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Dream Evil 
Support-act to Blind Guardian Mejeriet Lund Sweden 5/9-2002

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Review and pics By Anders Sandvall

dreamevil-pic2.jpg (90734 bytes)It was sold out yesterday in Mejeriet Lund when Blind Guardian made their first show on their tour of Sweden. The band brought the Swedish band Dream Evil as opening act on the first and second shows in Sweden.

The nine hundred in the audience had huge expectations for the show. The members in Dream Evil were nice and talkative, especially small Gus G, and the bandleader Fredrik Nordström. I also had the opportunity to have a chat with the living legend and drummer Snowy Shaw. Dream Evil has the totally splendid and totally crushing debut from earlier this year, Dragonslayer. My expectations for the band were massive, and I wondered if they could reproduce this feeling live.

They fulfilled my expectations one hundred percent, if you consider that the band hasn’t played very many live shows so far. They had thirty-five minutes and they took good care of this time. Many in the audience recognized several songs, and there was spontaneous sing-along in many of the songs.

Dream Evil Are:
Fredrik Norström - guitar, background vocals
dreamevil-pic3.jpg (96766 bytes)Niklas Isfeldt - lead vocals
Gus G - guitar
Snowy Shaw - drums
Peter Stålfors - bass, background vocals

Niklas didn’t talk so much between the songs. The music gave the impression that they had played together for many years, but in reality they haven’t played together more than six times before. Everybody moved around except Gus G - he kept his position and played. He is a strong artist on guitar. Peter has the same movement pattern as Steve Harris from the band Iron Maiden. He has his one foot on the monitor and sings the songs to himself all the time. Fredrik seemed a bit absent-minded on stage. Niklas has just as strong voice live as he does on the record, and he does a great job as front man in the band. What to say about Snowy? A legend. Technically complete, and plays fast, like a god. The band started with the song ”Kingdom Of the Damned." Other songs they played were “Save Us”, “The Chosen Ones”, “In Flames You Burn” and “The 7th Day”. During the last song, Niklas invited the audience to sing with him in “Heavy Metal in the Night.”

dreamevil-pic4.jpg (94052 bytes)The sound wasn’t perfect due to the immensely long soundcheck from the headliners. The show was too short. And no encores were performed. I regret they didn’t play alone, because we all wished they had played  longer. They were extremely good!

Dream Evil are difficult to beat live as well as on the record. When I talked to Gus G, he told me that they are going to play live a bit more and then enter the studio and make a follow-up to the debut. Dragonslayer was one of the best records this year, in my opinion. Next year there will be a real tour as headliner act. I look forward to that. Everyone who isn’t an owner of Dragonslayer: buy it right now! This band can’t be stopped, and they have the potential to make a magnificent career with their heavy power metal.


Set list

Kingdom of the Damned
Save Us
The 7th Day
The Chosen Ones
In Flames You Burn
The Prophecy
Chasing the Dragon
Heavy Metal in the Night

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Thanks to Cindy, and Century Media Sweden for all the help

Band Website: www.dreamevil.mu