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The Haunted
The Haunted - One kill wonder Tour
Bastionen, Malmö festivalen / Malmö, Sweden
August 18th 2003

Review and Pictures By Anders Sandvall

The Haunted has been out on the road for a really long time now on a long European tour prior to their stop here in Malmö where I got to see them again. I saw them in April at their last show on the tour (read my review of that here). After that it was time for the U.S.A. to take part of The Haunted's brutal music. They returned to Europe in the middle of the summer to do festival gigs. They are still touring for their third album ONE KILL WONDER from last year.



The Haunted only played for about an hour because it was a festival and the playtime was shorter compared to them headlining on their own. As usual, it’s full speed ahead when The Haunted go on stage. They have no slow songs or any song that remotely can be taken for a ballad. It’s hard and brutal that counts all the way. The difference between this gig and their last is that they are even tighter as a band this time than before, and there was no sign of tiredness amongst the guys, even though they have been out on the road for a really long time.




The line-up for The Haunted is: 

  • Marco Aro - lead vocals

  • Anders Björler - rhythm/lead guitar

  • Jonas Björler - bass

  • Jensen - rhythm guitar

  • Per Möller Jensen - drums



The set-list was the same as their earlier show here in Malmö. They played a lot of material from the new album of course, such as, “GOD PUPPET”, “SHADOW WORLD”, “SHITHEAD” and the title track “ONE KILL WONDER.” Older songs they played were “DARK INTENTIONS”, “LEECH”, and “HOLLOW GROUND”, and from the ground breaking first album they played “IN VEIN” and my personal favorite, “HATE SONG”!!



The expectation from the audience for The Haunted was huge. The whole tent was filled with people that had waited patiently for their favorite band. The crowd was following Marcos' every move with a lot of headbanging and singing along, both spontaneously and when Marco invited them (for example in “HATE SONG”). The most appreciated songs seemed to come from their groundbreaking debut. Marco was more varied in his vocals than he was earlier this year and he worked really hard to get the big crowd going. Because it was such a short amount of play time this time, they didn’t do so much talking. They dedicated “HOLLOW GROUND” to all of the bands who had played on the festival and as usual “HATE SONG” was dedicated to the audience. Marco and the rest of the guys seemed to really enjoy themselves onstage - they have played there once before.


haunted-pic5.JPG (25862 bytes)


Jensen stood at his side during the show and Anders stood on his side. The only ones who move across the stage are Jonas and Marco. Per behind his drums and Jensen on guitar always impress - big time. The whole gig was about an hour and it was a magical hour. The Haunted are very hard to beat, both as a live act and on record and with the amount of touring they have, it is a pleasure to see them live. They are extremely tight as a unit. I sure hope that they'll soon come back to crush Malmö once again!



A big thanks to Jensen & the band for letting me take pictures during the show.



Privation of Faith
God Puppet
Shadow world
In Vein
Shit Head
Hollow Ground
Dark Intentions
Bury your Head
One Kill Wonder
Hate Song