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The Haunted With Debase

Bastionen Malmö festival Malmö Sweden
August 16, 2001

By: Anders Sandvall



Jonas (git), Johan (drums), Sigge (git), Micko (bass) and Micke on vox.

The heavy metal heroes of Malmö opened up with a brilliant show that lasted about one hour. Debase kicked off the show by starting with new songs from the cd “Domination” which was released earlier this summer in Sweden. If you compare the songs on the record with the live-show the live show is much heavier than the record because the production was lousy on the album. Domination is going to be released in Europé during autumn or winter. Among the new songs that were played, Stoneage2K, The title track and Room #4. Debase has been out and played an awful lot and they are pretty tight on stage. The front-trio is Sigge/Jonas/Micke and they are all over the stage.

Sigge and Jonas change sides with each other all the time. Micko simply stands there with his sunglasses on and looks cool. Johan on the drums is a real demon on stage, one of the new drummers from Sweden is on his way up and will be a model for coming generation drummers. He is the best new drummer in Sweden right now.

Micke as a singer has developed a lot and his voice is broader than before when I started to follow the band in 1999. Debase is very technical . To make the show more interesting this evening the band had some smoke and sparkles on stage. At the end of the show they did play some songs from the debut album from 1999 “The World Is Listening”. That album is harder than the second one but live there is no difference.

Songs that was played were Starwars, Mad preacher and as a finish my favorite song, Candyman Messiah. Another favorite from the first album is Bedtime stories. I missed that one, they don’t play it any more. I hope they will put it on their play list again.

Debase is on their way to go really, really far because this is really good metal.

Debase’s metal is going to be outstanding compared to other metal bands out there in the world.

Set list:
Room #4
Starwars intro
Mad preacher
Black Caesar
Candyman intro
Candyman Messiah

The Haunted

As far as I am concerned the debut of Haunted is pioneering, a modern classic, a real masterpiece. They have brought Thrash metal into the twenty-first century. With their modern music style they have taken the music further so that it doesn’t stagnate. The singer on the debut Peter Dolving sings like a god and it was a bad surprise when the second record came last year. Both the drummer and the singer had changed into Marco Aro on vox and the Dane Per E Jensen on drums. But earlier this year I saw The Haunted on KB Malmö Sweden. Even if Marco had caught a cold it was splendid and he made even the oldies sound good. After that I bought the second record “The Haunted made me do it”. Even if the second record is calmer in certain parts it is still brutal metal on this second record. But, the debut album is better. Yesterday evening it was the end of the tour here in Malmö on the Malmöfestival. Lots of people had gathered in Bastionen to see the show. Jensen on guitar, Marco on vox, Jonas on bass, Anders on guitar and Per on drums went up on stage and totally ran over the audience with their music. They played both old and new material and they kicked off the show with “ Burry your dead” and then it went on with song’s like Chasm ,Trespass, Leech and Hollow ground. Jensen on guitar is really good, a real guitar hero who impresses me a lot with his playing skills Marco was the only one who moved around on stage. The others banged their heads instead of moving. The light wasn’t good. Marco was the only one seen. The others stood in dark. Marco’s voice was intact this evening and his voice was brilliant . He is capable to do the old songs as well as Peter. One hour of magic. They closed the show with the audience favorite “Hate song”. Marco got the people to scream for “Hate song” several times before it started. After that song the show ended. No encores. I wanted more because it was a really good concert. The Haunted has been on the road for a long time and they play really tight. Not many trash/metal bands can be compared to the Haunted. I can hardly wait for the next record but they were on a very long tour so I think rest is on the agenda for a while. The Haunted has no airs and graces, nice guys. I met the whole band and had a chance to talk to them.

I had a longer chat with Jensen about the side- project Witchery. This group has recorded their third record here in Malmö earlier this year. The record is supposed to be released during autumn/wintertime with a follow-up-tour. Witchery starts in the USA before they come to Europé and Scandinavia.

Set list:
Hollow ground
Choke Hold
In vein

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