Heart of Steel: Concert Review

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Sepultura - Roorback Tour
10th of June 2003 Malmö Sweden
Text and pictures by Anders Sandvall

Sepultura is back in Sweden again and with them they have the brand new album ROORBACK. The last time they were in Sweden was in 1998 on the AGAINST tour - the first album with the new singer Derrick. Since AGAINST they have released 2 albums with Derrick. In my opinion ROORBACK is a much better album than the previous albums with Derrick. ROORBACK feels more vital, has stronger songs, is more varied, the tribal influences are gone, Derrick feels more secure in the band vocally, and the spark is back. They played on Sweden Rock Festival two days before they came to Malmö.

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Derrick Green - lead vocals
Andreas Kisser - guitar
Igor Cavalera - drums
Paulo - bass

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They kicked off the gig exactly as scheduled with “CORRUPTED” from the new album. Right from the start the band showed in what direction they were headed - fast forward, it was thrash metal at its best, and there were no signs of the tribal influences whatsoever - even in the old songs. The audience wasn't very large this night - approximately half-full. But the ones who were there did their best to welcome Sepultura back to Sweden, and sang along with the band when they played the old classics.


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As usual, when a band has a new album out they play a lot of songs from the new album - so did Sepultura. Some songs from the new album were “CORRUPTED”, “MIND WAR”, “APES OF GOD” and the U2 cover “BULLET THE BLUE SKY.” They also played some classic songs like “TROOPS OF DOOM”, “REFUSE/RESIST”, “TERRITORY” and “ROOTS.” The front trio did their best to get the crowd going, especially Derrick, but also Andreas. Derrick has, according to me, grown as a frontman and singer since last time I saw them. But Derrick's voice works better live than on record. There was, however, one minor thing this evening: there´s only one guitarist in the band. Sometimes Derrick plays guitar to but mostly it´s Andreas who plays by himself, that makes the music sound a bit thin. Igor sat solid as a rock behind his drums. Andreas is very good at guitar, and as mentioned before Derrick has expanded his vocal range quite a bit. The older songs also work better this time than they did in 1998. All the guys seemed to have a real good time on stage and there were no signs of any tiredness in the band.


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Derrick did a lot of talking between the songs. Some things he said was that Sepultura likes Sweden a lot, and it was very nice to be back, and that they had went very far just to play for us (It´s a very long way from Brazil to Sweden). Derrick dedicated “ARISE” to all the great Swedish hard rock/metal bands that we have here.


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Sepultura deserves all respect: they are still a very good band live as on record. It was almost one hour and thirty minutes of magic at KB that night. We can only hope they come back here soon and crush Sweden once again like they did that night.


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Thanks to SPV and Skive Promotion in Sweden for the help at the show.

Set list
Slave New World
Apes of God
Troops of Doom
Bullet the Blue Sky
Come back alive (Encore)
Roots (Encore)