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Tenebre - Warm-up gig

Kulturbolaget - Malmö, Sweden
April 11, 2002

Review & Photos by Anders Sandvall


Tenebre opened for the new Swedish industrial metal band Deathstars at KB. This band is one in a line of bands from Malmö, Sweden. Tenebre has been around for a long time (since 1996).The band has changed members quite a lot and even the music has shifted. Now the band seems to be stable.

Richard Lion - bass
Victor Fradere - lead vox
Fredrik Täck - guitar
Peter Mårdklint - guitar
Andreas Albin - drums

Their fourth record is ready but not released. The music is much like Paradise Lost but more metal / heavier / darker and they have guitar solos.

A big audience had gathered at KB to listen to Tenebre. The band entered the scene and gave full gaze. The record isn’t released but they played mostly new songs. The new singer in the band, Victor, was the only one who moved around but there wasn’t that much room on stage. Victor is a great personality on stage and he has a huge voice-register. His voice suits their music. It was a clever move to let him join the band.

Fredrik/Peter made a big impression on the guitar and Andreas on drums is really good. Richard looked really mean with a white face but he played much better than his face looked.

My personal favorites were ”Electric Hellfire Kiss” and ”Alienation”. But I also liked ”Beauty Destroyed” where Andreas and Victor impressed me a lot. During the 30 minutes they played 6 new songs and one old. The old one was ”Tombola Voodoo Master”.

With the new direction of the band I feel that they can go really, really far but they have to have the right people behind them. A brilliant warm-up act to Deathstars and a taste of what we can expect in the near future. This is the first time for me to see them properly live and they impressed me a lot as well.

After the summer, watch out Europé, for their fourth record ”Electric Hellfire Kiss”!!!!

Thanks to the band for everything, and thanks as always to KB for keeping the metal pride alive here in Malmö, Sweden.

Set list
Nocturnal Rhapsody
Electric Hellfire Kiss
Descend From Heaven
Beauty Destroyed
Starlet Wolverine
Tombola Voodoo Master


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