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Ozzy Osbourne
GM Place, Sunday, March 3rd, 2002

Review by D. Pope

This is my third Ozzy Show. I had a chance to see the madman the first time in 1997 (Ozmosis Tour) and during the 99 Ozzfest with Black Sabbath.

The openings acts were (not my cup of) Tea Party and Project Wyze. I arrived late to the show and missed both.

Ozzy was joined by his touring band Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillio ex-Suicidal Tendencies on bass, Mike Bordin ex-Faith No more on drums and John Sinclair, keyboards.

The show started with a mini movie. Several pop videos were edited to include Ozzy as a key player including Madonna in "Music", A whore in "Lady Marmalade" and as a psychic in "Madam Cleo."

As the crowd chanted his namesake, Ozzy began with his classic number "I Don't Know". This is a perfect set opener that really gets the crowd going. This song was followed by "War Pigs." Hearing this song live always gives me chills however Ozzy traded vocals with the audience, opting only to sing every second verse. I feel that audience participation is important but Karaoke has its time and place.

From his most recent CD, the band played "That I Never Had". This was an odd choice for a live song and was not memorable.

Next was "I cant fucking hear you/ Mr Crowley/Let me see your cigarette lighters". Ozzy encouraged the audience to light up. There were lots of smokers in the house.

Zakk Wylde then did a lengthily guitar solo. He did the "Great Kat" proud with his speed and virtuosity. For the audience, he played this guitar behind his back and with his teeth. Zakk's performance the entire night was amazing. He ended his solo with a rendition of Star Spangled Banner.

The remainder of the set list included, Road To Nowhere, Gets Me Through, Mama, I'm Coming Home, Paranoid, Iron Man, Suicide Solution, I Don't Want To Change The World, Crazy Train and Bark At The Moon.

Ozzy did not perform any selections from Diary of a Madman, Ultimate Sin, No rest for the Wicked or Ozmosis. Overlooking half of the catalogue is kind of drastic in my opinion and pisses me off!

For special effects, Ozzy took 2 buckets of water and instead of emptying them on the crowd, he dumped them on security who were leaning against the stage. This was quite amusing to see. I kind of preferred the water gun from the last tour.

The stage was bare and consisted of a lighting rig, a cloth backdrop and 2 monitors. The sound was poor and distorted. GM place is not known for having good acoustics.

I would rate Ozzy's performance as better than the 1997 show overall. He seemed to be in relatively good shape and was not gasping for air as per the 97 performance. Although his voice was solid enough, his range has diminished over the years, which limits the numbers that he can perform. He did manage to do some jumping jacks and leaps as per tradition but no cartwheels much to my disappointment. He seems to like saying "Go fucking crazy", "I cant fucking hear you" and "Louder." His next action figure should come with a pull string.

As I mentioned previously, Zakk Wylde was amazing.

The rhythm section of Trujillio and Bordin I could definitely do without. Both of the guys looked ridiculous on stage. Trujillio squatted and pranced around like a spider and played a stupid 11 string or whatever bass that was barely audible. Bordin looked like a spider and sounded like he was playing Faith No More tunes the entire night and didn't seem to give a shit about performing the songs the way they were intended!

Despite my criticism I must admit I did have a good time at the show.

Ozzy is now 53 years old and has been entertaining for over 33 years-Jesus! He was supposed to retire almost 10 years ago. At the end of the show he warned the audience about smoking pot and driving and said that he wanted to come back and kick our asses once again. Hmm.. Ozzy at 57. "I Don't Know!"

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