Udo's own label, Breaker Rec.

Cyberya naturally set the night off with the rather bizarrely mixed stuff which could be described as a mix of traditional power metal elements with the non-sense Euro disco beats. The actual drummer had been replaced by a programmer which for example the Swiss Samael used to have on the stage. Despite the more techno programmed drum beats, but in general Cyberya's stuff appeared to be based on the traditional power metal approach with the highly and loud singing vocalist. Unfortunately the crowd appeared to be less interested as well as aware of Cyberya's existence resulting quite lame respond indeed.

When Herr Dirkschneider entered the stage there wasn't any piece of evidence of the lame respone of the crowd, instead head banging and fists in the air only proved who had been come to witness in action. Udo's step forth to the stage with heavily dressed robocop look-like custom which definitely brought extra ordinary laughs and smiles to faces of several old metal hearts. Obviously the purpose was to live up to the concept of the newest Man And Machine output based on risks and dangerous aspects of the technology of the world of nowadays. Anyway fortunately the robocop look alike clothes disappeared somewhere to the back stage because it was returned to the old Accept material and above all the legendary Metal Heart battle hymn. It didn't last that much longer when Udo started encouraging the people to sing chorus along with him- “Metal Heart, Metal heart…”

As a matter of fact the gig mainly consisted of a couple of dozens of old Accept tunes covering from a wide range of albums from I'm Rebel to the last Predator. Although Princess Of Dawn, Balls To The Wall, ... are logically a part of Udo's routine set, but the unexpected surprise was the picked Hard Attack off from Accept's farewell album It was damn obvious the old hard rock generation having lived the golden era of heavy metal of the 80's were extremely thrilled about getting once again a great opportunity of hearing those tracks. Even though judging by the set list it started feeling more like an Accept reunion than Udo's own gig, however Udo remembered to do his own tracks from the older album.

Udo appeared to be in damn good condition as well as the band was in a good strike… A great gig and a great trip on time back to the 80’s…

Man and machine
Private Eye
Metal heart
Midnight highway
Living for tonight
Tv war
Princess of the dawn
Fast as a Shark
It's hard to be honest
Balls to the wall
I am a rebel
Screaming for a love bite
Hard Attack
Animal instinct
Animal house
In the darkness
Independence day