Heart of Steel: Concert Review

Michael Schenker Group
Mulchay’s, Wantagh, NY
December 13, 2003

Review By Keith McDonald

I couldn’t even tell you when the last time Michael Schenker came to New York, let alone a club on Long Island. So, when I heard that he and his bandmates were coming to Mulcahy’s in Wantagh, NY, I knew this was a-can’t miss show. It isn’t like a Quiet Riot or LA Guns show, a show that comes to town several times a year.

The band came out at around 11:00 delivering a show of great hard rock. The band was well rehearsed and didn’t miss a beat. The band featured a second guitarists/keyboardist but all eyes were on Michael, and deservedly so. This guy is legendary. Granted the show got its biggest response from ‘Lights Out’ but the rest of the material was up to snuff. The sound was good and loud, perfect for a rock show and the crowd was extremely into what was going on. His fans are die-hards, knowing and singing along to each song. He played two new songs from his new album ‘Arachnophobiac’ that went over well with the fans. ‘Ready to Rock,’ ‘On And On,’ and ‘Assault Attack’ were great songs performed without a hitch. The show was a good 90 minutes and that featured a cool jam session with just the rhythm section, sans Michael. The core of the shows was his hits wrapped with some new songs that blended well together.

Michael took time after the show to hang out with the fans signing autographs. I guess outside of a UFO show this is probably the best show you’ll get right now with Michael. Check it if you can.


Ready To Rock
Mother Mary
Assault Attack
Let It Roll
Fat City
Lights Out
Because I Can
Rock ‘N’ Roll Believer
Fatal Strike
Into The Arena
Only You Can Rock Me
On And On