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D.A.D. - Soft Dogs Tour

Kulturbolaget - Malmö, Sweden
March 4, 2002

Review & Photos by Anders Sandvall

After waiting for about a year, D.A.D. is back with a new record and a new tour. The record is out; the brilliant CD Soft Dogs.

The D.A.D. tour has passed Denmark and is now on tour in the rest of Scandinavia and they kick off in Sweden. This is only a short ”warm-up” tour. The real one comes in the summer.

I have followed D.A.D. since 1986. I first saw them in 1989 and I have seen them live many times since then.

The band has never performed a bad show. At KB (the club) it was almost sold out. D.A.D. had no opening act so they went on a bit late and started the show. The public was involved from the beginning even in the new songs. That was impressive because the record Soft Dogs has only been out for a couple of weeks. Jesper, Jacob, Stig and Laust went on like a steam-engine! They played both old and new material. They almost presented the whole new album.

They played old D.A.D. classics like ”Rim of Hell”, ”Bad Craziness”,  ”Simpatico” and new stuff from their latest effort ”Human Kind”, "Hey Little Airplane” ”Soft Dogs” and ”The Truth About You”.

Jesper invited the audience to sing along in songs like ”Bad Craziness”, ”Sleeping My Day Away” (In good old mode we had to sing alone the first verse, as they always do). Jesper didn’t talk much between the songs. He only said it was nice to be back in Malmö, Sweden again. He also got us to scream several times (”Laust, Welcome to Sweden”).

Jesper and Jacob were the only that moved on stage, mostly Jesper. Stig is only standing on his side and playing. He is not moving at all. He is quite anonymous these days compared to old days.

We who have seen them the last years notice that Jesper leaves the guitar more and more and sticks to singing and brother Jacob has the whole responsibility for the guitar section (lead and solo). This is a smart move because Jacob is an excellent guitarist.

Stig has calmed down on stage He isn’t as wild as he used to be and I miss the old Stig because he has a great stage-personality. Most of the show they performed before with fireworks, smoke and their famous logo The Cow head is gone and now there is a more stripped performance.  The band and the songs are in the front.

It was a splendid show if you consider that the record had been out for such a short time here in Sweden. I will always adore D.A.D. They never give a bad gig. Their only minus was that they didn’t play the following songs (big favorites):  ”It’s After Dark” and ”Laugh ’n’ A ½”. It is the same feeling as if Iron Maiden didn’t play ”The Number of the Beast”.


Thanks to Rockon management for their help during the show!

Thanks to KB for them booking small and big metal / hard rock bands! And thanks to the sympathetic staff on KB.

Set list
Hey Little Airplane
Evil Twin
The Truth About You
Soft Dogs
So What
Rim of Hell
Jackie O
Something Good
1900 and Yesterday
Everything Glows
Bad Craziness

Wassa Matta
Sleeping My Day Away

Human Kind

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