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The Forsaken Concert Review
Malmö Sweden, February 15th, 2004

Review and Pictures By Anders Sandvall

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My first live show in 2004 is The Forsaken. I’ve seen them before and my expectations were high on what they should do now when they have proper sound and a real stage compared to the first time I’ve saw them live last year.

The tour started out in Finland and it’s gone through Sweden, Norway, and now Sweden once again. After the show in Malmö they had only one show left in Sweden before they headed out in Europe, and that was in Soilworks hometown of Helsingborg. It's a pretty long tour; it started 6/2 and is going to be finished on the 10th of March.

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There weren't very many people in the audience this Sunday night - approximately 100-150 people (KB takes about 750 people when it’s sold out). That didn’t seem to bother The Forsaken a bit. They went on stage pretty much as scheduled and totally ran over the crowd from the beginning with their brutal death/thrash metal. Even though most of the audience seemed to suffer from hangovers this night, they did their best to tag along. They played about 10 old and new songs during the 50 minutes they played. Of course they played some new stuff from the album, but they didn’t forget to play some material from their previous album as well. They hardly played anything from the debut. From, Traces of the Past they did, “A Time to Die”, “One More Kill” and the Metallica cover, “Blackened”, which sounded even better live than on album. From their previous album they did, ”Second Manifest” “Human Chapter X” and “Incubator.” From the debut they did, “Demon Breed” and “Seers Hared.” The line up is not intact on this tour. The bass player Stefan “Junior” Berg is not with them for some reason. Nor either the singer Anders Sjöholm, but in Malmö and Helsingborg it was Anders who took care of the lead vocals. On the rest of the tour they have both a session bass player and a session singer. This evening the line up was:

 Nicke Grabowski - drums

Stefan Holm - lead/rhythm guitar

Patrik Persson - lead/rhythm guitar

Anders Sjöholm - lead vocals

Marios Iliopoulos (Exhumantion, Nightrage) - session bass player

Anders with his Viking-like appearance looks very terrifying and angry out on stage. He impressed this evening with his vocals. He sounded much better than the first time I saw them on their release party. He talked a lot this evening and looks very angry when he does.

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Patrik and Stefan stood on each side of the stage and headbanged themselves throughout the show, and I can’t understand how Nicke can play the drums with the speed he had through the entire night - impressive. Marios seemed very happy to be out on the road. The only two who moved across the stage were Anders and Marios. The sound was brilliant compared to the last time I saw them at their release party at a local club - Fat Club - here in Malmö.

Yesterday the young Swedish thrash/death metal band from southern parts of Sweden showed us what pure hate was. There is only one thing to say about this show - brilliant!

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Don't dare to miss them if they are coming to your town.

I spoke to Nicke earlier during the day and he said that the album will be released in the U.S. and Japan later this year. They are going to tour in those countries as well. After the European tour they are going to try to get some festival gigs during the summer.

The Forsaken did a brilliant live show and they deserve all the success they can get.

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Thanks to Cindy at Century Media Sweden for the help at the show.

No thanks to the tour manager for not allowing any flash photos at the show. That’s why there are so few pictures from the show.


A time to die

Seers hared

Cold flesh colony


Second manifest

Human chapter X

One more kill

Demon Breed


God of demise

Band Website: www.theforsaken.net
Label Website: www.centurymedia.de