Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

Thin Lizzy
Downtown, Farmingdale, NY 10-12, 2003

Review By Kieth McDonald

I have always been a big John Sykes fan, since his work with one of the best hard rock albums, Whitesnake's self-titled album, to his work with Blue Murder. But after Blue Murder lost it's deal with Geffen Records in the early 90's, we saw very little of John and company here in the States. He continued on with Blue Murder and eventually as a solo artist, but only releasing albums and touring in Japan. But John has resurfaced in the past couple years, not as a solo artist, but as the lead singer of the legendary Thin Lizzy. I never realized how much he admired Philip Lynott until he set out on tour, getting permission to use the Thin Lizzy name, and even releasing a live disc of their hits.

John Sykes and the boys continue to tour under the Thin Lizzy name as they stopped into town a few days back. As the lights went down and the siren blared, they hits the stage with 'Jailbreak' setting the tone for a night of great classic rock songs. I had forgotten how many great songs Phil and his bandmates had delivered over the years before his passing. The night was a night of greatest hits that included 'Bad Reputation', 'Chinatown', 'Still In Love With You', 'Suicide', 'Cowboy Song' and the biggest hit of all 'Boys Are Back In Town'. The only negative part was the absence of 'Whisky In A Jar' but I couldn't complain. Scott Gorman handled most of the guitar solos but John did a great job handling a few on his own. John's voice was strong as he did an incredible job handling the vocal duties. The rhythm section provided a strong backbone while John paid tribute to Phil on several occasions.

It was a great nostalgic show that allowed fans like myself, who had never heard Thin Lizzy play live before, appreciate what a great band this was and what more they could have provided for us. Check it out if you can.