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Impaled Nazarene

Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland -  Dec. 12, 2001
By Arto Lehtinen

The most controversial nuclear cyber sado or whatever nihilistic metal monster Impaled Nazarene launched their gig date to quite an interesting moment without any doubts being on the 6th of December which happens to be Finland's national independent day. The most idealistic moment to carry out the immortal Suomi Finland Perkele philosophy and slogan. Basically the gig date was Impaled Nazanere's way of striking back to all accusations made up by the Finnish bloodhound media during the last few months, accusing them of all kinds of shit.

Impaled Nazarene entered the stage stylistically dressed up into customs to salute the Finnish independent day and let hell on loose by starting out with the legendary Total War shouts and the audience rose their fists and shouted their lungs out "TOTAL WAR". Even though the band has undergone quite a few changes in the line up during the last few years, but however the main ceremony master Mika Luttinen has always remained and been the main core target of the band who pulls the audience to testify the merciless hellbound and hardboiled gig from the beginning to the end. Luttinen's stage charisma and his appearance definitely cause and wake reactions for and against. But for some bizarre reason, the audience didn't become that wild or aggressive like Impaled's gig a couple of years ago which I witnessed in the same place, when the floor turned a real battlefield when bodies were flying all around. But anyway it is quite obvious this controversial reputation of which the whole band is known for is based on the frontman's reputation being more or less falsely reported in the media unfortunately. Besides the frontman, both the guitarist handled their duties damn well and especially the bassist "Killer" appeared to be in damn good strike during the whole gig…

As I have written in several other gig reviews about Impaled Nazarene that their gig is nothing, but a total real unforgivable spanking throughout the whole set. No mercy no pity.

I have witnessed Impaled Nazarene during the last ten years...Let's see...Hmm a couple of dozens of times since their early heavily bloody/sm oriented stage performance until their quite standard and traditional way of performing the nihilistic stuff, although the blood and mask dates are gone, but their musical onslaught is still totally pain to the bitter end.

The set list:
Intro - Total War
Lost Art of Goat
Prequel to Bleeding
Wrath Of the Goat
Chaosgoat Law
Karmageddon Warriors
Violence I crave
Absence Of War
S666 / Under A Golden Shower
Cogito Ergo Sum

Humble Fuck Of Death
Zero Tolerance
Killer Of Trolls
Hardboiled And Still Hellbound
Soul rape
Ghost Riders
Satan's Generation
Condemned To Hell

Intro - Vituksen Multihuipennus
Kuolema Kaikille
Nyrkillä Tapattava Huora


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