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Pretty Maids - Planet Panic Tour
Pumpehuset, Copenhagen Denmark, April 6, 2002

Review and Photos By Anders Sandvall

The opening act for Pretty Maids was the Danish band Royal Hunt. They suited the show better than the former opening band on the Carpe Diemm tour that I saw in Copenhagen Denmark. Royal Hunt also plays 80's melodic hard rock. Royal Hunt was okay as opening act. It wasn’t bad, but not good either. It is hard to say something about Royal Hunt when you haven’t heard any of their records and you see them live for the first time. The band was very technical and the lead-singer was very good.

I got a short chat with the key player Andre Andersen about the band. He told me that they are doing very well in Denmark. Why they haven’t been in Sweden is unknown according to Andre. They were asked if they wanted to join this tour and of course they took the chance to go with Pretty Maids and become more well known. Royal Hunt and Pretty Maids lie near each other due to their music. The whole band and their manager were really nice.

The Mission
Clean Sweep
Wasted Time
Running Wild
Day In Day Out
River of Pain
Last Goodbye
Total Recall


The Planet Panic tour has started. This is the third concert on the tour. The band celebrates twenty years as a band but there are only two original members left.

Ken Hammer guitar and B.vox
Ronnie Atkins lead vocals
Kenn Jackson bass and b-vox
Michael Fast drums

The two first guys have been members from the beginning, Atkins and Hammer.

The show last night was really, really good! The band never does a bad concert. Pretty Maids has plenty of routines on playing. Pumpehuset in Copenhagen Denmark was sold out and the audience was really eager to see the band live. It was about ninety minutes of magic. The first half of the show the band played a whole lot of new material from the brilliant new record ”Planet Panic”. They played such great songs as ”Playing God”, ”Face My Enemy”,” He Who Never Lived” and ”Natural High”.

The public was awaiting the new songs. I don’t know how long the record has been out in Denmark. It is not yet released here in Sweden.

The band seemed comfortable on stage and satisfied to be on the road again especially Kenn/Ken and Ronnie. Michael was behind a huge drum set.

Ronnie has a voice that is splendid and magic and with a broad register that seems to get broader and broader every year. Ken is a big guitar hero and impressed me a lot. Kenn on bass bangs his head almost through the whole show and only smiles.

The head actors in the band are Ronnie and Ken. They move the most. Ronnie has a great stage-personality. He works hard to get the audience going. Ronnie is all over the stage. Kenn is more anonymous and only sometimes gains. Halfway through the show it was Michael ’s turn to show his skill on drums when he preformed a short drum solo. It isn’t the best I have heard but he acts as a support behind his drums.

As a Swede it is very difficult to understand Ronnie’s talk between the songs because he speaks Danish.

The last half of the show was old classics. The band has a great register to choose from and they played among others ”Eye of the Atom”, ”Shelly the Maid”, ”Red, Hot and Heavy” and ”Live Until It Hurts" A big favorite of mine)

As an encore they played ”Back to Back”, ”Wouldn’t Miss You” and ”Please Don’t Leave Me” with the audience’s sing-along as they always do . There was a really glorious guitar solo of Mr. Hammer Also a big favorite of mine, I have a lot of nice memories from this song.

Ronnie got the audience fully in his hands and they sang along with him on all the oldies. He invited us to sing-along as well. As the last encore they play ”Future World” before the concert was over.

It was a great experience and I have seen them several times before but never so complete as this time. Though, It missed two songs, ”Walk Away” and ”Lovegames” which are big favorites of mine.

Thanks to Rockon Managements for their help during the show.

Set list
Playing God
Snakes In Eden
Face of My Enemy
He Who Never Lived
Virtual Brutality
Natural High
Until It Dies
Running Out
Who’s Gonna Change
Eye of Storm
Live Untill It Hurts
Red, Hot and Heavy

Please Don’t Leave Me
Back to Back
Wouldn’t Miss You
Det bedste til mig og mine venner (a cover of Gasolin)

Future World

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