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Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) Tour
Openbridge-festival, Stortorget
Malmö, Sweden
May 18th, 2002

Review & Photos by Anders Sandvall

When they opened up the Öresundsbridge between Copenhagen Denmark and Malmö Sweden in 2000, there was a running-contest over the bridge. The bridge project had been going on during many years and is a connection between Denmark and Sweden. Before it was only possible to pass Öresund by boot. Therefore, there was this huge party when the bridge opened and the running contest was held because after that it would never again be possible to run on the bridge. Everyone had the possibility during this weekend to walk and cycle over the bridge. The night before the contest there was a party on Stortorget Malmö and lots of bands were playing. The headliners were D.A.D. In 2001 there wasn't any contest and the complaints were massive. This year they arranged the contest again. They ran but didn't walk or cycle and 13,000 participants were registered. The headliners on Stortorget the night before the run was Hardcore Superstar.

Öresundsbridge between Copenhagen Denmark and Malmö Sweden
Öresundsbridge between Copenhagen and Malmö


The band has toured a lot since their second record was released in 2001 and they have toured all over Europe, Scandinavia and Japan. The band gave a picture of tight companionship on stage after such a long time together on tour. They totally ran over the audience in Malmö with their hard rock, glam / party rock.

They were in remarkably good shape as if it was the first concert of the tour! They have exceptionally clever musicians and the capacity to write really strong songs, a powerful live-act and a high quality-lead-singer Jocke Berg.

I like the first record better than the second, because the new one is more polished and more produced so the hard rock / glam rock has almost disappeared. When you hear them live there is no difference.


The front-trio:
Silver Silver - guitar
Martin Sandvik - bass
Jocke Berg - lead vocals

They worked hard all over the scene to start the audience especially Jocke who is a star on stage and his voice suits the music perfectly. Silver Silver is a clever guitarist. They played a new song, performed for the first time in Malmö.

A lot of people had gathered to watch the band. Both old and new material were played such as "THAT'S MY LIFE", "PUNK ROCK SONG", and "HELLO / GOODBYE." My personal favorites: "HAVE YOU BEEN AROUND", "SOMEONE SPECIAL" and "LIBERATION." A perfect mixture of both their record. Magic for one and a half hour. Hardcore Superstar has potential to go far. Nothing can stop this splendid hard rock band.

Thanks to Jocke and Martin and the rest of the Hardcore Superstar for permitting my presence to photograph and access to all areas.

Not Dancing
That's My Life
Someone Special
Just Another Score
Rock 'n Roll Star
Beat You Down
Have You Been Around

Shame (encore 1)
Punk Rock Song (encore 1)
Liberation (encore 1)

Hello / Goodbye (encore 2)
Staden Göteborg (encore 2)

Hardcore Superstar with Anders Sandvall
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