Heart of Steel: Concert Review

Josh Todd
Live at the Crazy Donkey

Review By Keith McDonald

To be honest, if Josh Todd’s publicist hadn’t emailed me about this show, I not only wouldn’t have known about it, I wouldn’t have known that he had a solo album out already. So I made my way to the club and got in just in time to see the former Buckcherry frontman hit the stage with his new band. Before I get into the show itself, I just wanted to touch base with his new band members. The band, with the exception of the drummer, had the same look. They were all young, under the age of 25, had dark hair that fell in front of their face and pretty much wore the same clothes. But they were good and provided a more than capable backbone for Josh Todd. I knew before going in that Josh was not planning on doing any Buckcherry material, with the exception of ‘Lit Up’ and that he was concentrating on promoting his new material and showcasing his band.

So basically it was like going to see a band who’s music I had never heard before, which is something I haven’t done in some time. Josh’s new material is heavy, dark and moody touching on all subjects including his indulgence of cocaine. There wasn’t a bad song in the set. He did wet the appetites of the Buckcherry fans by playing ‘Lit Up’ with a little twist, playing it a little slower than the original version.

Buckcherry was a great rock band that never got it’s due. Yes, they made some noise with their self-titled debut album and the hit song ‘Lit up’ yet never did much afterwards, almost being ignored by radio and MTV. When the band released ‘Time Bomb’, their follow up and best material, it did very little while seeing minimal promotion from their major label, Dreamworks Records. Their songwriting was solid and seemed to be growing in the right direction. Too bad when major labels with all their money and marketing power refuses to develop a band that had the capability to be something special. Now all we have is a Josh Todd solo album and tour. Hopefully this is a project that goes somewhere.



Mind Infection
Flowers & Cages
The Walls
Lit Up