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Stryper – November 19, 2003

Axis – Boston, MA

Review by Paul Norton Photos by Carrie Ciccone

It's been a long long time since these boys have shown their faces to the public, and I am so thrilled that they chose to do this tour.  Out to hype their new greatest hits package “7”, these guys packed a huge punch in both sound and performance.  The club was over packed with people, in fact, I would go as far to say that Stryper sold out Boston's famous Axis nightclub! 


The crowd was pumped  and more than ready for the bands stage performance.  They were welcomed on stage to a roaring crowd and gave one of the most memorable performances by any band that I have ever witnessed.  Everything sounded perfect, a couple people at the show even mentioned that the band was better on this tour (they had seen a previous show on the tour) than when they saw the band in their heyday.


Michael Sweet's voice was in perfect shape, hitting the high notes and the even higher nights perfectly.  He hit the high note on In God We Trust and held it, then continued with an even higher scream and held it even longer, sending the crowd into a wild uproar.  The guitar harmonies sounded perfect, great interaction between Michael and Oz. 

One thing that I think really pleased the crowd, was the fact that they only played one ballad.  They played mostly fast or upbeat material, which made for a great night of headbanging, to which Oz gave me props in between songs.  They ended the show with their rendition of Winter Wonderland, bringing out an enormous dancing snow man. 

Set list:
Battle Hymn Of The Republic
Sing Along Song
Makes Me Wanna Sing
Calling On You
More Than A Man
For You (New Song)
In God We Trust
Caught In The Middle
You Wont Be Lonely
Reach Out
Loud and Clear
The Way
Soldiers Under Gods Command
To  Hell With The Devil
Winter Wonderland


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