Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland / 29.11.2001

Reviewed by the Finnish Metal Rules Team

 Saxon in Finland… Oh my… That was something really unexpected. Let's think now when the British metal legends visited up here last time… Hmm.. It was back on the "Eagle Has Landed" tour back in 83, so it was a long time ago anyway!

It was definitely a huge surprise that they even bothered coming over as Biff Byford already announced in the early stage of the gig that they loose a lot of money when coming over, but it is great to see the wild and enthusiastic crowd. But unfortunately lousy 400 people had taken their bearings to the Nosturi club, which is basically damn good as arranging metal gigs in the middle of the week and especially on Tuesday ain't the most idealistic and perfect time because of the crowd mainly consisting of quite the middle aged people which are supposed to get to the work in the next morning.

That seemed not to dismiss the general atmosphere of the gig at all, just on the contrary as becoming and turning to be quite intensive especially when Biff encouraged and demanded people to bang their heads. When people kept yelling all classic songs all the time, Biff sarcastically inquired "What do you want to hear ?, If you shout at the same time it makes it sound "blymghk" for me!", and the whole audience started laughing. Well after all Biff decided to tear the whole set list apart as some people happened to keep shouting the stuff all the time as knowing the whole track list in advance, at least one editor of the Finnish Metal Rules team was responsible for that… And Biff announced that the set has now got a new total direction, no more set list and the audience were splitting their sides laughing. And in general the metal veteran vocalist and the whole band all in all was extremely amused as well as thrilled about the people's insane reactions. The audience's rhythmic and loud Saxon shouts only fed the flame of the combo to unleash the beast.



The band appeared to be in the damn good strike. Definitely better compared for example to another British metal legends Judas Priest whose visit to Finland a couple of weeks ago was more lifeless. In general as for the vocalist Biff Byford's stage appearance, he really is a showman in every meaning of the word. Bassist Tim "Nibbs" Carter also collected many new fans because of his excellent live performance. He really enjoyed being on the stage with LOTS of energy and he was also only member of the band who dared to perform without any shirt. Both guitarists the only and original now really "shorthaired" Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt also performed quite well, so did newest member drummer Fritz Rainbow (ex-Sinner) who showed what kind of showman can drummer also be during his short drum solo.

Saxon have kept the wheels of steel rolling all throughout those tough years in the beginning of the 90's and toured continually and achieved a reputation for being an excellent live band. It was quite funny to witness how vital, active and energetic the whole five-piece was on the stage, they truly rocked. The whole 2 and ˝ hour gig was an excellent cross-section of their career from the late 70's till the present time. Actually they played at least one song from every album they have released, except nothing from mid 80's Rock The Nations and Destiny

But the real heavy metal blow out was experienced in the encore containing the most cheered Saxon battle hymns: Crusader, Denim And Leather and Wheels Of Steel. The whole front of the stage was rapidly packed by older and younger diggers singing the lines by heart and almost banging brains out of their heads.

Saxon literally surprised and satisfied all the 400 heads entirely. Once again it was marvelous to have another metal legend standing for the NWOBHM to visit Finland. They gave a lesson of what real metal heads should be!!!!



Killing ground
Backs To the Wall
Court Of the Crimson King
Never Surrender
Thin Red Line
Broken Heroes
20 000 feet
The Preacher
Dragon's Lair
Conquistator/drum solo/Heavy Metal Thunder/Conquistrator
Dogs Of War
Forever Free
Coming Home
Dallas 1PM
Solid Ball Of Rock

Denim And Leather
Princess Of The Night
Wheels Of Steel









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