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Entombed: The Morning Star Tour
Mejeriet - Lund, Sweden / November 11, 2001

 Review, Interview, and Pictures by Anders Sandvall

This show marked the official end of the tour.  They played at 36 gigs in 10 European countries.  The new record, The Morning Star, is absolutely one of the best metal records this year along with Judas Priest’s Demolition and Backyard Babies Making Enemies is Good.  In my opinion, these are the top three albums of the year.  I looked forward to listening to the material in a live setting.  They only played two of the new songs earlier this year on “The Uprising” tour. 


As usual with Entombed, it is full speed ahead from the beginning.  The band played a little more than one hour. They started with the title track from the new record.  Then they played some older songs as well as new stuff like ”I for an Eye”, ”Ensemble of the Restless”, ”Hollow Man”, ”Out of Hand”, ”Left Hand Path”, and ”To Ride”.   It was a perfect mixture of both old and new material.  Brilliant!  Especially ”Night of the Vampire”, this song is a favorite of mine that they did not play on the last tour.  Other splended tunes are ”Seeing Red”, ”About to Die”,  and ”Living dead”. 


I love all the Entombed songs.  They haven’t made one bad song during all those years.  People sang spontaneously together with L.G. In ”Out of Hand” L.G. invited us to sing with him,  just like he always does.


The new songs sound really good live.  There were not that many people in attendance, but the band did not care.  They always give it all they have, whether playing for 3 or 3,000 people.  L.G./Alex/Uffe/Peter and Jörgen are real tight on stage.  L.G. and Jörgen are the only members who move around on stage.  L.G. moves around and is everywhere on stage and he is a hyper person.  He still sings like a God.   Jörgen is also moving around but more in a cool way like Mr Nikki Sixx in Mötley Crue.  Alex/Uffe complete each other very well on guitar but on stage.  They stand still and don’t move except for bannging their heads.  Peter plays like a madman behind the drums.  


Entombed are very nice.   Anyone can talk to the band.  No rockstar-manners at all.  They sign everything, no matter the amount. They even walk around the audience and chat.  Not many bands do that!


Entombed deserve a lot of attention.  They are still a very good metal band.  They are even better now in the twenty first century.  It was a magic night, a ten out of ten.  Hopefully, they will be back soon.  It is a bit sad that they do not have as big of an audience as they did in the early 90’s. 

Thanks to Entombed for everything they did that night.     

For more info on Entombed check out, www.entombed.net



Chief Rebel Angel
Out of Hand
I for an Eye
Ensemble of the Restless
Bringer of Light
About to Die
Hollow Man
Seeing Red
Wolf Ticket
Living Dead
To Ride

Serpent (encore)
Damn Deal Done (encore)
Night of the Vampire (encore)
Left Hand Path (encore)

Entombed concert review and interview with L.G


I have followed the metal scene since the beginning and Entombed are one of my favorite bands.  I have seen the band play live many times, so I have gotten to know them.  When they finished their European tour in Lund, Sweden,  I got to spend the whole afternoon and evening with them.

I got to chat with the singer, L.G., about what had happened during the last time while other members of the band did a sound check.  I interrupted L.G. while he was playing a game of pinball to interview him (he is a great pinball player).


This is the last night of the European tour,  how has it gone so far?
It has gone great, at some venues there has been less than others, but at some shows there have been a lot of people.  


Have you gotten a good reaction from the audience when you play the new songs?
The audience has taken the songs to their hearts, they are really good songs to play live.  People always scream for the older material, but when we play the new songs, they do not recognize them.


Are you tired of playing the old songs?
I do not feel any different when I play a new song or an old song.  


What are your thoughts about the record The Morning Star compared with with other records that you have done?
I feel that the last album we do is always our best, and those songs are always a lot of fun to play live.


What are your plans after the European tour?  Are you going to release an EP before the next album?
We are probably going to play a little bit more in Sweden.  In February, 2002, we are going to play at the Royal Opera in Stockholm.  The Stockholm Opera asked us to participate in a project where we will perform on stage along with female dancers for eight shows. We are going to play old and new material.  We are not going to do an EP.  We will try to get a tour to USA in 2002.


How long do you think Entombed will continue to exist as a band?
At least ten to fifteen years.


What are you thoughts on the many different side projects that members of Entombed have done?
I think it is cool that they can express themselves musically in a band other than Entombed.


When can we expect the next full-length Entombed record?
Possibly at the end of 2002.


Is there any message that you would like to send to the Entombed fans?
The European-tour was a lot of fun.  I hope our fans thought so too. It was great to meet all our European fans. I also hope that every one likes the new record The Morning Star.

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