Heart of Steel: Concert Review

Review and Pictures by Celtic Bob

My third HELIX show the year and in a little over a month as well.

Am I tired of seeing them? Not a bit.

Would I go see them a fourth or fifth time in the same year? Damn right I would. They put off a killer show no matter what the venue or attendance. As I did with my last review (30th) and my intro to EvilG’s review of the SJ show I will begin a little earlier than showtime.

Saturday morning I show up at the hotel and am greeted in the parking lot by Brian and Lynda Vollmer. We hop in my car and take a quick spin around town then back to the hotel for breakfast. We then go back to their room where Brian has a band rehearsal in a little while. Lynda and I leave the room and proceed over to the shopping center to get a couple of things for that evenings show. Once we return to the hotel we meet up with Rick and EvilG who just arrived in town for the show after driving 4 hours in the pouring rain. We all goto the hotel room where EvilG interviews Brian. Once he finishes we head over to Rainer and Cindy’s room to interview Rainer. After that a few of us (Lynda, Rainer and Cindy) as well as Rick, EvilG and myself all go out and see some sights around the area. After that, the band all head out for supper and do sound check’s etc. We get to the show as the gate’s open and there is nobody there. We go into Dooly’s and relax until the band is supposed to hit the stage at 11:15pm. Just prior to them starting Archie comes along and says to come backstage for a beer before the show. We go back and everyone is getting geared up for the show despite the small crowd. We then head out to the show as the band does last minute preparations for the show.

The security wanted to keep the crowd back about 10ft from the stage but as soon as the band hit the stage Brian got us ALL up against the stage like a true concert should be. Despite the insanely small crowd Brian and co. played and performed like they were in front of 300,000 and not the 300 that were there. The setlist was basically the same as the St. John’s one but this time they got to play “Deep Cuts the Knife” which got omitted last time. I swear this guy’s voice keeps getting better as time goes on. At one point in the show Brian said that seeing how he was in NL he had to go get some Fish and Chips. After that he went shopping and got a new shirt (which he was wearing under his Zep one). When he removed the Zep shirt he was proudly wearing a tee with the NL flag on it. At one point during the show he made a comment about the small crowd saying that everyone should tell their friends the next day what an excellent show they saw and that they could thank them that they have Search and Rescue next time they get lost in the woods. This show was supposed to be a benefit for Search and Rescue but that is a whole different story that I will not get into. Anyways the band performed about 18 songs and played until about 1am. During “Rock You” Brian got off the stage and out in the crowd to sing, which seems to be the trademark for this RnR anthem. He brought Cindy out to the front for “Dirty Dog” which was great as she is an excellent addition to the band. Jim and Stan were on 11 the whole show playing great and putting on an excellent show for the people there.


Rainer pretty much stayed on his side of the stage but definitely made his presence known with his playing. At one point during the set I believe it was “Running Wild” that I noticed Archie looking a bit pissed and motioning for a sound guy to come up on stage or crank up his monitor. After a second I realized he lost his kick drum. Cindy came up and couldn’t fix it. Finally as the song was almost over some sound guy came up and fixed it in time to end the track. Apart from the missing pedal Arch never missed a beat the whole time. It just goes to show the great musicianship in the band. This is the most solid group of players Vollmer has had behind him since the Classic 80’s/Capitol line-up. Hopefully this line-up will stay with him for many years to come and release a lot of great music which I know they are quite capable of doing.

After the show the band went back to the Merch booth to meet fans and to sign stuff. Afterwards I went backstage to talk to the band, have a beverage and relax.

The next morning I hopped in my car and drove to Gander again and met up with Brian and Lynda. We did a bit of sightseeing and were about to drive to my hometown for a visit but plans changed and Brian, Lynda, Rainer, Cindy, Robin (Driver) and myself all hopped in a rent a van and went sightseeing along the coast. It was a great day and I think a good time had by all. After returning to Gander the band all got ready to go out and I got in my car for the journey home.

3 Helix shows in a little over a month, met a bunch of great people and had a lot of good times. I guess summer is over now?

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