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Tuska Open Air Festival 2003

July 11-13, 2003 / Helsinki, Finland

Text and pictures by the
Finnish Metal-Rules.com team

The one and only annual Finnish pure metal festival, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival has gained its place on the map of the summer festivals. It is one of the most well-organized and professional festivals due to its arrangement by professionals and its killer line-ups. This year's Tuska festival, arranged in the central Kaisaniemi Park in the middle of Helsinki like last year, has grown a little bit since the previous events as the area has been expanded. Especially when the tickets were sold out almost immediately in the advance sales, bringing approximately 25000 metalheads to the venue within three days to dig bands. The festival basically covers bands from many of metal´s sub-genres from extreme Black Metal via Gothic to a raging Death Metal via Industrial to Power Metal. Something for everyone for sure…

The bill of the Tuska 2003 featured nearly every domestic frontline metal band that all enjoyed their popularity at the Tuska festival according to all the band shirts that I managed to see people wearing amongst the big audience. A real massive rush of attendance of metalheads was already testified on the first opening day when Type O Negative delivered their unique and somewhat dismal set of songs for the festival audience, concluding Friday successfully.

The Finnish Metal-Rules.com team, with its three more or less crazy journalists, was of course at present there during the whole time and managed to pick up several interesting and great bands during the 3 long days of pure metal madness.

Keep on reading what kind of an event the Tuska festival truly was like in the heart of the Finnish capital Helsinki (or preferably HELL-sinki as we are about to talk metal in here… ;), besides all those drunken Finnish Metal boys and girls that obviously had decided to party all night long ´til they eventually passed out. I felt almost sorry for all of you little poor bastards…


Day One - Friday, July 11th

Day Two - Saturday, July 12th

Day Three - Sunday, July 13th

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