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Entwine: Support act to Theatre Of Tragedy
Time of Despair Tour  -  Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden - 11/5-2002

Review & Photos by Anders Sandvall

I have always thought of Finland as a third world country when it comes to the hard rock scene when compared to my country - Sweden. I understand that I will get hate mail for saying this, but I don’t care!! Now they have a  band that seems to have the capacity to be very, very big, in my opinion. But they are dependent on the right people behind them to back them up. 

The Finnish band Entwine was the opening act to the Norwegian band Theatre of Tragedy. They came to Malmö Sweden May 11th 2002. Entwine brought with them their latest effort Time of despair. I find this record one of the best records this year.

Entwine had 45 minutes, and they managed this well. The band concentrated mostly on their last record. For example, they played the title track, "The Pit" and "Stream of Life." Many in the audience recognized the songs from the new record. On the contrary the audience was silent when they played older songs. "Time of Despair" is their third record. Entwine plays gothic-metal.

Lots of people gathered this Saturday evening to listen to Entwine and Theatre of Tragedy. The band is harder and the tempo is faster and more heavy live than on the records. Entwine couldn’t move around so much because Theatre of Tregedy had filled up the stage. The only member who moved around was the singer Mika Tauriainen. He moved a little and there wasn’t much talking between the songs. They just acted. Mika has an unbelievably good voice and he impressed me a lot and he moves like Bono (the lead singer in U2). Jaani on guitar head banged throughout the show. Aksu Hanttu on drums is very skillful and he was the only one that backed Mika on back-up vocals. The only girl, a sweetheart, on keyboard, Ritta Heikkonen, was very clever though she stood in the back and danced throughout the gig. A splendid concert as warm-up act to the headliner. Entwine’s gothic metal bears the whole way through. They can grow quite a lot. I can't wait for them to come back and headline for us in Sweden again. 

The Pit
Thru The Darknes
New Dawn
Nothing Left To Say
Closer (my love)
Stream of Life
Snow White
Time of Despair

Thanks to Cindy Century Media Sweden for all your help.
As always, thanks to KB for all the metal/hard rock acts that you bring here to play for us.

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