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D.A.D. Live Review
Review and pics By Anders Sandvall

DAD-pic3.jpg (21103 bytes)One of the biggest events in Denmark this summer was supposed to be “The Wigwam Tour," where D.A.D. was supposed to be the headliner in the biggest circus marquee in the world. Other notable bands on the tour were Sort Sol, Kent and Bo Kaspers’ orchestra. The tour only performed one concert, and after that the whole tour package went bankrupt.

Despite what happened, D.A.D wanted to go out on tour and play to their faithful fans on the real Soft Dogs tour. The tour was only a prelude to the upcoming summer tour. Now, during August and September, D.A.D. played the concerts that were inhibited during summer. They go on their own...

It was time for the home crowd to hear the band on the Arena 5 Ören in Amager, outside Copenhagen. About two thousand fans had gathered to listen to the Danish heroes. Their quality of their records have varied through the years, but as a live act they never perform a bad show. I am a big D.A.D. fan, and I adore them.

DAD-pic1.jpg (146148 bytes)

The concert lasted one and a half hours and kept a high standard, because this time they had chosen both classic titles and new songs from their highly-praised record Soft Dogs released earlier this year. Stig, Laust, Jacob, and Jesper gave all they had on this night. Among other classics they played “Bad Craziness”, “Trucker” (extended version, where Jesper and Laust shifted instruments (guitar and drums) and Laust gave a guitar solo.) “I Won't Cut My Hair” (with compulsory sing-along in the first chorus as they have always done) continued into the song ”Riding With Sue” with Stig on lead-vocals. Examples from Soft Dogs are “What's The Matter”, ”Soft Dogs” and “Un Frappe La Tete.” (extended version with guitar solo by Jacob) Jesper is great to watch onstage. He has a great personality and he moves all over the stage to get the audience to react. The whole band moves around during the concert. Stig (who earlier was a real clown onstage) is now very calm and dull. He used to have a great personality on stage, but something has happened.

D.A.D. let the music do the talking. Laust is a rock behind the drums. Earlier, he was very anonymous, but now he has become a showman. Jabob impresses on guitar as usual. Jesper invited the crowd to sing-along in many of the songs, such as “Sleeping My Day Away.” There was spontaneous sing-along in many of the songs. The band has many faithful fans in their home country. The original set lasted one hour before encores.

DAD-pic2.jpg (103766 bytes)

Both encores consisted of two songs. Jesper came out with his acoustic guitar and started the song “Laugh 'n' a 1/2” The audience shouted for joy while singing along with Jesper from the start. Halfway through the song Jabob entered and helped Jesper on guitar. After that, the whole band entered and finished with the title “It's After Dark" with Jesper and Stig on lead vocals. The public helped, and in my opinion, this is the song that must finish the show every time D.A.D plays - A perfect finish of the evening. It was a splended concert. They've peeled off all the lights and pyrotechnics, and now it’s only the band and the music. D.A.D’s melodic hardrock still stands hard and the band is one of the best act’s Denmark has. Only one band is good from this country, and that's Pretty Maids (ed. note...wrong: what about Wuthering Heights? Iron Fire? etc...).

The set list isn’t in order, and I might have forgotten a few titles. Thanks to Suzanne Top at EMI Denmark for their help!

Everything Glows
Evil Twin
Hey Little Airplane
I Won’t Cut My Hair
Riding With Sue
Soft Dogs
It Changes Everything
The Truth About You
What’s the Matter
So What
Between You and Me
Bad Craziness
Sleeplig My Day Away (encore 1)
Un Frappe Le Tete (encore 1)
Laugh ‘n’ a ˝ (encore 2)
It’s After Dark (encore 2)