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Malmö Sweden, May 4, 2003
Review and pictures by Anders Sandvall


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First and foremost, I have to say that Iīm not a huge fan of Thin Lizzy. I have never really followed them as a band. Once again, Lizzy is out on tour (The Global Chaos Tour). They were also out on tour in 1998-99 and 2000. There aren't too many members left: Sykes and Gorham are still left with a new drummer and bassist. Mr. Aldridge and Mr. Mendoza, who were members in the band from 1999-2000 are now playing with Whitesnake instead. I suppose Mr. Coverdale pays the guys more money than this band does. Darren Wharton (1998-2000) on keyboards has also left. So, the big question is, how much Lizzy is this?

I asked the Swedish booking agency about a press/photo pass to the show. I got the answer that they could only fix a photo pass and that I had to pay to see the show, which I think is incredibly cheap of them. Because I had a photo pass, I was promised that I could photograph the whole show with flash, but that promise also fell flat. I was brutally stopped by a security guard who told me that I couldnīt take any more pictures, and even John on stage pointed at me and told me to stop taking pictures. Also, a thing that is questionable is the high price - 280 SEK. (1 dollar is about 10 SEK) That is far too much money spent on 2/4 of the band.

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The band today...

John Sykes - Lead Vocals & Guitar

Scott Gorham - Guitar & background vocals

Guy Pratt - Bass & background vocals

Michael Lee - Drums

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As usual, they didn't go on stage as scheduled - it was a delay of 25 minutes. The show was much too short according to the price. They played only for 1 hour and five minutes with only one encore. I saw them both in 1999 and 2000, and also this time the setlist was almost the same. They played classics like “JAILBREAK”, “WAITING FOR AN ALIBI”, “DONīT BELIEVE A WORD” and “COLDSWEAT”. Some new songs that they did play now but not last time they were “CHINATOWN” and “MASSACRE”. As usual, my favorite song “COWBOY SONG” went straight into “BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN” as in the old days.


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Mr. Sykes sings in his own way - he doesn't try to imitate Phil Lynott, as many people think. But I think that Mr. Sykes vocals are not too good. Compared to the former gigs here, he sounded very, very tired vocally. I also think that Mr. Gorham crushes Mr. Sykes on guitar, both on solo and rhythm guitar. There was not too much talking between the songs. Much of the little talk that they actually did was an old re-run from the past gigs here. They let the music do the talking instead. The new bass player Guy Pratt looked a bit lost onstage - he mostly followed in Mr. Gorham's footsteps. Michael Lee on drums was clearly much better than the former drummer Mr. Aldridge, but some of us could have done without Leeīs drum solo. One good thing about this evening was the sound - It was real good. Not too loud or too weak. KB has a capacity for about 750 people, but on this sad night there were only about 350 brave souls there, and no wonder about that. I have to say that the band worked pretty well without a keyboard player, so there is no longing for Darren Wharton.


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The older gentlemen didnīt move around on stage so much. The most vital of them, Mr. Gorham was the one who moved most all over the stage, but occasionally Mr. Sykes also did an effort to walk across the stage too. Mr. Pratt stood solid on his side and didnīt do a thing besides playing his bass.


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Maybe this was a nostalgic evening for many of the old Lizzy fans who actually did stay during the whole show, but I think, and many with me, that they have taken this too far. They should have stopped touring under the name of Thin Lizzy after the second tour in 1999. Now it feels like their just out to earn some more money. I rate this sad evening a 1.0 out of 5.


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Last night was the beginning of a long tour throughout Europe, and then itīs America's turn to take part in Lizzy's tour. I have only a few things to say about yesterday's show. First, it was too expensive. The show was way too short for that amount of money. Maybe itīs time for these gentlemen to split up and do something on their own? Maybe itīs time for the boys are back in town to stay home?


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Unfortunately things didn't go too well with Lizzy's manager and the Swedish booking agency - Scandinavian Entertainment. Hopefully next time there will be no communication problems and I'll be able to better do my job.


Set list


Waiting For an Alibi

Don’t Believe a Word




The Sun Goes Down

Bad Reputation

(drum solo)


Killer on the Loose

Still in Love With You

Cowboy Song

Boys are Back in Town

Suicide Rosalie

Black Rose (encore)