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Biohazard - "Against Terrorism Tour"

Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden
February 10, 2002
Review By: Anders Sandvall


Biohazard’s new record, the one they’re still on tour for (even if the record came last year), ”Uncivilization”,is a real vitamin-injection. It is really aggressive, hard, angry and is what I expected from this band. I have always liked the band even if some of the records haven’t been so good.

Yesterday evening it was the first show on the Scandinavian tour at KB Malmö Sweden. The band entered the scene and pushed the pedal for full speed from the start. There was not so many people this night, but they played as if there was a full audience. One interesting thing with Biohazard is that you never know what is going to happen when they play.

Billy and Even are the headpersons around whom everything circle. Leo is more anonymous and stands on his side playing and he doesn’t move at all. Danny plays drums really well.

Billy and Even work hard to get the audience going. The band started with ”Shades” and after that, both old and new material was played. Old songs like ”Tick”, ”Love denied”, ”Urban” and ”How it is”. New songs they played were ”Sellout”, ” Wide awake” and ”Get away”. Many of the new songs get played faster live than they are played on the records. I really like that.

Billy, Danny, Leo and Even have toured for a long time but you can’t notice any sign of tiredness at all. Halfway through the concert Biohazard invited the support-act Backfire and it was time to play some covers. They played songs like Cro-Mags ”Life on my own”, Agnostic Front ”Power” and Cypress Hill ”Ain’t going out like that”. Even inviting us to sing along with him on the last song. In ”HFFK”, the whole audience to screamed ”Hate! Fuck! Fight! Kill!” many times before they started to play. Even wanted us to scream ”Biohazard”many times during the show.

The best part of the concert was when Even and Billy jumped around like crazy and were all over the stage at the same time. Even even jumped down in the audience to hear them sing.

In the middle of the show, Even was wondering where all the stage divers were. He wanted the whole audience to come up on the stage. Even though it was a small audience, Even asked everyone to please take it easy so that no-one would get hurt. He meant that we were there to enjoy ourselves and not get hurt.

Something that impresses me is that Billy and Even share lead-vocals and sometimes they sing together. Especially Even’s darker voice against Billy’s more light voice is very different to the situation with only one singer and I like it a lot.

When the band plays the cover of Bad religion ”We’re only gonna die from our own arrogance” it is really Punk and it goes really, really fast! It is nothing more to say than that ”Biohazard rules”. Biohazard played for one hour and fifteen minutes. It was magic!

Biohazard deserves a lot of attention. They are still a really good band, as a live-act they really rule. They beat many of their colleagues in the genre.

Thanks to SPV and Skive promotion in Scandinavia for their help during this show.

Thanks to KB for setting Malmö/Sweden on the Map for good metal/hard rock over the world and makeing Malmö famous among foreign hard rockers.

Love denied
These eyes
How it is
Victory intro
Get away
Life on my own
Wide awake
We’re only gonna die from our own arrogance
Hold my on


Before the show, I was able to chat with drummer, Danny Schuler, about the new record and other stuff about the band.


What do you think of your last record compared to the others?
We produced it ourselves and that was much easier because we could run our own race without any producer interfering.


How did you get all the guests on the record to participate?
We knew them all from tours and shows that we have seen.


Which one of your records do you like best?
I like them all but the new one I like best, because it is the new one.


Which songs from your last record do you like best to play live?
”Wide awake” and ”Sellout”, but I like them all If it was possible I would like to play all the songs from our new record.


What was it like to produce yourselves?
We were very satisfied because we only had to listen to ourselves.


When you record songs, are there a lot that never show up on the album?
Some but not much. There are some half done songs.


Give me a definition of your music. Is it metal/hardcore or what?
It is metal/hardcore/ rock/ hip-hop if you ask me.


Is it any difference between the European audience and the American. If so what is the difference?
Europe is more open to new kinds of music and Europe appreciates us more than they do in USA. In America it is MTV and easy listening.


Do you like Sweden?
I like Sweden very much and I like Malmö. It is a beautiful country.


The best memory from Sweden?
Some years ago we played on a festival and that was in ’92. The festival was called Fagersta-festival and it was a nice day and really nice vibes and the special with that was that it was the last concert on the tour and the day after that we flew to New York city. That is my best memory from Sweden.


What do you recall from your last tour in Scandinavia?
There was a lot of people in Stockholm and the show in Malmö was really great in Sweden. Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark was also great.


Do you feel comfortable with your new guitarist Leo?
He works very well in our band and he plays very good and he has also become a real good friend.


Why have you chosen to call your tour “Against terrorism-tour”?
Many bands in USA cancelled during autumn ‘01 but we wanted to tour anyway. I will never let fear dominate what I like the most but of course, I am scared!


Do you have good harmony in your band?
We are all friends in the band but sure sometimes we fight. It is like a marriage to play in the band

Which are your plans after this tour in Europe?
Going home and resting. Billy is going to have a baby. This summer we plan to play some festivals here in Europe. After that, we are going to tour in US for the second time.


Do you think Heavy metal has a future during the 21st century?
Yes I do. There is always going to be a need for aggressive and heavy music. Look at the world today! I believe heavy music will last.


Which is your future vision for Biohazard?
I am surprised that we have lasted this far and I cannot say how long we are going to play as Biohazard. But one thing I can tell you, you are going to see some side projects with members from Biohazard in the near future.


Is it something you want to say to your fans all over the world?
I am happy for what we do and I am happy for being able to do this. Thank you! I will never let you down!

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