Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

Malmö Sweden, April 28, 2003
Review and pictures by Anders Sandvall


Marco, Jonas, Anders, Jensen and Per have been out on a European tour that ended last night in Malmö, Sweden. I met the band earlier that day, and as always, they were very nice. I talked to Marco and he said that the tour had gone very good throughout Europe, and they are coming back to Scandinavia to do a real headliner tour this autumn. He also told me that after a break of four days they are going to the States for a tour, but they are coming back to Sweden in the middle of June to do some festival gigs.


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The Haunted went on stage as scheduled. Sadly, it was a small audience, but they did their best to support the band with a lot of head banging. The crowd especially liked when the band played songs from their first groundbreaking album. The band is still touring for last year's album “One Kill Wonder.” Naturally a lot of the songs came from that album, such as “God Puppet”, “Shadow World”, “Bloodletting” and “Shithead”. They also played some older stuff like “Trespass”, “Bury Your Dead”, “Leech”, “Chasm” and “In Vein” among others.



There were no signs of exhaustion in the band, despite the fact that they have been on tour for a very long time. It was full speed from the start. The Björler Brothers stood on their side on the stage and headbanged throughout the show, just as Jensen did on his side. The only one who moved all over the stage was Marco, and he worked really hard to get the audience going. Personally, I think that Marco has grown as a frontman/stage personality since the last time I saw The Haunted. It looked like Marco and the whole band had a lot of fun on the stage. The only minor thing with Marco as a singer is that he has a slight tendency to sound a little bit "screamish" in his voice. A little more varied singing might be requested.



When it comes to The Haunted there are two levels: fast and faster. Last night it was faster. The Haunted has no ballads or remotely slow songs - it´s always high-speed music. It was a really nice blend of both old and new songs from their three records. I didn´t miss any of my favorite songs at all. They skipped the encores and did the whole show at once. It lasted one hour and 15 minutes. As the last song they played one of my favorite songs, that the band dedicated to us fans here in Malmö:  “Hatesong.”


It was a brilliant show. The band is very hard to beat, both live and on record. The Haunted plays crushing thrash metal for the 21st century.

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Thanks to Jensen and the rest of the band for letting me photograph the whole show.

Thanks to KB for bringing small and big metal/hard rock bands to Malmö, Sweden.



Set list
Privation of Faith
God Puppet
Shadow World
In Vein
Hollow Ground
Dark Intentions
Bury Your Dead
Bullet Hole
One Kill Wonder