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Skid Row World Wide Tour 2004
Pumpehuset Copenhagen, Denmark 30/3 2004

Review and Pictures By Anders Sandvall


I saw L.A. Guns play earlier this year and now it's time for me to see another American band, the famous Skid Row. Before they arrived in Denmark they had been doing some shows in Norway and Sweden and this was the last show in Scandinavia before they were going to head out in the rest of Europe.

They are currently supporting their new album THICKSKIN from last year. The line-up are also different from before. There are only three original members left. The current line up is: Johnny Solinger - lead vocals, Phil Varone - drums, Rachel Bolan - bass/b-vox, Scotti Hill - guitar/b-vox, and Snake - guitar/b-vox.

I've listened to THICKSKIN a lot and I think that Johnny's doing a great job so my expectations were pretty high on what they should deliver this Tuesday evening. The crowd also seemed to have high expectations as the show was nearly sold out. Skid Row haven't been in Europe for many years and last time I saw them was in the beginning of the 90's with L.A. Guns as support.

This night they didn't let the crowd down. The band  was very energetic and they delivered about 90 minutes of pure magic. Last night it was the whole band that made a show NOT Sebastian Bach and Skid Row as before.

They played both new and old classics like "Piece of Me", "Makin' a Mess", "18 and Life" and "Get the Fuck Out". From the new album they did "Ghost", "New Generation" and "Thick is the Skin". They also did two versions of "I Remember You", both the original version and the new one from the new album which is called "I Remember You Two". That one is more of a punk thing than the original version. In the Ramones cover "Psycho Therapy" Rachel took over the mic and did a brilliant cover of the song. I personally think it's a bit sad to hear that song because I liked The Ramones and now two of the members have passed away.

The set list was exactly the same as the show in Surrey, British Columbia Canada which was reviewed by Lord of the Wasteland in Metal-Rules.com except in order of appearance. (Lord of the Wasteland's Review)

Johnny has a brilliant voice and he did the old songs his one way and  didn't try to imitate Mr. Bach. He also worked very hard to get the crowd going and he and Rachel moved across the whole stage. Scotti and Snake were more distant and mostly stood on each side and played and occasionally they took a step or two across the small stage. They didn't have many things on the stage just a back-drop so they could move if they wanted to.

Johnny did quite a lot of talking between the songs and also invited the audience to sing a long with him in "I Remember You" and it was also some spontaneously singing a long amongst the crowd where I was standing. But most of the people there didn't seem to know that the band had a new album out and when the newer songs were played they just stood and watched the band.

The guys seemed to have a really good time on stage and there were no signs of any tiredness either. It looked liked they really enjoyed meeting the Danish fans.

The only minor thing this evening was that they only did 5 songs from the new album and the show felt more like a greatest hits show instead of support for the new album. Nothing wrong with that but I would have liked to hear some newer stuff as well. The sound this evening was also as good as the band, not to high or low just perfect.

I can't wait for the summer when they come back to Scandinavia once again as they are scheduled for a show at the Sweden Rock Festival in Sweden.

Thanks to Mike the tour manager for the help at the concert.

Again NO thanks to the local security at Pumpehuset for their rude, aggressive and brutal behavior towards me.


INTRO...Blitzkrieg Bop - Ramones
Slave to the Grind 
Piece of Me 
Making a Mess 
New Generation 
18 and Life 
Monkey Business 
I Remember You Two 
Get the Fuck Out 
Beat Yourself Blind 
Psycho Therapy 
I Remember You 
Thick is the Skin 
Youth Gone Wild


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