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Pain - Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden
October 30, 2002

Review by Anders Sandvall / Ulrika Henriksson
Pictures by Anders Sandvall


At last the genius Peter Tätgren came to Malmö represented his side-project Pain (his main band is Hypocrisy). Pain hasn’t visited Malmö before and they were eagerly awaited. Pain has been supporting In Flames throughout Europe and the last half is Scandinavia. The tour through Europe has lasted more than a month and the band's have played almost every day. Peter and his gang were a bit exhausted.

The band played forty minutes and they played most songs from their last record Nothing remains the same and they took up their task seriously. Songs played were like “It’s only them"," Shut your mouth” and “Just hate me” from the former CD was played; song’s like “On and on"," End of the line” and “Suicide machine”. The audience was invited by Peter to sing with him in the cover “Eleanor Rigby”.

Peter could give us a good live show which was difficult because on the records he has made everything himself, composing, writing, playing every instrument, singing, mixing and producing. You could criticize Peter’s voice. It isn’t the strongest since the band had toured for a long time and played nearly every day. One or two resting days off had been beneficial. Forty minutes just gave you a taste. I wished they had had more time and  I hope they come back soon on their own.

Several in the audience in the sold-out club left after The Pain show and skipped the headliners. Everybody was happy during their performance and the club KB was like a boiling kettle. There was a lot of singing in the audience during the show. The band stood near the edge of the stage because the headliners had a lot of stuff on stage but Peter and the band drove two hundred kilometers into the rock face and straight through the show, they almost banged their heads to pieces

The sound was very low and gave the impression of a record. We wished for a louder sound so that you could feel it. 


Thanks to Erik Stockholm records for his help at the show