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Motörhead with Meldrum
Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden
November 25, 2002

Review and live pictures by Anders Sandvall

Lemmy and his band are back in Sweden again to play on the second leg of the Hammered tour. The band has played in Sweden for ten days and Malmö was their last gig. The day after playing in Malmö they played in Copenhagen Denmark.

The support act during the Sweden tour was the Stockholm based band Meldrum. This is a band with almost only women and one man on drums. The music had a great advantage live over their debut album released last year. They played three songs from their upcoming, second record. The release is planned in March next year. There is an upwards swing compared to the debut. Moa on lead vocals has a tremendous voice and a strong personality. Michelle almost beats her husband John Norum (the biggest guitar-hero in Sweden) on guitar.

It was a great to meet them again. They are faithful to Sweden and the fans are faithful to them. KB was almost sold out. This is great when one could consider that they visit Sweden quite often. They played one hour and thirty-five minutes and the show was magic. 

Lemmy entered the stage and said as always “We are Motörhead and we are going to kick your ass” and the song “We are Motörhed” started the gig. This gang never fails because they are such a well-oiled tour-machine. They didn’t play very much from the new record, only three songs “Brave new world”, “Shout your mouth” and “No remorse.” One rather new number was ”Sacrifice” and in this song drummer Mikkey Dee (a drum hero and the best!) did a perfect solo. Another rather new song was the Sex Pistol’s cover “God save the queen”. Then they played old songs like “Killed by Death”, “Orgasmatron” (The green spotlight on Lemmy’s face, as always) ,“Going to Brazil”, ”Bomber”, ”Metropolis” and “Over the top”.

In the front you have Lemmy and Phil and they have occupied the whole stage and moved around a lot the entire show. They shared the speech between the songs nowadays, but before Lemmy had the whole responsibility for this part.

During the eighties the sound was so loud you couldn’t hear your own voice. Today they have lowered the sound and everyone in the band can be heard. At KB the sound was splendid. You could hear Lemmy sing very well.

Lemmy talked quite a lot between the songs and he asked if there were any punks in the audience before they played the Pistol cover. The tribute to the band Ramones became a tribute to Lemmy’s friends Joey and Dee Dee in the band. They are now dead as everybody knows. Lemmy gave the audience in Malmö great credit and he liked finishing their Sweden tour here. He asked us not to forget them. Sweden has the best drummer in the world (Mr. Dee) and Lemmy is very happy for having him as a member in the band.

Motörhead is difficult to beat and they did an excellent job. There are only a few musicians who can put on a show as good as theirs (for as long as they have been doing). The records on the other hand have had a various quality during the last years. I missed the song “Burner” from the album Bastards. This song is my favorite. When the last song “Overkill” sounded, we all felt as if a steam engine had overdriven us and I was totally happy. The setlist below is not in  order, but these songs were played.

Set list
We are Motörhead
Stay clean
Brave new world
Shout you in the back
Over the top
Shut your mouth
No remorse
God save the queen
Going to Brazil
Dr Dock
Killed by Death
Iron Fist
Bomber (encore)
Ace of spades (encore)
Overkill (encore)

Thanks to SPV and Skive Promotion - Sweden for their help with the show.

Thanks to KB for your kindness and your very nice staff