Heart of Steel: Concert Reviews

Marble Arch
December 12th, 2002 / Hässleholm, Sweden

Live Review and photos by Anders Sandvall

marblearch-pic1.jpg (10378 bytes)After hearing their debut record, Another Sunday Bright, my expectations were huge for the Marble Arch concert, because I thought the record was very strong. The band hasn’t had many chances to play live - only on small places as Vetlanda, a CD release party in Bollnäs, and Hässleholm - all small places in Sweden.

The band entered the stage, as usual they were late as all the bigger bands. Already from the beginning they showed a strong profile and presented a more interesting picture compared to the record. On the record they play dark, grim rock with influences of gothic metal. The music was harder, faster in concert, with the guitar sound higher up in the mix. Niklas and Martin's twin-guitar playing was great. What a voice Johan has! He has an incredible vocal range! His songs were a real delight to hear live.

marblearch-pic3.jpg (11635 bytes)

Even though the stage was small, they did a good job - but they couldn’t move around. Johan didn’t talk very much between the songs - he just mentioned the titles. Johan was backed up on vocals by Martin. The sound was brilliant and everyone was heard distinctly.

marblearch-pic5.jpg (13659 bytes)

However, the concert was only forty minutes long, because they only have 10 songs. They couldn’t perform more than nine so they couldn’t even give us an encore. I wished they would have played at least one encore.

marblearch-pic2.jpg (14879 bytes)

They haven't got the routine yet, which is needed to perform live. They acted shy and reserved on stage. I have the feeling that those boys have great potential because they are well rehearsed, the ability to write strong songs, they are clever musicians, and fronted by an incredible singer, with skillful guitar players, and last but not least - they have their own sound and style.

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I can't wait for Marble Arch to come back and play at a better venue. Perrong 23 wasn’t a big shot because they deserve to be successful. Everyone who is missing the record, “Another Sunday Bright” should run out to your local record store and buy it right now!

marblearch-pic6.jpg (13004 bytes)

Thanks to Martin Boman and the rest of the band for permitting my presence and access to all areas for taking photos. I also thank them for a pleasant chat before the show and inviting me to the show to see them play. Thanks to Cindy at Century Media Sweden as always.




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