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Edguy - Mandrake tour
Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden
December 8, 2001

By: Anders Sandvall

I think that Edguy breaks down all the resistance in German eighties power metal genre. There is no band that can compete with them. Last night was the official end of the tour at Mejeriet in Lund, Sweden. The first leg of their European tour has been about a month long. Dirk/Jens/Tobias/Felix and Tobias went on stage and totally blew the audience away with their power metal. A lot of people had gathered on Mejeriet. The concert was almost sold out. Edguy has a lot of fans here in Sweden. This was also  the first headlining tour for Edguy.

It was full speed ahead from the beginning. Jens and Dirk are impressive on the guitar especially when both of them share both leads. Tobias on bass is like a rock and the same goes for Felix on drums. These two keep a strong foundation for the music. Everyone in the band are clever musicans. Tobias Sammet sings like a God! Nobody can touch him. The capacity of his voice is tremendous plus he’s a genius. He writes all the music and all the lyrics in Edguy. His only downside is that he copy’s Bruck Dickinson a lot with his stage presence. Tobias hasn’t completely found his own style but I am sure that it will come. All four in the front moved around and ran over the whole stage. The band had a lot of equipment on stage for running purposes. The concert was very entertaining.

The band mixed both old and new material but they played a lot of songs from their latest effort MANDRAKE. Even songs from, in my opinion, the masterpiece Theater of salvation were played for example songs like ”Land of Miracles” and ”Wake up the King.” Old stuff was also played for example ”Vain Glory Opera”, ”How Many Miles” and as a gift for the audience in Lund ”Fairytale.”  The audience kept asking for them to play that, even though they hadn't rehearsed it for the show. Tobias promised us to comeback next year and play for us again and he thanked the Swedish fans for all the support that they have got through the years.

A brilliant show! They played a bit over two hours. I haven’t got a setlist because I haven’t heard everything they have made so I didn’t recognize all the songs. Edguy deserves to be the greatest in their genre because Edguy is THE BEST. Thanks to AFM records for their help!


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