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Cannibal Corpse with Sinister
29th of April 2003 Tavastia, Helsinki Finland
Text and pictures by Arto Lehtinen

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Utter brutal death metal gigs by so called big names are quite rare events up here in Finland when the whole metal genre of the country is mostly plagued by power metal or hilarious Spinal Tap oriented wanna be black metal warriors. But when three gig tour criss-crossing Finland was announced, the reactions and above all entuhaisin among the Finnish metal freaks were unbelievable huge which only testified the Finnish metal heads still have the huge interest and still hungry left for the nihilistic gore death metal mauling. According to the guitarist Jack Owen the opening gig on the Finnish tour was really wild as people kept acting like animals shouting the Cannibal name all the time between each track.

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When the gore mongers crawled to the capital of Finland with the Dutch death veteran Sinister as an opening act the club was kinda rapidly packed by 600 (+) death metal freaks to satisfy their nihilistic splatter hungry feeling by the brutal death metal by Cannibal Corpse. As a matter of fact it had taken some time.

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Sinister’s 30 min set of deliverance of deep growled death metal stuff fronted by a small, but energetic hot Rachel hit several sceptical individuals down due to her deep and even deeper voice definitely being one of the rarest female death metal vocalists with such a deep and murderous growling coming out of the depth of her lungs even though helped with hands by taking a grab on the mic in order to have more brutal vibes to the growling. The female frontman didn’t concentrate on war of words just instead letting the deadly voice spoke for that. Unfortunately annoying intros had been placed between each track taking some time off from the already shortened set, which was quite pointless after all. The 30 minute set didn’t give nor bring any idealistic impression of Sinister, unfortunately the material mainly operated on the standard level death metal level.

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Cannibal Corpse came and conquered. Since the first riffs the whole floor area became an extreme wild riot and insane dangerous looking battle field where bodies and skulls got smashed and started bleeding. The CC set was nothing but the utter nihilistic mangling corpse grinding even though the band relied on the standard ultimate head shaking, but instead the strength and power of the brutality went beyond the normal comprehension of mine causing a real unbelievable ballistic “must” reaction to get into the pit to obtain mandatory “hammer smashed Face” pains and bruises. The gore obsessed pentad hatcheted the audience by covering the whole back catalogue from Tomb Of The Mutilated to the newest Gore Obsessed. It would have a real kick ass to hear more stuff from Corpsegrinder’s era for example Sentenced To Burn, but in some certain Central European countries or country the band have faced the eccentric problems censorship not allowing them to do any tracks off from the first three albums, so it is kinda more welcomed choice option for them to gut the older material elsewhere. Corpsegrinder definitely deserve to get extra points for the massive head banging and his staring through the eyes of the dead attitude thru the whole gig. The gig was extremely tight and so was the whole band. Yes the feeling after going around in the pit of zombies was like HAAMMMERR SMASSHHEDD FAAAACCCCCEEEE !!!!!!!!

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Cannibal Corpse’s Set list
From Skin to Liquid
Savage Butchery
Devoured By Vermin
Stripped, Raped and Strangled
I Cum Blood
Covered With Sores
Born In A Casket
Compelled To Lacerate
Fucked With A Knife
Unleashing The Bloodthirsty
Pick-Axe Murders
Addicted To Vaginal Skin
Dormant Bodies Bursting
Perverse Suffering
Staring Trough The Eyes Of The Dead
Pit Of Zombies
Skull Full Of Maggots
Hammer Smashed Face