Heart of Steel: Concert Review

Dimmu Borgir / Nevermore / Children of Bodom
 December 13, 2003

Palladium - Worcester MA

Review by Paul Norton
Photos by Carrie Ciccone

Massachusetts metalheads have seen a slew of popular European metal bands come to this side of the Atlantic in the last few years.  Finally, Children of Bodom have been attached to a US tour! American fans have been waiting for this for so long, and tonight, they were not disappointed.  Children of Bodom came on stage and filled the room with their blend of neo-classical blackened metal.  They were tight as I expected, and they are great showman too.  The Wildchild lived up to his name as he strutted his stuff all around the stage in a bad ass manner.  One thing I hate about the Boston area scene is that these events are held at the atrocious Palladium.  Not only is the place too big for its own good, but the sound is always terrible and the security guards are nothing short of jackasses.  And again, I was disappointed with the sound, the volume level was low making it hard to hear the band if you weren't directly in front of the stage.  This is not the bands fault though, musically, they were amazing, and they were a lot of fun too!  Great stagemen, all of them.  Putting the crowd into a frenzy with synchronized headbanging, Alexi's swinging guitar around body trick, and crazy finger tapping solos. They played many of their more known songs in this short set... "Needled 24/7", "Hate Me', Every Time I Die", and "In The Shadows".

Seattle dark thrash masters hit the stage soon after the COB set.  They filled the room with their thundering sound.  Warrel Dane, front man, is a great stageman.  He really knows how to play well with the crowd.  He was encouraging everyone to headbang throughout the show.  The band focused heavily on their latest effort, Enemies of Reality.  I used to not care much for these guys, but after seeing them I think I will reconsider that decision.  I was very impressed by the show, and the crowd was absorbing all their thunderous energy that they were putting out.

The masters of Dark Metal entered the stage sooner than expected.  Their elaborate background for their exploding stage show came together rather quickly.  The show started with blue strobes flashing and a keyboard laden intro.. then BOOM! the show began.  Before you knew it, everyone has their fists in the air and their heads banging.  People that talked and lounged out for the other acts soon got up and started shouting in excitement. The show had really began.  The band played a good mix of old and new material, but obviously focused on their latest album, Death Cult Armageddon.  Everyone ones performance was in top shape, Vortex's clean vocals were up to par, and Shagrath's vocals were ear piercing.  My favorite member of the band is the keyboardist. I love his style, and how he plays, and as a character he is the spookiest. And I cannot believe, what a mad man Nick Barker is behind the skins, damn that big guy can move.  And the guitars, of course, were in tip top shape.  Now the sound for Dimmu was pretty good, and it was LOUD.  I wonder if this band has some contract where they other bands have to be lower than them in volume.. I remember reading somewhere that there was one or two bands in the metal scene that had this type of thing going.  The show was excellent, like their shows have been in the pas.  No one was left disappointed at the end of the night. 


Offical Dimmu Borgir